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(40 marks)
(Time suggested : 45 minutes)
Question 1
The picture below shows a snatch theft incident which you witnessed while walking to school.
Based on the picture given, write about the incident for your school magazine.

When writing about the incident, you should:

describe what happened

express what you felt

suggest ways to prevent snatch theft

write between 120 to 150 words. (Follow the limit which is allowed by your school teacher)

Cases of snatch thefts are reported almost daily in our local dailies. In some
incidences innocent lives have been lost due this unspeakable act.I recently was an eye
witness to this dastardlyact. The horrifying incident unfolded right in front of my eyes as
I was walking to school for my football practice last week.
The football practice was scheduled at 8.00 in the morning.On that fateful morning, I
decided to walk to school instead of taking the bus as I normally did. As I
was striding along the brick pavement, my eyes caught Miss Siti, my neighbour,
standing on the opposite site of the road waiting to catch a bus to work. She
was gingerly holding a big brown handbag in her hand.I waved to her and she waved
back to me with an angelic smile.I looked at my watch, it was 7.oo a.m.
As I strode past her, I saw two men on a motorbike riding slowly towards her.Both
were wearing full face helmets. I didn't give much thought about it and just moved
on.Suddenly, without warning, they zoomed past her snatching her handbag in the
process.Miss Siti fell down onto the pavement. She was shockedbut managed to scream
for help. It all happened so fast.I gave chase but the thieves managed to escape. They
just sped off into the horizon.
I quickly dashed to Miss Siti's aid. There was a look ofbewilderment on
her pained face. I helped to check on her.Fortunately, only her hand and leg were
bruised but overall she was alright. I immediately called and informed her father about
the incident.He drove there as fast as lightning and took her home. Later, they went to
the police station to make a report.The barbaric action of the snatch thieves just made
me angry. At the same time, sad when I thought about all the unfortunate victims who
had fallen prey to them.
In order to prevent from becoming a victim of snatch theft, people need to be more
careful. For example, when they are alone at a bus stop or walking back home alonealertness plays an important role in ensuring their safety.In addition, the government
should put up more street lights so the streets and dark alleys can be bright and safe for
the public.Lastly, I strongly believe police presence in and around housing areas
would boostpublic confidence whereby their safety can be assured by the police.

The Road Accident Essay

When writing about the accident, you should:
Describe what happened
Express what you felt
Suggest ways to prevent road accidents
Write between 120 to 150 word

It was a blazing afternoon when I was on my way home from school. It was so hot
that I could even drink gallons of water. Despite my thirsty, I went to the nearest
shop and buy a bottle of drink.
I drank the water on a beach near the road. As I was drinking, the bottle spilled
out of my hand after been pushed by a strong hand. The bottle fell on the ground.
Then I realized that I saw a boy from nowhere was riding a bicycle while laughing
madly. My anger rose up when I saw the bottle was now empty as all the water had
spilled on the ground.
I tried to chase the boy but he was riding to fast ahead. He just kept laughing
and made smirking look to me. He didn't even look at me front of him when he
cycled. To my surprise there was a big stone in front of him and he was cycling fast
straight to it!! I Stopped running and tried to warn him.
However, it was too late when his bicycle crashed upon the stone. He was
bleeding profusely and was unconscious.
I was speechless as I was really surprise with the accident. Nevertheless, when I
finally come to my sense, I quickly approached the boy. There were small cuts at his
hands and knees. Without delaying any moment, I hurriedly went for help. I
managed to reach the shop I bought the drink earlier. The shopkeeper bought the
boy to the hospital. I felt a little panic.
The doctor treat him and I was told to go home. I did what I was told. Then, I
related what had happened to my family. The next day, we went yo visit the boy at
the hospital.
He was now fully recover. He asked for my apologies and I gladly forgave him.
Soon the doctor came in. He said that it was lucky for the boy as he was brought to
the hospital in the nick of time.

He also told us the safe ways when on the road especially when riding a bicycle.
First, we need to wear safety pads, helmet and another safety thing. If we were
riding at night, don't wear dark-coloured shirt. Next, we need to cycle in the
opposite directions of the roads. Last but not least, we shouldn't cycle fast
especially on a busy road.

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