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UR RPL AIR A] Private & Confidential Associated Credit Management Ltd. 12 January 2010. er Ret Bxre1s90 CAGUION ABELLA GARCIA . ‘ine wrverpe-K~Aecoem No. 31020227528-06 COFERNANDO A CAGLTOA IR eae ‘m2 PDE GU2MANST QUTLIO MANGALDAN Overdue Amant: HKSA7.23550 PANGASINAN PHILIPINES waa (Climant - Pubic Finance Lad (FL) IENT REMINDER We have toon insted hy the above liment to demand from you the captioned ord amount without dey. Concgusaly, itis ju and comet, we ak ou Kl 0 remit pytieat ‘o ary branches ofthe afore lana Fling which, we shall increase further DEMAND ACTIONS or repeated OUTDOOR VISITS without poe native ‘Should you neod farther negotiation and clrfication, please contact MR. KING at 852-28512850 (ong Kong) or MR. JASON LI at 63918-9095247 (Philippines) as soon as possible ‘You should pay dzetly to our bank account in the Philipines at any branch below (The recommended minimum payment fr each transuetion s 2,000 Pesos.) Bank Name ‘Western Union Financial Services (Quick Pay) Account Name ACM HK Account No, AHK120060 DO NOT FORGET to ax usa copy oF payment receipt at FAX : 852-25453869 (HONG KONG) or JSSNNNNIILIPPINES) Aiileghe comes wile ee ASSOCIATED CREDIT MANAGEMENT TD, EMAL selene ci ”