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Black-Tie Event Itcould appear that many ofthe shows Vegas are geared strictly towards guys, but ladies, thereis atleast one show that was conceived, directed and pro- duced just foryou. (Bring your boyfriend orhusband withyouifyouwant tobut thisshowris designed with youin mind) Infact, the Rio has created an entire complexfor youn the unique Masquer- ade Village area ofthe resort. ‘The Ultimate Girls’ Night Out complexis home tothe Chippendales Theater,afun retail outlet and the red-hot lounge, Flirt You'll want to get your pals togetherand attend thisshow—we're talking bout the bronze, chiseled guys who comprise the cast of Chippendales The Show. Thespacioustheater, complete with stairs from the stage, invites the audi- ence tointerplay with the performers. Thehunky performers don’t take them: selves too seriously as they sensuously remove not quiteall oftheir clothing toexcitingmusicand workttheir way around the audience, It'senough tomake agirl thirsty for one ofthe exotiedrinks they serve! It’s all good sexy Vegas Magazine Staff fun,-Las Rio, 8 pm. Sun-Thurs, 8 & 10:30 pm, Fii-Sat,$39.95-$49.95 plus taxand feo, 18*.702.7777778 88 6.2710 Giving Them Quite A Show You know it's sign of interest when the phrase “Holly Madison toplese” brings up 350,000 results on Google. The 30-yeer-old Playboy beauty bares (almost) alin Peepshow, one ofthe newest additions to Las Vegas’ long and frltful history wit partial nudity ‘Starring Madison as theinnocent Bo Peep, Peepshow takes audiences on ‘journey of sexual discovery through various dance numbers that include scantily-clad schoolgirls, cheerleaders and cowgi's When we meet Bo, she knows mare about her beloved dog than the birds and the bees, With the help of Peep Diva, who leads her through @ wonderland of vamped-upfaly-ta ties and ends up falling into a bathtub with a shirtless lothaio, setting the stage for the ‘much-anticipated revelation, No longer the ‘gl next door,” Bo awakens the sexual beast Inside her and puts these Gaogle searches to rest—at least fora night. ~Jack Houston sracters, Bo overcomes her insecur Planet Hollywood Resort, 9 p.m. Thurs.-Tues. through June 28, 9:30 pm. June 29 {& July 1-2, 10 p.m. show only July 3, $65-$100, $125 VIP package, plus tax and fee, 18+, 800.745.3000 Ticketmaster The Sexy Kind Of Crazy The very intimate theater at the Riviera allows the audience to get up close and personal with the Craay Girl. I also helps that they enjoy taking time to descend out into the crowd, allowing the proximity to be nar- rowed to inches, wafts of perfume filing your senses, The cast of eight leggy, buxom and skin-baring viens provides an enticing night of dance and seduction that delights and invites your fantasies to flourish. The acy vignettes showcase each lady in good ‘taste with plenty of tease. From cabaret acts, pale dancing and pony riding tothe naughty school and otating bed mélange, each act promotes thei talents, flexibility nd capabil tiesto perform one heck ofa show. The topless revue recently celebrated 20 years on the Strip and can stil pack a house with both male and female patrons lacking to indulge in the female 1, as you ate after llon vacation. -Kike Miyasato form. Come satiate your sexual Riviera, 9:30 p.m. Mon.-Wed., $44.95 plus tax and fee, 18+, 702.794.9433