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Ad-Din Ideal High School 8. Pick out the adjective in following sentences.

5×1 = 5
1st Periodical Examination –20
Class : Three,
Three, Subject: English Second Paper a) A gentle breeze blew over the lake.
Times : 2.30 hour. Full mark-100 b) Ali was tired and hungry after his long journey.
1. Choose the best answer of the following sentences: 5×1 = 5 c) Give me a few minutes of finish the exercise.
a) Letter ¸‡jv KZ fv‡M wef³ - 2 fv‡M/3 fv‡M/4 fv‡M| d) There ware a hundred people at the meeting.
b) Syllable KZ cÖKvi - 3 cÖKvi/4 cÖKvi/5 cÖKvi| e) Raja dived in to the cool waters of the lake.
c) Con-so-nant GwU †Kvb Syllable – Mono/di/tri/poly. 9. Fill in the blanks with suitable articles. 5×1 = 5
d) g‡bi fve cÖKvk Ki‡Z Avgiv †h me K_v e‡j I wj‡L _vwK a) Farah bought _____ box full of chocolates.
b) We decide to go on _____ picnic.
Zv‡K e‡j -
c) I read _____ story about _____ unicorn.
d) _____ picture of _____ ox hung on the wall.
e) `yB ev `y‡qi AwaK Letter GK‡Î e‡m A_© cÖKvk Ki‡j e) He is _____ honest man.
Zv‡K e‡j Ñ 10. Answer the question : 3x5 = 15
word/vowel/syllable. a) What is Subject and Predicate ? Write with an example.
2. Change the singular number into plural number b) What is parts of speech ? How many kinds of parts of speech ?
of the following sentence : 5×1 = 5 Write their name ?
a) Bring the (apple) from the bowl. c) What is Vowel and Consonant ? Write with an example.
b) The (baby) slept quietly. 11. Translation in to English of the Following. (any eight) 8×1 = 8
c) Mr. Kabir has lost two (glass). Zviv wK †L‡jvqvo ? wZwg wK mvnmx wQ‡j ? Avwg
d) He bought three (ox) Dcw¯’Z wQjvg|
e) I saw some (knife).
dzjwU my›`i| Zzwg wK K¬vš— ? Zzwg Ajm wQ‡j bv|
3. Find out subject and predicate of 5×1 = 5
G¸wj Zv‡`i Kjg|
a) His son Rana is a doctor. b) he goes to school.
c) Sabina’s father is a doctor. d) The book is new. cvwLi `ywU cvLv Av‡Q| Zvi GKwU †Ljbv Av‡Q| Avgvi wK
e) They have a hotel. evwo Av‡Q|
4. Re-arrange the jumble words and end with full stop. 5×1 = 5 12. Translation the passages in to Bengali
a) a, student, Rina, is. 10
b) teacher, a, is, father, my. iweb fvj †Q‡j| †m Lye mKv‡j Nyg †_‡K I‡V| †m cÖwZ
c) animal, is, dog, faithful, a, the. w`b ¯‹z‡j hvq|
d) girls, are, and, Sabina, Mina. †m Zvi cov wk‡L| wk¶KMY Zv‡K Lye fvjev‡m|
e) toys, put, the, Rina, cupboard, in, the.
6. Pick out nouns in the following sentence and identify 13. Write an application to your headmaster for leave of absence.
proper noun, common noun or collective nouns. 5×1 = 5 10
a) The team of players got down form the bus.
b) I like Chinese food but Bobby likes Indian Food. 14. Write an essay about the cow 10
c) The gaggle of geese waddled across the yard. 15. Neatness & Cleanliness
d) Our favorite team won the match.
e) Neha gave the book to Niti. 2
16. Model Test 10
[N.B. 25% marks obtained in this examination will be added to the marks obtained in
other examination and activities of the year.]
e) Which tree was not so strong _______ Gulmohar/Guava.

Ad-Din Ideal High School 8. Answer to the question in a word. 5×1 = 5

1 Periodical Examination –20
08. a) Who will standing by the river ?
b) Who cannot ride a bicycle ?
