Fly, fly, fly ...

(Louis Dommarco) (Hymn of 'Abruzzo) • Original text in dialect • Text in Italian Vulesse ago '' Reven pe 'n'ora once beautiful sun lu de la cuntentezze when pazz ijavame fly fly to you and cupro' de de tub and caresses And fly, fly, fly, fly, fly and fly peacock lu, lu is Tiè Core bbone mo fammece arpruvà. 'Na vote pe' l u fazzulette off, I know 'were de cundannate vasciarte. Rosch and you made me sk i you ski companies' first nginucchiarme ed'abbracciarte. And fly, fly, fly, fly and fly lu chanterelles, we will look at you 'n faces I think of them as suet f iure born in spring, the stems from the ammore citilanze. Mari is okay and I wil t Accome Jere, nor do I Luva study dreams and hopes are. And fly, fly, fly, fly and fly Lu Cardillo, nu tank pizzichille nor can I deny the. Nà vote 'r'na pupuc cia capricious purtive braided and hung lu fruntine, we will be without number a nd vruvignose but ss'ucchie turmente me and drag me. And fly, fly, fly, fly and fly the shawm, eg 'n'ore bearing beautiful vulesse sprufunnà. I would go for one hour of time looking contentment, when we played at fly fly a nd covers you with kisses and caresses. And fly, fly, fly, fly and fly the peaco ck, if you have a good heart hours fammici try again. Once, for disengaging the handkerchief, I was sentenced to kiss you. You've made red and told me to kneel first ed'abbracciarti. And fly, fly, fly, fly fly the rooster, now if you look i n my face I seem to dream. As the flowers are born in spring, love comes from ch ildhood. Mary, if you love me like yesterday, do not take away this dream and ho pe. And fly, fly, fly, fly and fly the goldfinch, a kiss on the cheek pinches me you can not deny. Once you were a spoiled child, brought her braids hanging fro m the peak and now you have become serious and shameful, but those eyes haunt me and I get sick. And fly, fly, fly, fly and fly the shawm, for an hour so beauti ful I would collapse.

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