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Brought to you by: Fountainview Place HOA

June 2016

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FountainView Place Lafayette, La

Main Entrance to the neighborhood by the mailboxes

Mailing Address:
202 Rosemary Place
Lafayette, LA 70508

A big welcome to everyone (new and old residents) in

the neighborhood! As many of you know, construction is completed and almost all of the remaining
houses have been sold by DSLD. We encourage everyone to be an active member of the neighborhood!
Whether it means joining a committee, running for the
HOA board or just being on the lookout for any suspicious activity, it all helps to make our community safe
and enjoyable for everyone! Get to know your neighbors and lend a helping hand! We also ask that everyone become familiar with the
CCRs and the violation procedure for Fountainview Place Subdivision. The next
General Meeting is July 12th at 7pm at the Wingate Hotel in the meeting room.
Mark your calendars!

Our streets are private (the city doesn't maintain them) but we still
need to follow the rules/regulations of the road. Please do not park
in front of a fire hydrant or within 15 feet of a stop sign/intersection.
When you have guests, have them park with the passenger side parallel to the curb. This helps to ensure that all vehicles (especially
emergency vehicles) can maneuver safely and easily.
Remember to pick up after your pets when walking them in the
Lock your doors/windows to your home/vehicles at all times.
Keep a light on in your home when away to deter break-ins.
Please update contact information as needed and let the HOA know
if you are selling your house so we can have up-to-date contact information for everyone in the neighborhood.

Preparing for Hurricane Season

Though the official hurricane season spans the months from June
through November, there are still occasional storms that form
outside those months.
To help everyone in Lafayette Parish be better prepared for hurricane
season, LUS publishes the Hurricane Handbook. This handbook
features a variety of information including a directory of important
phone numbers, evacuation routes, a hurricane tracking map, emergency planning information and a checklist, generator and chainsaw
safety and much more. These handbooks can be found at the following locations:

LUS Hurricane Handbook Locations: Putting Together a Gameplan:

City Parish Consolidated Government Bldg
LUS Customer Service Center
LUS Fiber/LUS Customer Service Center
Lafayette Police Dept.
Lafayette Office of Homeland Security &
Emergency Preparedness

For a complete list, visit
1. Put Together an Emergency Kit

2. Make Preparations

Broussard City Hall

Carencro City Hall

Duson Town Hall

Scott City Hall

Essential Supplies
Important Papers

Personal Evacuation Plan

Protect Your Home
Protect Your Valuables
Prepare for Electrical Outages
Special Medical Needs
Sheltering Your Pets

3. Stay Informed

Youngsville Town Hall

Lafayette Public Library

Weather & Emergency Alerts Sign Up

Follow on Twitter
Connect on Facebook
Subscribe to the YouTube Channel

National Hurricane Center

Louisiana Shelter Information
Louisiana State Police/Road Closures
Louisiana Homeland Security
Acadiana Red Cross
Hurricane Evacuation Routes

Raymond Robichaux
81 years young and a Texaco retiree, Raymond
Robichaux lives on Rosemary Place with his wife
Bettie Jo. Many a days he can be spotted in the
neighborhood on the job driving the shuttle van
for the Wingate by Wyndham. He has also been
known to lend a helping hand to his fellow neighbors! Raymond enjoys spending time with his
grandchildren and being in his garden.

You may have noticed the new street signs in the neighborhood.
Please be mindful of the speed limit and
directional signs when driving in the
neighborhood. The speed limit in the
neighborhood is 25mph and we ask that
you keep right of the roundabout when
driving into the neighborhood from Kaliste
Saloom. This is to avoid unnecessary

accidents and to ensure the safety of our families.

We Hear You!
As elected members of the board, we want to hear from you!
We truly value your feedback. Please contact the HOA with
questions, comments and concerns via any one of the outlets
listed in this newsletter!