Class : Three,
Three, Subject: English First Paper c) What can Dev do ?
Times : 2.30 hour. Full mark-100 d) Who said Raj to read a notice ?
1. Word meaning (English to Bengali) 8×1 = 8 e) Who are unhappy ?
listen, worry, almost, instruction, upset, grow, turn, belong, 9. Answer to the question in a word. 3x3 = 9
bunch, around, delight, flavour. a) What was the first notice ? Where was Raj walking ?
2. Word meaning (Bengali to English) 8×1 = 8 b) “Don’t climb this tree” which tree was it ? Why were people
wWMevwR, gRv`vi, eis, mvnmx, AwZ¶z`ª, wW¤^vK… asked not to climb it ?
c) Who was picking flowers ? What was the second notice ?
wZ, aŸsm Kiv, A™¢yZ,
10. Write a paragraph about your friend.
†gŠgvwQ, SuvK, cwiavb Kiv, AvR, e„Ë| 10
3. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word. 5×1 = 5 11. Quote from memory ‘You are a Muslim’ 10
a) Circle is _____. b) Seema is _____ by the river. 12. Read the passage carefully and answer the question :
c) Raj is _____ picking flower. d) Grumpy is running _____ the I am Mita. My family lives in a village. My father is a
birds. e) Dev _____ is to the river. postmaster. My mother is a primary school teacher. I have a
4. Make sentence of the following 5×1 = 5 little sister. My grandfather and my grandmother live with us.
fall, sad, brave, wet, pick, funny. We are a happy family.
5. Match with column A with column B go get similar word. 5 a) Answer the question : 3x2 = 6
Column A Column B I) Where does Mita live ?
a. Find a. fresh II) What does her mother do ?
b. Walk b. loudly III) Who else are in Mitas family ?
c. New c. seek b) Write true of false : 2
d. Aloud d. pluck I) Mita’s father is a doctor.
e. Pick e. advance II) She has a little sister.
6. Use can or cannot and complete the sentence. 5×1 = 5 13. Suppose you are a student of class three. Rupa is your new
a) I _______ read English. classmate. Now write a dialogue between you and Rupa. 5
b) An elephant _______ lift heavy loads.
c) I _______ eat a grave. 15. Neatness & Cleanliness
d) I _______ swim. 2
e) I _______ ride a scooter.
7. Choose the right word for each sentence. 5×1 = 5 16. Model Test 10
[N.B. 25% marks obtained in this examination will be added to the marks obtained in
a) The man works in a _______ hill/mill. other examination and activities of the year.]
