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HIGH ACHIEVERS TOP CHOICES FOR CHARTERS, SPORTS AND JOB EDUCATION CHARTERS looking for alternatives to city-run public high schools don’t need to turn to pricey private institutions There are several top state-run and charter public high schools in the Big Apple, including 1. Hunter College Campus High School ins | This academic powerhouse for gifted children in grades | seven-I2is nota charter, butis | administered by Hunter College | and is one ofthe city’s best. The | | lass of 2009 had an average GPA of 91, SAT score of 215, and 33% Ivy Leage acceptance. 2. Bronx Prep, 80! Charter school with a 96% ‘graduation rate, 100% college Acceptance rate, average daily attendance of 97% and an aver- | age SAT score of Isl 3:Renaissance Charter High | School, ‘Charter school with 9896 graduation rate, 100% college acceptance rate and 92% aver ai ietecone weabae age daily attendance. Intern- 39 teams, seven undefeated in 2 ships at Cooper Union, MoMA a soln Goggenitm EG Shae 4 Williamsburg Charter HS, 3 \ SS irs “Successful school that offers boys bowling and girls tennis division extra help for straggling st : So cams igh undefeated in 2009 dents while keeping academic. standards high. Had its second regular season, with champs in girls tennis and boys volleyball sraduating class last June Stats i pe Sere teney cial 30 teams five undefeated in 2009 Scrat F regular season, with champs in girls i Se volleyball and boys soccer ‘Charter school that serves ert special education students and those with other special needs ingrades six-12. Clas sizes of, 18; 167% school wide increase in students testing at 3and 4 30 teams, four undefeated in 2009 regular season, with champs in boys Soccer and top rankings in atleast four sports 25. Fort Hamilton Tigers in math; 217% increase in ELA. 28 teams, five undefeated in 2009 First class will graduate this | regular season, including varsity foot- year ball, and champs in girls handball and Statistics for charters provided bossswimming. by the New York City Charter School Center NT Piette sraglaapesiiong directly out of high school Decades-old art program with professional artists as | Students learnvery spect | 2.Thomas Edison #5, Facies, inertaps ane fa THEREare over300Careerand ofthetahionindustry mest | dent showesses Techical Education programs prosand dolnernshige while. | Strong academics; wide icky high schools aching getnga top education | iageotCteproseinstike | 5 roodand Finance Hs, everything ont tour fo tV | graphic art decal insta: | ata production Twenyysix schools 2, Aviathon HS, | Soa euonastve werk others’ | Gallary as choolteaclog MeetchawelyCTeandivect .-Stwdentsiearasofisplanes | cooking sd business, Teachers tebecee andeaneamiicensesthat"" | 4.Artand Design HS, Se peck nretape eens allow them toworkinaitpors | Manna Jess yeti