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Official Program OF THE CEREMONIES ATTENDING THE INAUGURATION OF Ramon Magsaysay as President of the Philippines and Gl P Gein as Vice President of the Philippines on Wednesday, December the thirtieth nineteen hundred fifty-three Admission by Invitation only—VW * Admission to the Inaugural Grandstand will be by invite: tion. Only vehicles bearing a special automobile pass will be pemaiited to enter the Inaugural Grounds. All other vehicles will be excluded therefrom until after the conclusion of the Pilace of Assembly * Weowesoay, Decemmen 20, 1953 9:30 a.m— Participants in the Military Parade will assemble at the places assigned to them. ‘The Inqugural Grandstand will be opened to the quests with admission cards. ‘The general public will assemble at the places designated for them. 10:30 a.m- Officials and distinguished guests with assigned seats will occupy thelr respective places at the Inaugural Grandstand. Arrival of the Presidential Party and Salute ta the National Flag * Weonrspay, Decemsen 30, 1953 11:00 a.m.— ARRIVAL AT THE GRANDSTAND Arrival of the Presidential Party with a military escort. (This will bo announced by a buglo call which will be the signal for the public to rise.) 11:05 a.m— SALUTE TO THE NATIONAL FLAG (During this ceremony the Philippine Constabulary Band will play the National. Anthem, during which the public will remain standing. ‘The Joint Chairmen of the Inaugural Committee will meet the Presidential Party and, after the salute to the National Flag, escort them to the Presidential Platform.) Military Parade Weonespar, Decrmprn 90, 1953 MILITARY PARADE A bugle call will be sounded to announce the start of the parade to be reviewed by the President-elect of the Philippines. avi od ‘The Armed Forces of the Philippines ORDER OF UNITS |. Grand Marshal and Statt Commander of Troops Philippine Military Academy School for Reserve Commission Massed Colors First Regiment (Comp.) Regimental Commander and Statt Philippine Constabulary Battalion ‘Two Infantry Battalions Second Regiment (Comp.) Regimental Commander and Stati Infantry Battalion Philippine Air Force Battalion Philippine Navy Battalion Cavalry Squadron Motorized Units: Field Artillery Batialion Mechanized Battalion Tank Company Pege Thirty-three Auaugural Ceremonies cS ‘Wepnespay, Decemsen 30, 1953 11:50 a.m.— 1. Invocation by His Grace, Mons. Rurimo J. Sawros, D.D., Archbishop of Manila. 1:55 aam.— 2. Administration of the Oath of Office to Cannos P. Gaxcta, Vico Presidentelect of the Philippines, by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. (The public will rice and will semain standing throughout the cath. taking ceremonies of the Vico Prosident and the President. Tho public will bbe seoied upon the commencement of tho President's inaugural address.) 12:00 noon— 3, Administration of the Oath of Office to Ramon Mac- savsay, President-elect of the Philippines, by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (Tho oalhaking of the President of the Philippines will be immediately followed by four raffles ond four flourishes, a 21-qun salute and the playing of the Philippine National Anthem.) 4, Inaugural address by the President of the Philippines. 5. March—"Mabuhay”. , Recession Wepespay, Decenasen 30, 1953 Upon the conclusion of the Inaugural Ceremonies, the following officials will retire in the order indicated below: (The public will rise and will remain standing until altor the offelale named horeunder shall have lft the Grandstand.) ‘The Presivenr of the Philippines The Vice Presivenr of the Philippines The Parswenr of the Senate Tho SpEaKER of tho House of Representatives ‘The Cmte Justice of the Supreme Court ‘The Caters of the Diplomatic Missions