b) The girl plays with _______ doll/ball.
c) Who riding on a bicycle _______ Raz/Dev.
d) Who can stand on his head _______ John/Seema.
5| mwVK DËiwU c~Y©ev‡K¨ wjL t
6×1 = 6
Av`&-Øxb AvBwWqvj nvB ¯‹zj K) Avey eKi (ivt) g„Zz¨eiY K‡ib Ñ 624 wLª/634 wLª/644
cÖ_g mvgwqK cix¶v - 2008 L) †Kvb FZz‡Z cÖK…wZ e`‡j hvq Ñ kxZ/emš—/el©v|
‡kªYx - Z…Zxq, welq - evsjv cÖ_g cÎ M) Rvnvbviv wPwV wj‡LwQj Ñ iscyi/w`bvRcyi/XvKv|
mgq-2.30 N›Uv N) ivLvj †Q‡ji gv e‡m Av‡Q Ñ †QvÆ KzwU‡i/b`xi av‡i/
c~bg©vb-100 O) nvhiZ Avey eKi (ivt) wP‡jb †Lvjvdv‡q ivwkw`‡bi Ñ
1| k‡ãi A_© wjL t cÖ_g/wØZxq/Z…Zxq Lwjdv|
10×1 = 10 P) cÖK…wZ‡Z mey‡Ri gv‡S †mvbvjx Avfv †R‡M D‡V Ñ
MÖx‡®§i mgq/dmj cvKvi
aibx, D¾¡j, wm³, wWw½, K…lvb, muvS, ¯^cb,
mvnvex, Av`k©, mRxe, cÖv‡Z|
6| hy³eY© †f‡½ kã ˆZix Ki t (`ywU K‡i)
2| evK¨ ˆZix Ki t 6×1 = 6 6×1 = 6
cÖfvZ, MMb, µxZ`vm, cÖK…wZ, KzwUi, f~-LÛ, ingvb| Ý, Ü, Ä, ò, •L, ¯^|
3| LvwjNi c~iY Ki t
6×1 = 6
K) D¾¡j Av‡jvq mvM‡ii †XD ______ K‡i| 7| Kwei bvgmn ÒcÖv_©bvÓ KweZvi cÖ_g AvU jvBb wjL|
L) gnvbex(mvt) Gi me©vwaK wcÖq mvnvex wQ‡jb 10
8| ms‡¶‡c DËi `vI|
M) evsjv‡`‡ki ______ i‡q‡Q wewPÎ is‡qi †kvfv|
2×3 = 6
N) dyj¸‡jvi is ______ wKš‘ MÜ †bB|
K) evsjv‡`‡ki gvwU‡K Kwe I wkíxiv wK e‡j‡Qb| G gvwU
O) Kjvi cvZv ______ Pvgi, ______ ‡avqvq cv|
†Kgb ?
P) †gNgy³ AvKv‡k ______ m~h© †`Lv hvq| L) iscyi †K Kv‡K Ges KZ Zvwi‡L wPwV wj‡L‡Q ?
4| GK k‡ã DËi `vI t M) †Lvjvdv‡q ivwk`xb Kv‡K e‡j ? Avey eKi (ivt) †Kvb
6×1 = 6
K) el©vi bexb †g‡Ni is †Kgb ? es‡k Rb¥MÖnY K‡ib?
L) cvwb f~m K‡i †Q‡o w`w”Qj Kviv ?| 9| cÖ‡kœi we¯—vwiZ DËi `vI t
M) wWw½ †bŠKv †Kv_vq evav _v‡K ? 3×6 = 18
N) ivLvi †Q‡j KweZvwU †K wj‡L‡Qb ? K) evsjv‡`k Kv‡`i †`k ? evsjv‡`‡ki g~j f~-L‡Û wK wK
O) †Kvb hy‡×i mgq Avey eKi (ivt) Zuvi mg¯— mg&` Av‡Q ?
gnvbex (mvt) †K `vb K‡ib ? L) gnvbex (mvt) †Kb g`xbvq wnhiZ K‡iwQ‡jb ? nhiZ
P) Kwe I wkíxiv evsjv‡`‡ki gvwU‡K wK gvwU e‡j‡Qb ? Avey eKi (ivt) µxZ`vm‡`i gy³ Ki‡Zb †Kb ?
M) wPwV‡Z wK wK cïi eY©bv †`qv Av‡Q ? ms‡¶‡c wjL|
10| ms‡¶‡c DËi `vI t
2×2 = 4
K) gvwS KweZvq †K Kvi Kv‡Q B‡”Qi K_v e‡j‡Q ? K…
lv‡biv wefv‡M cvi n‡q hvq ?
L) ivLvj †Q‡j †Kvb c_ w`‡q hv‡”Q ? ivLvj †Q‡j‡K †Ljv
Kivi Rb¨‡K WvK‡Q ?
M) Kwe Kv‡`i Pj‡Z WvK w`‡q‡Qb ? weܨvPj wK ?
11| we¯—vwiZ DËi `vI t
2×5 = 10
K) Avjvni Kv‡Q Avgiv wK †gvbvRvZ Kwi ? Avgv‡`i †kl
†gvbvRvZ wK ?
L) gv`j †Kv_vq ev‡R ? Kviv wZwgi `~i Ki‡e ?
M) MÖvgwU †`L‡Z †Kgb ? mÜv‡ejvq KzwUi‡K †`L‡Z
†Kgb jv‡M ?
