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Directorate of Distance Education

University of Kashmir Srinagar

Internship Practical Note Book


This is to certify that Mr / Ms SHABIRA AKHTER bearing

Enrolment No. 2694 deputed by DIRECTORATE OF DISTANCE
completed his / her internship in this school ( GOVERNMENT
during the period _______________ to _______________.

Seal and Signature of

Head of the Institution

Name: __________________
School: __________________

Internship is pre-requisite for a teacher trainee. A teacher has to perform many

functions in the school where he/she is adjusted during the practice of teaching.
The pupil teacher has to work as an apprentice under the guidance of an
experienced teacher of any school for about ten days. During these days, he/she
has to do certain things practically, so that he/she becomes aware of the role
which he/she has to play in the field of education.
Maintenance of school records is very essential in every institution. Schools are
established by the society with certain objectives. Achievements of those
objectives are measurement of progress.
The Internee has to master the basic skills acquired for the maintenance of
school records i.e. admission, attendance, stock, examination etc. he has to learn
to frame the time table as well as class and has to give his comments on the
lessons which he/she has observed at least of their school teachers. During this
period, the trainee learns certain abilities, attitudes to shape himself/herself as
an effective teacher.
As an Internee, I attend Government Girls Middle School, Anchidora, and
Anantnag from 1st June 2010 to 13th June 2010 for the acquisition of these skills.
(Location, School building, Infrastructural Facilities,
Student Enrolment and Teaching Staff Position)

LOCATION:- The School is located at “Anchidora”.

SCHOOL BUILDING:- The school has three buildings which has been constructed
separately. The school building is of oldest foundation. The school has fine architecture having
single storey. The rooms are well ventilated revealing fine work of engineering. All the rooms
are well furnished.

INFRASTRUCTURAL FACILITIES:- There is a very big play ground in front of the

school. The school is having immunity of bathrooms. There are 5 numbers of bathrooms.
Stock and furniture are adequate and staff is comparatively sufficient. There are plastic chairs
and wooden tables in the school.
There are total seven (7) numbers of rooms including class rooms, Office and Staff room.

STUDENT ENROLEMENT:- The students enrolment is sufficient and about 112 students
are enrolled in this school from KG to 8th standard. The male students are 42 and female
students are 70

TEACHING STAFF POSITION:- It is a middle school. The number of teachers is also

sufficient and there are
near about 11 teachers
present in the school
including Principal. All
the staff members are
well qualified, trained,
experienced and all are
loyal to their Principal.
The Head Mistress of
the school is not only
intelligent but also a
good administrator.
List of the staff
S.No Name of Teacher Designation Qualification Experience in teaching
1 Mrs.Tabassum Saleem Principal M.A,B.Ed 24years

2 Yasmina Ji teacher B.A,B.Ed 21 years

3 Hamida Ji teacher B.A 21 years
4 Yasmina Ji teacher B.A,B.Ed 15 years
5 Masrat Nabi Ji teacher B.Sc,B.Ed 12 years
6 Dilshada Ji teacher M.A,B.Ed 12 years
7 Afroza Ji teacher B.A,B.Ed 10 years
8 Tanseema Hamid ji teacher B.Sc,B.Ed 10 years
9 Momina Ji teacher M.Sc,M.Ed 6 years
10 Anjum Ji teacher B.Sc,M.Ed 4 years
11 Parveena ji teacher B.Sc,M.Ed 3 years


After entering the school, all the students are gathered together for morning assembly in the
school ground. Just as the days’ work begins with the “Morning Prayers”, in the same way the
Academic activities in the school begins with the “Morning Assembly” in which everyone
praise to “Almighty Allah and His Apostle”. The Prophet Mohammad is recited
peacefully and collectively.
The students are arranged in “Queues” or “Rows” presenting a charming and attractive scene.
After “Hymns” and “Naat-E-Nabi (S.A.W)”, the morning secretary presents the students, to home
topics of multiple-choice are assigned on the previous day. The participants are offered and
provided an opportunity to give went to their thoughts before their schoolmates. Cleanliness is
checked every Monday. The absentees and truants of the previous day are served with corporal
The Morning Assembly starts at 08:30 AM sharp for 45minutes. Then, after the Morning
Assembly is over the wards are left to their classrooms in rows and in proper manner and

It is one of the most important register which is maintained in the school. It contains the
particulars of each and every student who is admitted in the school. Whenever any student
leaves the school, entry of his / her leaving is registered in the register. In case if the student is
to be admitted in K.G, then the parent has to submit an application form which contain the Bio-
Data of the student to be admitted.
If the student has to be admitted in any other class, then he must provide the school certificate
from which he/she has left. The discharge certificate should be duly signed by the head of the
Proper maintenance of this register is very important. Whenever a new student is admitted in
the school, his / her entry is also entered in the register. Department rules and regulations
should be followed in maintaining it, whether it is the case of admission or re-admission.
The following particulars must be shown in this register:-

1. Serial No.
2. Admission No.
3. Date of Admission
4. Name of the Applicant
5. Date of Birth
6. Parentage
7. Father’s / Guardian’s Occupation
8. Residence
9. Class to which applicant is admitted
10. Remarks Specimen of Admission Register
S. Admiss Date of Name of Applicant Date of Parentage Residence Class to Remarks
No. ion No. Admissio Birth which (if any)
n Fathers Mothers applicant is
Name Name admitted


Attendance register of the students is kept and maintained by the Incharge Teacher of the class.
The following particulars must be shown in this register:-
Serial No.
Admission No.
Name of the Student

Daily attendance of students is marked by the teacher by using different types of symbols as:-
A= Absent
P= Present
S= Sick Leave
L= Leave

In case, any student is on leave, the case is entered or registered in the register. Usually
teachers use black pen to mark entry in the register. The teacher is supposed to take role-call
twice a day, i.e., Morning and Afternoon and make mark in the two given columns.
If the students remain absent for six full days without having any leave sanctioned, his / her
name is strict-off from the register. Summary of the whole page of attendance register is
prepared at the end of the month.

