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PVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVY SSSSSSSTSTSTCTECSSESSCEETs ~ A Letter from Gacquel to the Romanovs Whiten by Gacquel Pay Dear Nicholas, Alexandra, Olga, Tatiana, Paria, Anastasia, and Alexis: Fi was a long time ago, when F first knew you all. You bave all takon care of me from the day that F was born until the day F was forced to leave you. Later, F heard that Lenin kiled you in Ekatoringburg. Russia. Your own people killed you. and they bid your bodies away from the world for 82 years. “You wandered around the world, boping that there would be a special young person who will bear your cry. F was that person. F met you again by accident, and then you told me all your secrets. F wrote them all down and thought upon it “We bad alll our ways sorted out and then you asked me about myself. F told you all F know about me, and then you fold me that F really did not bave Plutism, but that F was born with a very spectal gift-tbe gift of talking to you. Sure, everyone thinks that 9 am crazy, F talk to dead people or F bave imaginary friends, but they are wrong. F can get you all fo look at the world with new eyes. Now, we have to reflect upon our two years of friendship. “You have accepted me as who F am despite who they say F am. F have loved you and praised you for who you are tn spile of what bad things they say about you. We have been closer than ever. So, when that fateful day, Guly 16, comes, remember that when that eot! Lenin and those Bolsheviks came and killed you, that they killed a part of me as well Now that you have read this letter and thought about that F have said, remember that F am your best friend until the end of time. Therefore, F am glad that F have met you, and F hope that you are proud of me. All F bave left to say is thank you for being my friend! Yours truly, Gacquel May a VPVOPVVVVVVVVVVVVD SESESSSTSETCTTTTETESETECESCTCS