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Note missing quality green poster/flyer on Katze (my favorite poster) - student did not wish

poster to be pictured ):

Gallery walk team rotations, presentations, and feedback at timed intervals

Assessment/Feedback forms for student presentations (with photo permission consent from
students - is it ok with you if I take pictures of your projects [for studies/work with GSB
Images and Notes from the day = best summary of major events from Wednesday
Classes - 5th grade English (Mr S., Mr. M.) observation visit from Betsy
Minor celebrity status with 5 grade class (Joshua!) sightings; exclamatory greetings,
signatures around school
Why? How? not much; several visits to class; amiable/not unfriendly, fold paper cranes for
students who would like one; listen to and learn from students (German vocabulary phrases and
recess games)

Mr. S co-teacher with Mrs. H; different style/results - expectations and discipline/instruction,

types of activities
Purpose of pet project - to integrate math and social studies - how much would it cost to care for
various types of pet animals? Presentations to class (skills based focus)
Question and answer colloquium discussion with 11th grade English students and American
guest; questions to group and responses (shorthand notes recorded below)
Letters to Germany Project - next week with student groups (coordinating with teachers)?
Discussions with Andreas (English teacher) on United States and forms of (global)
education/universities; philosophy, texts, and review for exams
Finland education - global education indexes