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Usability Test

Miranda Gall Front Line Operational Leadership

1. Is the navigation clearly labeled and easy to use? Yes

2. Is the information presented in a logical way? If not, what could be
improved? Yes
3. Are the images helpful? Yes
4. Are there enough images/graphics? Too many? I would just add an image to
the title slide to make it more visually appealing.
5. Is there sufficient information to answer the practice & quiz questions? Yes
6. Were there enough practice & quiz opportunities? Yes and the assessment
types were varied.
7. Were the instructions for the quiz & practice questions clear? If not, how
could I improve them? Yes
8. Was the feedback useful for both correct and incorrect answers to the
practice & quiz questions? Yes, feedback was correct, but I think maybe one
sentence can be added that builds on the feedback instead of just repeating
what was correct from the original assessment item.
9. Did the choice of font seem appropriate? Yes
Was the color scheme appropriate? Black text on white background is a
design best practice, so yes.
Were you able to identify the branching component? If so, where was
it? I wasnt, but Im thinking maybe it was at the Jennifer screen that seemed
to be missing an Im done button.

Did the branching component make sense? Wasnt able to identify

What did you like best? I liked the varied assessments best and the
workplace scenarios were well written.

What did you like least? Title slide needs jazzed up with an image.

15. What other suggestions/comments do you have? There are some complete

sentences that need punctuated. It seemed like the Jennifer, the foremen
(sic), screen was an assessment, but it didnt have an Im done button to
click on to submit answer.