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This work is dedicated to our dear parents, for giving us their unconditional support
every day and teachers by educating ourselves with effort and enthusiasm to
achieve our goals and objectives, and thank you for your dedication .


We considered it appropriate to investigate the biography of famous
people to expand our knowledge and our English vocabulary.



Elvis Aaron Presley (January 8, 1935

August 16, 1977) was an American singer,
musician and actor. Elvis Presley became
one of the most influential cultural icons of a
generation.He is commonly referred to as
the The King of Rock n Roll and
epitomises the post-war pop generation.
Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. When
he was 13, his family moved to Memphis,
Tennessee, with his family at the age of 13.

Elvis was relatively shy and as a

youngster was not keen on
performing in public. However, he
received a guitar as a present and
learnt to play and sing, not through
musical training, but just through
hearing and picking up music. As a
interested in music, listening to a
American music. He also started to
sport a distinctive look with
sideburns and styled hair. This would
later become a real Elvis trademark.
In 1953, he went to Sun recording
studio to record a song for his
mother, but also perhaps to hope to
being noticed. However, it didnt
come to anything, he was also turned down
for an audition to other groups. In April 1954,
he took a job as a truck driver.


However, later on in the year, Sun boss, Sam Phillips invited Elvis to come in for a
recording studio. Initially the recording session was unpromising, but towards the
end as they were getting close to finish, Elvis started up his own number, and
Phillips was immediately impressed by the verve, enthusaism and dynamism of the
music. Phillips reckoned he was onto a winner. He felt Elvis had the sound of
Elvis recorded hte 1946 blues number, Arthur Crudups Thats All Right and it was
well received on local radio stations.

This lauchned Presley onto a lucrative pop music career. His performances were a
fusion of country, gospel, pop and
rhythmn and blues it combined both
black and white sounds, with an
uninhibited stage routine which often
proved controversial. However, if it was
controversial, it was also wildly popular
with young listeners, and with his
unique gravelly voice, Elvis was on his
way to becoming a great star. His
catapult to stardom was helped by
rivalry between TV presenters, such as
Steve Allen and Ed Sullivan. Elvis
proved a star attraction and the
competition between presenters made
Elvis a national celebrity. It also helped
bring rock n roll into popular /
mainstream culture.


After a stint in the army (1958-60) Presley served as a regular soldier, he began to
focus more on movies. In the
1960s, Presley made several
movies. These were generally
received with low critical acclaim,
though they were quite popular.

The huge fame which surrounded

his career perhaps contributed to
health problems, which would
ultimately cause his premature
death aged only 42. Towards the
end of his life, he was obese and
suffered from drug dependency.
His early death only cemented his
legendary status, and he has
become deeply engrained in
popular culture.
Presleys home Graceland was
opened to the public in the 1980s
and attracts over half a million
visitors annually. It was declared a
National Historic Landmark in

Neysha Huaccharaque M.
William Shakespeare


William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon a small English town

located about 35 miles south of Birmingham- the April 23, 1564, where he died the
same day of 1616 It was the third of eight children born to John Shakespeare a
prosperous merchant who went on to achieve a prominent position in the
municipality and Mary Arden descended from a family of ancestry.
He was born when his family lived in Henley
Street Stratford is not known the exact day since
then only the act of baptism was made on April
26 in this case so presumably would be born a
few days before and no more than one week as
was the current tradition has been setting as the
date of his birth on April 23 feast of St. George ,
perhaps by analogy with the day of his death
another April 23 in 1616 but this dating is not
supported by any documents.
He was married to Anne Hathaway, a few years
older with whom he had three daughters and a
son. He had no grandchildren.
A twenties he moved to London, where his career as an actor and playwright
began. Then he would become even entrepreneur theater, as co-owner of the
company initially known as Lord Chamberlain 's Men, who would become the most
prestigious of the time, to the point of getting the patronage of King and be
renamed The King 's Men.
The characteristic style of William Shakespeare
Although there is virtually an entire literary theory about the drama and poetry of
William Shakespeare , if we were to summarize its main features it should be
stressed , first , an impressive power of synthesis , coupled with an exquisite use ,
extensive and time necessary language , which often makes it difficult to
understand, even for English speakers .
Second, the absence of a value judgment by the author to the behaviors and
attitudes of the characters , which is unusual in the works of his time