12| g‡Wj †Uó
13| cwi¯‹vi cwi”QbœZv
{wet`ªt- GB cix¶vi cÖvß b¤^‡ii 25% b¤^i mvsermwiK
cix¶vi djvd‡ji mv‡_ †hvM n‡e|}
4| GK ev‡K¨ DËi `vI|
4×2 = 8
Av`&-Øxb AvBwWqvj nvB ¯‹zj K) we‡qvRb Kv‡K e‡j ?
L) ¸YK Kv‡K e‡j ?
cÖ_g mvgwqK cix¶v - 2008 M) fvRK Kv‡K e‡j ?
‡kªYx - Z…Zxq, welq - mvaviY MwYZ N) fvR¨ Kv‡K e‡j ?
mgq-2.30 N›Uv 5| ms‡¶‡c DËi `vI (†h‡Kvb 8 wU|
c~bg©vb-100 3×8 = 24
K) †hvM Ki : 245 + 378 + 469 + 3871
1| wb‡Pi msL¨v¸wj K_vq wjL| L) we‡qvM Ki : 8426 Ñ 7439
6×1 = 6 M) ¸Y Ki t 40×35
732005, 190010, 1879300, 140344, 5900005, N) fvM Ki t 8430÷14
O) msw¶ß wbq‡g ¸Y Ki t 387×10
840910| P) 5367 msL¨vwUi cÖ‡Z¨KwU As‡Ki ¯’vbxq gvb wjL|
2| wb‡Pi msL¨v¸‡jv A‡¼ wjL| Q) msL¨vi Zzjbv Ki eo eo cÖZxK emvI t
6×1 = 6 3609, 8990
Pvi j¶ EbcÂvk nvRvi, †PŠÏ j¶ cuvP nvRvi GK, evi R) 917 †_‡K KZ we‡qvM Ki‡j we‡qvMdj 409 n‡e ?
nvRvi, AvUvwk, cuvP j¶ S) GKwU eB‡q 104 c„ôv Av‡Q| Giƒc 25 wU eB‡q †gvU
KZwU c„ôv Av‡Q ?
EbAvwk nvRvi `k, `k nvRvi `yBkZ, GKzk j¶ cuvP
T) 9 wU Kj‡gi `vg 99 UvKv| cÖwZwU Kj‡g `vg KZ ?
nvRvi GK|
6| cÖ‡kœi we¯—vwiZ DËi `vI| (†h‡Kvb wZbwU)
3| LvwjNi c~iY Ki| 10×1 = 3×8 = 24
10 K) myR‡bi Av‡Q 975 UvKv| myg‡bi Av‡Q 688 UvKv|
K) ¸Y¨ I ¸Y‡Ki ¯’vb wewbg‡q _____ GKB _v‡K| mygb‡K Avi KZ UvKv w`‡j Zvi UvKv myR‡bi UvKvi
L) fvMnj _____ we‡qvM| mgvb n‡e|
M) _____ I _____ mgvb n‡j fvMdj 1 nq|
N) 789 Ñ 406 = 383 GLv‡b, 406 _____| L) Zzwj ˆ`wbK 7 N›Uv Nygvq| 1 gv‡m †m KZ N›Uv
O) 53×16 = 848 GLv‡b, 16 _____| Nygv‡e ? (1 gvm = 30 w`b)
P) 325÷8 = 40 GLv‡b, fvRK _____|
Q) †iLvi †Kvb _____ ‡bB| M) †Kvb †kªbx‡Z 40 Rb QvÎ Av‡Q| cÖwZ †e‡Â 5 Rb K‡i
R) GK mg‡KvY mgvb _____ wWwMÖ| em‡j KqwU †e jvM‡e|
S) Nbe¯‘i DcwifvM‡K _____ e‡j|
N) mxgvi Av‡Q 575 UvKv| mxgvi †_‡K ixgvi 1490 UvKv
