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PUT YOUR RECORDS ON ‘Words and Music by Steven Chrisanthou, John Beck and Corinne Bailey Rac A ‘ xe a eas 1. Three ltt-lebirds sat_ on 2. Blue as the sky, sun bumntend my win-dow lone - ly, and they told sip-ping tea PF a yai tes me Idonitnced to wor in a bar by the. roadl Re a, = SSS — = = we = oy. side. (lustre - lax, just re ~ lax). ASS Se Sum-mer came like cinn-a - mon, Don't you let those oth-er boys dite ea === 2 - sy eri 2S SS = $l © 2005 Good Groove Songs Lad and Global Talent Publishing Bucks Mune Group Lu, London W8 71 and Global Talent Pubshing, London WAD SN Print Rights for Global Talent Publishing Administered by Music Sales Ltd, London WIT SL] e Es fe" ee - = : — 2 — a eel — SS sweet ser gue et Ss = ew Litt-le girls doub-le dutch on the. con - crete. (Ah) May be some - Got te bee hat! a ra fait “do, May be some a = h— i= —————— SS ie = 76S = SSS £ = z Fim? a f= & s 7 = Harry? ey _—— — ==] * a ee me =e tines, wee ge ropes Gala The" ihe times wen feel == rnd) but ifs al ihe The le ——— == =| te —- oF Pe Sa SS 2 things seem to change, you stay the same, they stay the same. they seem to. change. Ooh — 87 Treg ce ee ea ee Toa , i dr —SS Youre gon - a find your-self some = where ae : z (some where) (some - how) SS Tee = =| SS stenoses eS prev te reme es SSS SS ee aa oe => + aa ee where a oh, i “i | ite - ? sa Brn? Fim a . ® SSS = SS aS Some nights kept _me a -wake, I thought that Twas stron - ger eS ree pea T thought that I was stron - gee When you gon-na re-a - lise —= viele Girl put your ree-ords on (on) _—_ SSS ou Sapph ~ fre and fa ded jeans, (Sapph ~ ite. Geans) SS I hope you get your dreams. Just go a- head let your ha. a (reams) (yea). molt rl © me" + EB aa —— tv os SS — youregon-na findyour-self some - where, some - how. (come - where) (some - how).