The school time table is a schedule for a school work. It includes the activities performed in the
school. Time table is an outline of the day’s work which indicates:-
a) Time of beginning and ending of the school day.
b) Time of beginning and ending of each class.
c) Subjects and activities offered are mentioned in it.
d) It indicates time at which teachers have to go in their classes.
e) It indicates the name of the teachers and how many days in a week a particular subject
is to be taught in a particular period.
f) There is a proper direction for every feature and student in it.
Time table avoids wastage of time and energy of the teachers. It gives due attention of every
subject and activity. It develops moral values and brings a systematic order in the school.
Time table ensures register progress; it is psychological because students get ready for new
subjects in their periods. It saves students from wastage of precious time.

Government Girls Middle School Anchidora Anantnag for the year 2010-2011
Specimen of Time table
S.N Name of the Qualifica Morning I II III L IV V VI
o. Teacher tion Assembly U

The school maintains the examination record of all the students. For the maintenance of the
examination records, a result book is employed where the marks obtained by the students in the
examination held at different times during a year are entered.
Results are declared on the basis of marks secured in the 2nd term examination. The failure
marks are not counted and the total marks are entered in red. There is a summary following the
result of every class indicating the whole information in brief.
Teacher keeps the records of all the students in the result-book and latter copies the results in
their respective report cards. The cards are given to the students to let them know how much
they have scored during the particular year.
The specimen of the result sheet of “Government Girls Middle School Anchidora” is shown on
the side page.

The whole stock of the school is entered in the register called “stock register”. Generally, there
are different stock registers for articles of a permanent nature and consumable.
In school, there are different or separate registers which are maintained by the concerned
subject teacher. In stock register, each page has following particulars:
a) Date
b) Name of the Articles
c) Quantity
d) Amount
e) From Whom purchased
f) Date of Purchase
g) Rate of per item
h) Issued to
i) Remarks (Serviceable or non serviceable).
Usually one item is entered on one page. At the top, name of the item with specification is
given. All the columns are filled up accordingly. In case of articles of permanent nature, they
can be written on with the permission of authorities.
Stock Register of Government Girls Middle School Anchidora Anantnag, for the years 2010-11

Specimen of Stock Register

Total amount (Rs)

Date of issue

Teacher I/c Register No.

Rate of per item

Serviceable or non serviceable/ Remarks

Name of articles/item

Date of Purchase
From Whom purchased

Signature of recipient
Issued to

Sig. of Teacher I/c Checked by Seal & Signature of Head Master


Date:- 04/06/2010 Topic:- Garbage in, Garbage out

Class:- 6th

Madam Anjum Ji delivered a lesson in class 6th on the topic “Garbage in,
Garbage out”. The lesson was delivered with full confidence as the students were
very much responsive during the whole period. The introduction meant for
motivation was also very good.
The presentation was so detailed that the students grasped the whole concept in
an effective and easy manner. The teacher was well equipped with teaching aids
including labeled diagrams.
The evaluation done at the end of the lesson reflected the success of the lesson
To conclude, I can say it surely that it was an effective and informative lesson.
In addition I found attitude of the students present in the class room was very
impressive & collective.

Date:- 03/06/2010 Topic:- Mukesh Starts a Zoo


I observed the class during the concerned teacher was busy in teaching the
students. The topic was “Mukesh Starts a Zoo”. The students were keenly
listening and responding towards the teacher. The teacher effectively and
efficiently delivered the lesson. The teacher motivated the students in a good
The critical comment which I observed that the teacher must give to the students
is to give them more drill exercises for correcting their pronunciation and also
must be given more freedom while delivering the lesson.
In short I can say surely that there was:

 Excellent lesson was delivered by the respected teacher.

 Introduction was good and appreciable.
 Art of teaching was excellent.
 Active participation of pupil teacher and students was observed.
 Black board summary was clean.
 Evaluation was good and commendable.
 Communication between students and teacher was very linguistic manner.

Staff meeting is one of the important programs that every school designs to
accomplish for the smooth running of the school. In it all the important things are
discussed which need to be employed in the school.
I as the pupil teacher attended a staff meeting and come to know about the things
that are discussed in a staff meeting. The meeting was presented by the head-
mistress namely “Tabassum Madam” of the school. It was really a good
experience. All the trainees and teachers of staff participated in this meeting. The
agenda of this meeting was regarding the conduct of final examination. A
principal madam expressed her views regarding the examination.
The meeting ended after 2 hours. All the staff members as well as trainees were
highly impressed by the speech delivered by the Principal Madam. It was really a
great experience.