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Digital Conference 2010: Content

9.30 Introduction: Lawrence /Shifthappens Video

Keynote Trends
• Online lead generation - the bigger picture. Brian Carroll (40 mins) LC/LM
10.20 Making the most of technology: Aziz Musa (content from WWO) (15 mins) SA

10.35 Why UX is really just good Marketing

• Getting users to sign up, interact and engage: Jessica Stoddart (25 mins) LC
11.00 Persuasion Architecture
• The roadmap & MRO case study: Kerrie Longley & Snezana Petrovic (15 mins) LM

11.15 BREAK
11.45 Analytics (the digital body language)
• Omniture and the new dashboard. Having the ability to look at the data our users leave
behind: Snezana Petrovic & Maria Kowal (20 mins) LM

Lead Generation: Eloqua Video (5 mins)

• Marketing Automation the principles: Annabel Atkinson/Justine Gillen (15 mins) LC

• Case Study: XpertHR. Content Marketing. Working with Editorial to generate content
(15 mins) SA

12.40 Working with Sales (pre & post campaign)

• Tips & tricks to successfully align Sales with Marketing: Debbie Williams (10 mins) LM
• ICIS Fertilisers Case study: Kirsty Fleck. (10 mins) LC
13.00 LUNCH

14.00 Workshop: Google Tools LM

14.45 Social Media/Search/Email: Social Media Video (5mins)

• Think like a retailer: Chris Cotton LC
• Multi-channel marketing why it is so important: Mary Miller Mardev DM2 (10 mins) LM

• CC live evolution: Manas Datta (10 mins) LC

15.20 BREAK

15.40 Search/PPC
• Smartbuyer. New Business Case Study: Martin Pezet/Sophy Ashworth (10 mins) SA
• AI & buyerzone. This is how we use SEO/SEM to drive leads: Bjorn Zellwegger (10
mins) LC
• Jobs case study: Phil Jones & Rachel White (10 mins) SA
16.10 Social Media (social media video) (5 mins)
• Using Linked In for webinars: Dan Benton (10 mins) LC
• Facebook Career Coach: Sofia Gallagher (10 mins) SA
• Lexis Nexis. Their experience of using social media: Charles Barber (10 mins) SA

16.40 Lawrence Mitchell: thank you

Karl Schneider (to host & co-ordinate: introduce speakers and summarise). Live posting through Yammer.