Fountain View Place Subdivision

HOA Annual Fee Remittance Form
Please fill out the attached contact information form and return with your HOA dues ($150) by July 1, 2016

Name: ____________________________________________________
Lot # and Address: ____________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ________________________________________
Telephone Number(s): Home: _____________________
Work: _____________________________________ Cell: ___________________________
Other: (____) ____-_________
Email Address: _____________________________________________
Children: _________________
Birth Date: ___________________
Occupation: ________________________________
Community Activities/Interests: _____________________________________________

Committee Interest: Please check any that apply

**Meeting dates will be set after the new board is elected
___Welcome/Sunshine Committee (welcome new r esidents/help out neighbor s in need, etc)
___Bylaws Committee (help with any r evisions that may be br ought to the boar d for discussion/voting, etc)
___Social Committee (help plan neighbor hood events and smaller get-togethers)
___Communications Committee (help with the distr ibution of infor mation via newsletter , flyer s, website, etc)
___Architectural Committee (r eview/appr ove modifications and new additions to homes in the neighbor hood, etc)

Please mail your payment along with this form to the following address:
Make Checks Payable to: Fountainview Place HOA
202 Rosemary Place
Lafayette, LA 70508

Fountainview Place Subdivision

Proxy Form
*Mail forms to 202 Rosemary Place, Lafayette, LA 70508

I, _______________________, a member of the Fountainview Place Homeowners Association,

Inc. as defined in Article V of the Act of Dedication of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
of Fountainview Place Homeowners Association, Inc., do hereby give my proxy to
for the purpose of voting on the matters which are brought before the members of the HOA.

Fountainview Place Subdivision Lot # is:


Fountainview Place Subdivision address is: _________________________________________

WITNESS MY SIGNATURE this _______ day of ___________________, 20___.


Print Name: __________________________

Violation of Restrictive Covenants, Operating Procedures

Residents of Fountainview Place are encouraged to be familiar with the restrictive covenants governing the neighborhood. These covenants are located on the neighborhood website at http:// under the homeowners association, regulations section.
Reporting a Violation
Residents may report violations to the Board of Directors at or in
writing to 202 Rosemary Place, Lafayette, Louisiana 70508. Reporters of violations will remain
anonymous. A report of a violation will be researched by the Association Board of Directors. If
confirmed, the violation will be documented by photograph.
How Violations will be Addressed
Once confirmed, the violation will be handled as described below:
1. Upon confirmation - a Friendly Reminder will be mailed or emailed to the homeowner advising
of confirmation of the violation and requesting it be remedied.
2. 15 days from Friendly Reminder - if violation remedied, no further action if violation not
remedied, a Notice of Violation will be mailed or emailed to the homeowner, reminding that
a fine will be imposed if violation not remedied.
3. 15 days from Notice of Violation - if violation remedied, no further action if violation not
remedied, the appropriate fine will be assessed (see fine structure below) and an invoice
(Fine Invoice) sent to the homeowner.
4. 30 days from Fine Invoice - a $15 late fee will be assessed if the fine remains unpaid and a
statement of fine and late fee will be mailed to the homeowner by certified mail.

5. 60 days from Fine Invoice - a lien will be filed against the homeowner and homeowner
will be assessed with all costs associated with the filing and eventual removal of lien.
Fine Structure
The fine structure for violation of a provision of the restrictive covenants is as follows:
1.First Offense $25 fine
2.Second Offense $50 fine
3.Third Offense $75 fine
Disputing a Violation
Any resident may dispute a confirmed violation and request review thereof by written request to the
Association Board of Directors at or in writing to 202 Rosemary
Place, Lafayette, Louisiana 70508 within thirty (30) days of the Fine Invoice. Disputes will be
reviewed and voted on by the Association Board of Directors at or by its next scheduled monthly
meeting. All decisions of the Board in this regard are final. A Notice of Decision will be sent to the
homeowner. In the event the Board upholds the Board of Directors determination of violation, the fine
associated with the violation shall be due immediately and is subject to the late fee noted above.