T) †iLvi `yB cÖvš— _____| Kg Av‡Q| Zv‡`i `yBR‡bi UvKv GK‡Î Ki‡j bxjvi UvKvi
mgvb nq| bxjvi KZ UvKv Av‡Q|
7| R¨vwgwZ t wPÎmn ms½v wjL|
3×4 = 12
‡iLvsk, Nbeš‘, we›`y, iwkœ
8| g‡Wj †Uó 10
{wet`ªt- GB cix¶vi cÖvß b¤^‡ii 25% b¤^i mvsermwiK
cix¶vi djvd‡ji mv‡_ †hvM n‡e|}
ii) Avgiv evm KwiÑ
K) gw›`‡i L) we`¨vj‡q M) cwi‡e‡k N) gmwR‡`|
Av`&-Øxb AvBwWqvj nvB ¯‹zj iii) `~M©v wK‡mi †`exÑ
K) we`¨vi †`ex L) kw³i †`ex M) m¤ú‡`i ‡`ex N)
cÖ_g mvgwqK cix¶v - 2008 Áv‡bi †`ex|
‡kªYx - Z…Zxq, welq - mvgvwRK weÁvb iv) Kve A_©Ñ
K) wmsn kveK L) nwiY kveK M) †gl kveK N)
mgq-2.30 N›Uv DU kveK|
c~bg©vb-100 v) Avgiv gv‡S gv‡S wK‡m Ask †be?
1| k~b¨¯’vb c~iY Ki t K) cwi¯‹vi cwi”QbœZv Awfhv‡bL) ågY Awfhvb
10×1 = 10 M) we`ªvjq cwi¯‹v‡i N) gvV cwi¯‹vi
K) cwi‡e‡k hv wKQz i‡q‡Q †mB meB cwi‡e‡ki Awfhv‡b|
_____| L) cwi‡ek‡K _____ ivL‡Z †Póv Kie| M) ighv‡bi vi) ‡Rv‡i gvBK evRv‡j `~wlZ nqÑ
GK gvm †ivhvi ci _____| N) wn›`y a‡g©I gvbyl K) we`¨vjq L) Lv`¨`ªe¨ M) cvwb N)
mviv eQi wewfbœ _____ Av‡qvRb K‡i| O) 6-10 cwi‡ek|
eQ‡ii evwjKv‡`i wb‡q _____ MVb Kiv nq| P) vii) ¯‹vDU Av‡›`vj‡bi m`m¨ n‡Z cv‡iÑ
e„¶‡ivcY mßv‡n _____ AskMÖnb Ki‡Z cvwi| Q) K) 6-10 eQ‡i L) 6-25 eQ‡i M) 9 eQ‡i N) 3-11
wnš‘iv mi¯^Zx„‡K _____ †`ex g‡b K‡i& R) wLªóvb eQ‡i|
a‡g©i gvbyl _____ I _____ cvjb K‡i| S) _____ viii) K…wli Dbœq‡Y KvR K‡ibÑ
wW‡m¤^i hxï wLª‡ói Rb¥w`b| T) Avgv‡`i mgv‡R K) cÖ‡KŠkjx L) K…wlex`
mKj _____ I _____ ¸i“Z¡ i‡q‡Q| M) mvsevw`K M) K…lK|
2| GK K_vq DËi `vI| ix) ¯‹vD‡Ui kvLv i‡q‡QÑ
10×1 = 10 K) 1wU L) 2wU M) 3wU
K) †Ljvayjv Ki‡j wK nq? L) KZ Zvwi‡L C`-Dj-Avhnv N) 4wU|
cvjb Kiv nq? x) Avgv‡`i Pvicv‡k hv wKQz Av‡Q ZvBÑ
M) KZ eq‡mi wkï‡`i wb‡q Kve ¯‹vDU MwVZ nq? N) K) Nievwo L) cwi‡ek M) we`¨vjq N)
KLb KziAvb bvwhj nq? O) ¯‹vDwUs Av‡›`vjb †K ïi“ gmwR`|
