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Minh Tam Nguyen

Address: 24/155 Kent Street, Sydney 2000, Australia

Phone: +61 4 0125 3470
Citizenship: Australian


I am a graduate of Columbia University, where I concentrated in international relations, comparative politics, and
business management. Culturally inquisitive and and an analytical problem-solver, I possess a strong work ethic
and thrive in multicultural team-driven work environments, adapting quickly to new surroundings. I intend to work
in judicial research before pursuing graduate studies in law, and am currently interested in empirical research
related to public policy, development, and human rights.
Strong Communicator: Experienced with developing supplier relations, and monitoring and resolving issues to
satisfy managements needs. Hands-on, detail-oriented leader with keen presentation, negotiation, and written
communication skills. Fluent in English and Vietnamese, conversational in French and Italian.
Administrative Experience: Excels in both self-managed and team-based projects. Financial management skills.
Experienced with Staff Supervision and Training: Practiced in developing and implementing training
programs. Experienced in recruiting and interviewing personnel. Supervised teams of up to 33 staff members.
Computer-Literate: Proficiency with Java, HTML and CSS. Fluent in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel,
PowerPoint), Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Final Cut Pro, and STATA Data Software.
Extensive knowledge of social media platforms, including HootSuite, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn,
WordPress, SquareSpace, and Instagram. Demonstrated ability to quickly learn and adapt to new technologies.

Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Special Concentration in Business Management, 2015
Deans List Participant
International Baccalaureate Diploma; Higher Level: English A1, Business & Management, and Physics, 2011
Valedictorian, Board of Management Award

Exp. 2016

BIOMETRIC & ANALYTICS TECHNOLOGY LTD, Sydney, Australia, August 2015 January 2016 | Consultant
Researched, developed and executed processes to resolve operational and service delivery issues, including the
implementation of: risk and issue registry, customer relationship management, and project management systems.
Created dynamic presentations to win new business that consistently impressed clients and Executive Committee.
Prepared and issued cohesive monthly reports and business proposals for senior management and investors.
Planned and coordinated conferences, weekly project meetings, and events for the company, including the
arrangement of all on-site logistics.
Interacted closely with members of senior management to spearhead strategic brand planning, successfully
communicating and branding the organizations core values, and developing company literature.
Directed the development and design of a corporate website, including the research and production of content.

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Minh Tam Nguyen


LIBERTY INSURANCE LTD, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Summer 2014 | Marketing Officer
Worked closely with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), providing
logistical support for promotional events, press conferences and internal training sessions, including interacting
and attending meetings with head office corporate members.
Extensively researched and compiled a nation-wide competitor analysis for the CMO and CEO.
Created and delivered presentations to Liberty International representatives regarding past and future marketing
projects and product launches; presentations were well received by the CMO and the Managing Director of
Global Safety and are now used as the base documents for relevant events and future meetings.
Produced proposals for partnerships with national and international firms, including one that won a major nationwide contract with Ford Vietnam to package car sales with Liberty Insurance products.
Produced original content including text and creative graphics for social media outlets with a focus on cultural
engagement and insurance needs awareness. Successfully increased engagement with customers by an average of
6.3 times over a period of 2 months, including likes, favorites, replies, and media clicks.
Secondary function as an editor on reports, op-eds, and contracts, and English-Vietnamese translator.
HALCYON MAGAZINE, New York, NY, December 2013 May 2015 | Managing Editor
Managed the re-launch of the New York City-based, web-exclusive photography magazine as a platform to
showcase the work of young photographers and delve into the challenges they face today.
Created a website and blog using HTML and Java, and edited online marketing videos using Final Cut Pro.
Selected, organized, edited, and coordinated editorial content. Reached out to potential contributors, and
broadcasted and promoted submission materials through collaborative initiatives with photographers and studios.
Worked with the Publicity Director to implement social media campaigns, conceptualizing and recommending
strategies across a selection of platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Strategies increased engagement on
Instagram by 295 percent over a period of one year.
Coordinated promotional initiatives and events, including photo-shoots, showcases, and on-site interviews that
attracted hundreds of students and professionals in the NYC area.
With the Creative Director developed a two-year business plan. Developed a press kit for vendors and advertisers.
LIBERTY INSURANCE LTD, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Summer 2013 | Digital Marketing Intern
Improved customer accessibility by spearheading an overhaul of the companys website, including:
Adapting content and navigation to better promote Liberty products and to be more conducive to SEO
Coordinating with IBM representatives to optimize infrastructure in order to better deliver services.
Facilitated effective communication within and between Liberty International branches by generating, editing,
and translating newsletters, business guidelines, press releases, and promotional materials.
Delivered support in the coordination of national-level events by formulating Requests for Proposal (RFPs),
producing written content, and photographing products and employees for use in promotional materials.
Produced a Captive Agents survey for the regional network to compile research for future strategy.
Increased the reach of marketing campaigns by revamping the firms online presence via social media platforms
and creating promotional materials for both the office and for online purposes.
RMIT INTL. UNIVERSITY, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Summer 2012 | Student Support Officer
Facilitated student-focused activities to promote an innovative teaching and learning culture: taught weekly
Conversation Classes, IELTS Conversation Group, Film Club, and Art Circle Club.
Produced language skills guides and learning aides catered towards students across a range of proficiency levels.
Generated print promotional materials to advertise events in addition to managing scheduling.
Designed and developed a social media campaign to foster collaborative learning.
Delivered presentations/speeches, and liaised with students at informational networking events.
Assisted with conducting research to inform the needs analysis for new learner engagement projects.

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Minh Tam Nguyen


LUONG VAN CAN FUND, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 2015 current | Management Council Member
Coordinated the set-up of the scholarship fund.
Provide logistical support for fundraising and additional administrative activities.
Research, produce, edit and translate reports, op-eds, and press releases regarding the funds activities.
VIETNAMESE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION, Columbia University, New York, NY, 2014 - 2015 | President
Managed the university-allocated budget and trained student staff on finance management.
Recruited board members and participants for campus-wide initiatives.
Promoted Vietnamese culture through a diverse range of events and activities catered towards both the graduate
and undergraduate student bodies.
CULINARIAN MAGAZINE, Columbia University, New York, NY, 2013 - 2015 | Photography Manager
Produced photography content for editorial & promotional purposes. Recruited, trained and managed staff of 30+.
Finalized assignments for distribution, assisted shoots and performed quality control for the magazine.
KOTO INTERNATIONAL, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Summer 2012 | Teacher
Created and taught an English curriculum with a focus on customer service for 50 underprivileged Vietnamese
youths aged 16-20 to facilitate students ease of transition into the hospitality industry.
QUEST FOR YUMMY: BANH MI, Vietnam, March 2011 January 2012 | Editor-in-Chief
Managed design, layout, translation and content, and oversaw quality control and distribution.
Managed all media relations, including developing and editing press releases and interviews.
ORBIS INTERNATIONAL, Hue Eye Hospital, Hue, Vietnam, Summer 2011 | Volunteer Translator
Translated English - Vietnamese between the international medical team and local patients and staff.

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