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North American University

Education Department
M.Ed. in EDLE & CUIN

Date: __6/19/2016_____________

Topic Selected:
Topic 3: What does the research say about advantages and disadvantages of distance

Brief Literature Review:

Distance education or distance learning is the education of students who may

not always be physically present at a school. Courses that are conducted (51
percent or more) are either hybrid blended, or 100% whole instruction
Advantages of distance education:
- You can get a degree while you are working: If you have a job, to get a
degree is very hard so you can persue your degree when you are working.
-Distance education courses are cheaper than on-campus courses
-You can learn at your own pace: Some students can learn faster than
others. In regular education, it is hard to get your learning pace. Distance
education gives to you a chance to learn your own pace.
-You can study anywhere,anytime: For some people attending the regular
school is hard because you may live a small town or villlage. Plus you can study
your works whenever you are available or you want.
Disadvantages of distance education:
- Distraction can be high: There is no face to face interaction and classmate
to remind you for due date etc. So focusing classes is hard if you are not self
motivated and discipled.
- Not all cources are available: Practical cources like medicine and
engineering can not be offered for distance education.
- Needed technological tools: You need dependable internet access,
computer and some software for distance education. These technological
requirement can be complicated fo some students. Plus it causes some hiden
- Questionable credibility of degrees:


I agree with most of that advantages and disadvantages of distance education. For
example, I have a work and I don't have time to go to any campus. Moreover, I think I am
fast learner and I can learn at my own pace when I am doing online master. Also it is
hard to keep focused in the distance education for me.
I am a math teacher and we are using Aleks website which is a self math trainer. Each
kids can use this tool at home or anywhere if they have internet access. My students can
learn at their own pace. I had a six-grade students who was studying on 8th grade math
topics of this tool.
I am already using and I can use distance education more effectively. Some kids
needs to get tutorial for math and I can set up an online discussion form and they can
ask any question to me. Plus, I can record some tutorial videos and send those kids as
a tutorial.

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