The work of William Shakespeare


William Shakespeare wrote numerous plays and poems. Most of the first (36 in
total) were published several years after his death in a compendium known as the
First Folio, which divides them into dramas, comedies and historical plays. Among
them are:
Hamlet: about the tribulations of this young prince of Denmark following the murder
of his father by his uncle. Is famous the phrase "to be or not to be, I conundrum,"
Act III, Scene 1. Read our full review of Hamlet.
Romeo and Juliet: about the love of two teenagers pertenencientes two rival
families of Gerona Renaissance, the Montagues and the Capuleto.Lee our full
review of Romeo and Juliet.
Othello: the Moor drama of a soldier in the service of Venice, who succumbs to
jealousy and kills his wife, incited by the cruel Iago. Read our full review of Othello,
the Moor of Venice.
Macbeth: whose ambition to become King of Scotland leads to unhappiness and
death. Read our full review of Macbeth.
A Midsummer Night's Dream: comedy involving both human and mythological
characters, and revolves around the wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta.
Richard III: one of 8 historical works on English kings. It is famous the phrase "a

Clorinda Matto de Turner


Flor Hernndez C.

Peruvian writer, born in Cuzco on September 11, 1852 and died in Buenos Aires on
October 25, 1909. Clorinda Matto de Turner was the daughter of Ramon Torres
and Grimanesa Usandivaras Matto Garate, who gave it the name of Grimanesa
Martina, who later it is changed to Clorinda. During his childhood he alternated
stays in the city of Cuzco and the family estate of
Paullo-Chico, located in the province of Calca. He
studied at the Colegio Nuestra Seora de las
Mercedes Cuzco, where it appears registered as a
scholarship student, until the age of sixteen, when he
left school to devote himself to the work from home
In 1871, after marrying the English merchant Joseph
Turner, Clorinda Matto he moved to the town of Tinta
where literary career that began a few years earlier
continued writing poems and articles were published
under various pseudonyms in regional publications
such as El Heraldo, El Ferrocarril , El Rodadero, El Eco de los Andes and El
Mercurio. In April 1876 the writer founded the magazine El Recreo and, the
following year, first visited the Peruvian capital, where he had the opportunity to
participate in literary meetings organized by the Argentina writer Juana Manuela
Gorriti (28-II-1877) , evenings then continue the Clorinda own. By then she
collaborated with major literary publications in the country by signing articles with
your name or the pseudonym "Carlota Dimont".
During the war with Chile (1879-1883), Clorinda Matto de Turner lived in ink and,
after the death of her husband, March 3, 1881, had to administer marital property.
In late 1883, he moved to Arequipa to assume the leadership of editor of the
newspaper La Bolsa, one of the most important in the city. In April 1886 he settled
in Lima, city where it was built quickly to major cultural institutions of the Peruvian
capital, as the Literary Circle and the Ateneo de Lima. In 1888 the Latin American
Union of Madrid agreed to appoint her an honorary member.
In October 1889 Clorinda Matto de Turner became director of the weekly El Peru
Ilustrado, the most important literary journal in the country at that time, where he
suffered a major setback a few months after arriving. The occasion was the
publication of the story Magdala Brazilian writer Henrique Coelho Netto (23-VIII1890), considered sacrilegious, was because the archbishop of Lima Manuel
Antonio Bandini prohibited under pain of mortal sin reading, sale and distribution of
the Peru Ilustrado. Although Clorinda Matto claimed that the story had been
published without his consent error, the Church began a campaign against him,
hiding the real reason for the anger: the publication a year before the novel Birds


without nest, which denouncing the corruption of the clergy it was made. Finally,
after being excommunicated, the July 11, 1891 Matto resigned to ecclesiastical
censure against the weekly get up.