K‡ib? P) Avgv‡`i RvZxq cZvKvi ˆ`N©¨ I cÖ‡¯’i 4| evK¨wU Zz‡j mZ¨ wg_¨v wjL|
AbycvZ KZ? Q) wn›`y‡`I wbKU ab m¤ú‡`i ‡`ex †K? 10×1 = 10
R) eyÜ c~wY©gvq †eŠ×MY Kvi e›`bv K‡ib? S) K) cwi‡ek bó nIhv‡K cwi‡ek `~lY e‡j| L) mvgvwRK
Avgv‡`i †`‡ki bvg wK? T) C`-G-wgjv`ybœex cvjb cwi‡e‡ki Dcv`vb¸‡jv gvbyl ˆZix I wbqš¿Y K‡i| M) iv¯
Kiv nq K‡e? —vq ev †hLv‡b †mLv‡b Kd ev _y_y †djv hvq| N)
3| mwVK DËiwU c~Y©ev‡K¨ wjL t m~h© †Wvevi Av‡MB Avgiv RvZxq cZvKv bvwg‡q
10×1 = 10 †dje| O) 1970 mv‡j ¯‹vDwUs Av‡›`vjb ïi“ nq| P)
i) mvgvwRK cwi‡e‡ki AwZcwiPwZ Dc`vb njÑ `~M©v c~Rv kirKv‡j D`&hvcb nq| Q) `vjvb-‡KvVv,
K) iv¯—v L) evwo M) gvwU iv¯—vNvU cÖvK…wZK cwi‡e‡ki Dcv`vb| R) gkv,
N) K¬ve| gvwQ bvbv iKg †ivM m„wó K‡i| S) mgv‡Ri
†ckvRxweiv eyw× w`‡q KvR K‡ib| T) we`¨vj‡q
A‡bK KvR Av‡Q hv GK Kiv m¤¢e|
5| GK ev‡K¨ DËi `vI| (†h †Kvb 4wU)
4×2 = 8
K) Mvj©MvBWm †K cÖeZ©b K‡ib? L) ‡eŠ×MY ey×
c~wY©gvq wK K‡ib?
M) C`-G-wgjv`ybœex KLb cvjb Kiv nq? N) gkv-gvwQ
†Kb nq?
O) kªgRxwe Kv‡K e‡j?
6| ms‡¶‡c DËi `vI| (†h †Kvb 3wU) 3×5
= 15
K) we`¨vj‡qi cwi‡ek wKfv‡e `~wlZ nq?
L) wKfv‡e Avgiv mviv c„w_ex‡Z kvwš— cÖwZôv Kie?
M) gymjgvbiv k‡eeivZ wKfv‡e cvjb K‡i?
N) Avgv‡`i `wi`ª †Ljvi mv_x I covi mv_x‡`i Rb¨ wK wK
O) mvgvwRK I cÖvK…wZK cwi‡ek Kv‡K e‡j?
7| we¯—wiZ cÖ‡kœi DËi `vI| 3×8
= 24
K) cwi‡ek `~lY wK? cwi‡ek `~lY gy³ ivL‡Z Avgiv wK
L) evsjv‡`‡k cÖavbZ †Kvb †Kvb a‡g©I †jvK evm K‡i?
Zviv wK wK agx©q Abyôvb
cvjb K‡i?
M) Kve I nj‡` cvwL wK? we`¨vj‡q Avgiv Kve I ey evW©
MVb Kie †Kb?
N) we`¨vj‡q Avgiv Kx Kx KvR Kwi? we`¨vj‡qi Ab¨vb¨
Dbœqbg~jK KvR¸‡jv wK?
O) evox my›`i I cwicvwU ivLvi Dcvq¸‡jv wK wK?
8| DËg n¯—v¶i I mvwe©K cwi”QbœZvi Rb¨--
9| g‡Wj †Uó-
{wet`ªt- GB cix¶vi cÖvß b¤^‡ii 25% b¤^i mvsermwiK
cix¶vi djvd‡ji mv‡_ †hvM n‡e|}