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EM Lei Cuartir Crist Govsnnon June 30,2010 Me. Doug Sutties ‘BP America Ine. 1250 Poydras Street +4 Flor ~ Room 1412 Now Orleans, LA 70113, Dear Mr. Sutties: ‘As you are awa, Florida's economy relies heavily on the tourism industry. Last year ‘alone, mare than 80 millon visitors traveled to Flride, and in the previous year. tourism {generated $85 2 billon in direct economic impact in 2008, comprsing 21 percent of Fotida's {otal taxable sales. On bohaif ofthe communities, businesses and families that rely on the Sunshine State's tourism industry, | want to express my appreciation forthe $25-millon grant BP has provided to Florida fora tourism mass marketing campaign. These dolars have assisted the state and local ‘communities in providing upto-date, accurate information about the condition of oll on our beaches. Thankfully, the majoy of our coast remains clean and open for business, [As we have worked to put those tourism advertising dollars to work, we have seen that ‘every dolar spent allows Florida businesses to stay open, Floridians to keep thet jobs, an famlles to womy less about how to pay ther bls. Your investment in Florida's tourism marketing ‘not only helps Floridians, but it also benefits your company. Remember that vistors coming to Florida beaches, staying in Florida hotels and eating in Forda restaurants result in fewer claims. for economic losses. Florida has deployed the entirety ofthe $25 milion, Unfortunately, due tothe continuation of this event, Florida needs addtional funding. It was our understanging thatthe state and local governments would be abie to submit claims directly to BP for these requests. However, today we were informed by Mr. aryl Wil during a presentation tothe Governor's il Spil Economic Recovery Task Force in Pensacola, that requests for tourism and marketing dollars must come from the state to BP directly ‘As | have met with business owners and families in our affected counties, itis very clear that Floridians would rather work than receive claims checks. To ensure that opportunity Is {available tothe businesses that rely onthe Gull of Mexico and our beautful beaches and coastne for ther economic securily, we respectllly request an akitional $50 milion forthe ‘second round ofa tourism marketing and advertising campaign, “Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. sincerely, + Charlo Crist HE cAPTOL ‘Taussse, Fowon 32399 + (850) 488.2272 + Fax (850) 9224292