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Job Interview Role Play

Student ID: H00234851

Student Name: Mariam Shafiq Ali Al Bloushi
Lecturer Name: Martha Banfa

Cover letter

Cover letter: Standard


6th Jun 2016

Info Tec-Appl Development

Mariam Shafiq Ali Al Bloushi

Dear MR / MS
Im writing in response for the job vacancy that published in your website as
Information Technology.
Having recently graduated with bachelor IT Application development major in
higher colleges of technology which I must show huge admire for your company
and the rapid developing that you achieved in such a short time , this is one of the
reasons that attract me apply for job .
I believe that with my experience and the knowledge that I have can be very
useful for your company especially with your expanding plan that been release
recently in your website to open a several branches that covers all UAE emirates
and GCC country.
With my 2 years work experience and the hunger for knowledge that encourage
me to seek a higher education level and my skills that give me the ability to work
under pressure and achieve multiple tasks in the same time will be a benefits for
the firm.
My honesty and hard work witch can be proved by the recommendation letters
that I can provides upon request will gives you a clear idea that Im the best
person for this job.
I look forward to hearing from you in the near future regarding my application.
Yours faithfully,

Mariam Shafiq Ali Al Bloushi