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McDonald « Rogers, LLC ATTORNEYS AT LAW 181 West High Street « Somerville, NJ 08876 ‘Michael J. Rogers "TEL: 908.722.4100 + FAX: 908.722.7532 John P. McDonald jmedonald@McDonaldRogersLawcom Via Federal Express Overnight Delivery December 17, 2015 Andrew L. Falzon, M.D. Acting State Medical Examiner Office of the State Medical Examiner Hughes Justice Complex 25 Market Street, Sth Floor Trenton, NJ 08625 Re: Death of John P. Sheridan, Jr. Date of Death: September 28, 2015 Dear Dr, Falzon: This firm represents the Estates of Joyce Sheridan and John P. Sheridan, Jr. We are applying to the Medical Examiner under N.J.S.A. 26:8-52 to correct errors on John P. Sheridan, Jr.’s amended death certificate. Specifically, we are applying for corrections to Items 44 and 46. Enclosed is an Affidavit, with Exhibits, from Michael M. Baden, M.D. which sets forth his medical findings and conclusions. The Affidavit expressly states his disagreements with the statements on the amended death certificate. We await your response. There has been litigation over the cause and manner of death of John P. Sheridan, Jr, We are providing the Assistant Attorney General who is familiar with the litigation ‘with a copy of this letter and Dr. Baden’s Affidavit. Very truly yours, MeDonald & Rogers, LLC By; 2 ds nlf Sohn P. MeDonald Enclosure Copy: E. Robbie Miller, AAG (via e-mail) Mark D. Sheridan, Esq. (via e-mail) Michael J. Rogers, Esq. (via e-mail) Michael M. Baden, MD (via e-mail)