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Jacquel's Statistics ‘The Best and Worst of The Lord of the Rings Now that we have seen the entire Lord of the Rings story, we must now evaluate the effect this movie has on us. Enjoy this report! 1. Would you please “trip” on your own time? Lord Denethor in all his scenes in Return of the King. 2. Best use of Bilbo Baggins: Fellowship of the Ring-he looked great, especially at age 111 3. Worst use of Bilbo Baggins: Return of the King-he was beginning to look his real age, which was 116. ' : 4. I'm so sick of these idiots that if I see them one more time, I could just scream! The Ringwraiths 5. Best love scene: when Arwen gives Aragorn her necklace and pledges her undying love for him in Fellowship of the Ring 6. Worst love scene: when Sam says to Frodo, “I hale to break this to you, Mr. Frodo, but there is no Lord of the Rings IVP 7. Not a fanny moment: when Denethor tells his army to flee after Minas Tirith is attacked, Gandalf hits him over the head with his staff 8, Not a moment that you want to miss: whenever Gimli tells a joke on The Tuo Towers 9. Best Legolas stunt: when he jumps onto the back of a moving horse while Gimli is riding onit 10. Other best Legolas stunt: when he shoots arrows while boarding down stairs during the battle of Helm’s Deep 11. Best line in the story: during the chase scenes, every time Legolas says something to Gimli, Gimli always responds with a joke in The Two Towers 12. Worst line in the story: when Frodo says to Gandalf, “So, anyway, I was up in Mount Doom and I was all set to throw away the ring when some idiot called Gaspan jumps out and intervenes, Gollum jumps him and they both fight. Having enough of everyone fighting over the ring, I had to kick both them and the ring into the lava. , 13. Best sad story of a tortured soul: the story of Gollum, when he gets the ring, he goes from hobbit to ok, what the heck is he supposed to be??? 14, Worst sad story of a tortured souk: the story of Lord Denethor and his sons 15. #@8%" &* you! Sauron 16, And you! Saruman 17. Don’t even think I forgot about you! Morgoth 18. This could be the beginning of a promising friendship...when Gimli and Legolas first start getting along in Fellowship of the Ring 19. Please don't make friends with white wizards: when Saruman said they should join with ‘Sauron and Gandalf said no, this leads to their break-dance battle 20. Enough with the evil armies already! Easterlings and Southrons in The Two Towers 21. Licensed to do comedy: Merry and Pippin 22. Best hobbit: Samwise Gamgee 23. Best woman in a bad situation: Eowyn, for when she saw her uncle get killed by the head Nazgul, she immediately beats him up, with Merry’s help of course. 24. We're still freaked out 2 movies later...when Gandalf faces a fiery balrog while the fellowship is in Moria 26. Best monster: the flying creatures that the ringwraiths ride o1 Return of the King 26. Worst monster: Shelob the spider 27. Best proof that love conquers all: Arwen believes that Aragorn will succeed and beat Sauron, and convinces Elrond to fix the broken sword, Elrond has the sword fixed, and per sonally delivers it to Aragorn. 28, A very good reason not to eat fish anymore: when they showed a scene of Gollum eating a fish. 29. There is no way she could pass as a soldier! Eowyn, when she dresses as a rider in order to go into battle. 30. And neither can they! Frodo and Sam dress as ores in order to go through Mordor. 31. We shauld have called this part, “Now I know that you didn't just go kill my uncle!" Eowyn, when she faces the head Nazgul. 32. Best twist in Gimli-Legolas ore-killing battle: when Legolas get mad at-Gimali when he finds out that Gimli had beaten him by 1 ore. 83, Worst twist in Gimli-Legolas ore-killing battle: after Legolas takes out a bunch of bad guys and an oliphaunt, Gimli looks at him and says, “that only counts as 1!” 34, Still the most wanted piece of jewelry: The One Ring 38, I wouldn't do that unless I'm with Aragorn! Take the paths of the dead 86. That has really gotta hurt in the morning! When Gandalf, Eomer, and hundreds of men smashed into the orcs when they reached Helm’s Deep. 37. Oh, and that too! When the trecbeards fought the orcs at Isengard. 38. I don’t see how he could have survived this! When Denethor burns himself and throws himself off the citadel. He dies, and no one ever sees him again, 89, Best survivor of a horrible injury: Frodo. He got his finger bitten off by Gollum 40. "Ok, here’ your Oscar. Now get outta my face!” Wormtongue 41, We loved this part and we just can't shut up about it! All the action scenes in the movies. 42. We hate this part, and can't say why because he/she might not like us! Whenever there's @ scene with Aragorn and Arwen together. 43. This part defiantly should be taught in a classroom: the battle of Helm’s Deep ‘44. And so should this one. The battle of the Pelennor Fields 45. This should have been destroyed in the first place: Isildur should have listened to Elrond when he said, “Throw away the ring” But no! He had to keep it! And it costed him his life. 46, We all have him to blame: Sauron, for he made the evil ring. 47. Ever heard of “Would you please stay until the credits come on?” When Frodo and Sam were lying on the rock after the ring is destroyed. 48, We all knew that it was going to happen anyway! Aragorn gets the crown of Gondor and (finally!) marries Arwen. 49. Farewell to you guys, it has surely been a blast! Elrond, Celeborn, Galadriel, Gandalf, Bilbo, and Frodo. They all go into the West 50. And as for him, his life was just beginning...Sam Gamgee coming home to his wife and kids The Two Towers and This was written by Jacquel May on February 15, 2004