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Light of Messager Muhammad PBUH

7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Syahidullah Waliullah Nabiullah Rasulullah
Martyr God ’ s Lover Prophets Messagers'
Saidina Hamzah R . A . Uwais Al Qarni Prophets
Searching him is
Hafizullah a compulsory for
Quran memoriser each mooslem .
1 Sohibul Jalalahi
Qutubul Aqtab
( Ghousul Azhom Qutubul HELPER
Abraham A . S . Muhammad pbuh
Khalifah Mukminin Son of Maryam A . S
Zaid bin Thabit

Al Mahdi Ilal
Mahdi Prophets Khaidir A . S HELPER
Habibullah MQTK_QSI
"The Bible, Torah and Al Quran scholars
Died Newborn Baby concurred that in the years of 1400-1500H
Little sister Masyitah
7 persons 2 ABDAL there shall be a breaking news for mankind
only history; the appearance of a man bringing
41 persons 3 AUTADA forth The Message From God. He and his team
Malaikat Allah only
4 bring reform and the true New World Order
Angels 70 persons only NUQABA
313 persons only 5 NUJABA
Islamic scholars believe this man, The Imam
will lead Bani Tamim Youth from As Shaib
Jibrail A . S group. As The Caliph, he shall be bringing
6,666 persons only 6 GURABA
peace and order to this world. The Caliph
shall reigns supremely in this world until
62,951 persons only 7 MUFARIDDUN
the days of the resurrection of Prophet Isa
The Messiah".
3000 Angels •Each Chief of God’s Lover
(Waliullah) will be carried
ten thousands followers MQTK_QSI
along respectively.
Yusnaidi Yusof & Sam Jr. Ramly
The 7 Safs Convoy to Heaven
Ahlulbayt Organizations Charts 1400 - 1500 Hijriah