Determined to become independent after its bumpy passage through El Peru

Ilustrado, in February 1892 founded with his brothers his own printing, equitable,
publishing the bi-weekly newspaper Los Andes (lasted only one year) from which
Clorinda Matto de Turner defended the government General Andres A. Caceres,
with whose party openly sympathized. On March 17, 1895 rebels under the
command of Nicolas de Pierola troops entered the Peruvian capital and locked
combat with government forces. The rebels ransacked the house Matto shared
with his brother David and seized him, but he could flee to a friend's house. By
then President Caceres had been defeated and printing The Equitable had been
ransacked and crippled their machines. So, in 1895, Clorinda Matto chose to
embark to Valparaiso, where happened to James, then to Mendoza and finally to
Buenos Aires, where he took up residence.
On December 14, 1895 Matto gave a public lecture at the Buenos Aires Ateneo
under the suggestive title "Workers of thought in South America" and in February
the following year, he founded the magazine Bcaro American, converted from
January 1897 the official organ of the protectionist Intellectual Society, and would
publish until shortly before his death. He was incorporated in 1896 as a professor
of Analogy in the Normal School of Professors of the Federal Capital, and also
made teaching at the Normal School and Business School American Women.

Matto collaborated in various publications such as La Prensa, La Nacion, La Razn

and El Tiempo de Buenos Aires, the National
Magazine of Literature and Social Sciences of
Montevideo, The Cripple of Caracas and Las Tres
Americas New York, and was even elected to the
National Council of Women of Argentina. In May
1908 he sailed to Europe to visit France, England,
Switzerland, Germany and Spain, where he gave
lectures at the Ateneo de Madrid and the IberoAmerican Union. At year's end Clorinda Matto de
Turner returned to Buenos Aires to resume its
activities, which did not last even a year, since she
fell ill, and the following year died of pulmonary


congestion. Years later, a legislative resolution peruanodispuso the repatriation of

the remains of the writer Congress.

Works of Clorinda Matto de Turner

His first publications are made in the traditional genre, Ricardo Palma had become
popular throughout Latin America. The first book of Clorinda Matto de Turner was
cuzqueas traditions, legends, biographies and loose leaves (Arequipa, 1884),
published with a foreword by Palma in which calls his "best disciple". In the same
vein, he followed then cuzqueas Traditions, chronicles, loose leaves. I took
second (Lima, 1886), with a foreword by Jose Antonio de Lavalle. Peruvian
historian Horacio Villanueva Urteaga has shown that most of these traditions are
based on the Annals of Cuzco Diego Esquivel and Navia, then unpublished.

Best of the work of Clorinda Matto de Turner is his novelistic production, especially
Aves sin nido (1889), published simultaneously in Lima and Buenos Aires and
translated into English in 1904. Romantic and customs novel, is set in an imaginary
village Peruvian Andes, with the intention of showing the social ills of the region,
with special emphasis on the abuse and exploitation of indigenous by clergy and
political officialdom.

The book told the story, based on a true story of a mad monk of jealousy kills one
of his parishioners, caused a huge controversy in Peruvian society and has made
Clorinda Matto de Turner is considered the initiator of modern indigenism in
America, born of the hands of the Bolivian Alcides Arguedas novel Raza bronze.
Subsequently, Matto published two other novels within a naturalistic trend, Nature
(Lima, 1891) and Heritage (Lima, 1895), which takes the characters of Birds
without nest and moves to the city of Lima.
Other books of Clorinda Matto de Turner are pencil sketches of famous Americans
(Lima, 1889), a set of biographical sketches; drama in three acts Hima-Sumac
(Lima, 1892), which was premiered at the Theater of Arequipa in 1884 and at the
Olimpo de Lima in 1988; Legends and cuts (Lima, 1893); Boreal, miniatures and
porcelains (Buenos Aires, 1902), which includes autobiographical stories, sketches
and sundries; Four lectures on South America (Buenos Aires, 1909) Travel and
Recreation (Valencia, 1909), which recounts his trip to Europe. Finally, we should


Mayra Briceo V.

mention the texts prepared for teaching, among which are elements of literature
under the rules of public instruction for use of the fair sex (Arequipa, 1884) and
Analogy. Second year of Spanish grammar in normal schools according to the
official program (Buenos Aires, 1897), which versions are added in Quechua
prepared on behalf of the American Bible Society in the Gospels of St. John and
St. Luke, Acts of the Apostles and the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans.

Mayra Briceo V.


(Pseudonym of Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto; Parral, Chile, 1904 - Santiago de

Chile, 1973) Chilean poet, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971 and one of the most
important figures of twentieth century Latin American poetry. A youth Neruda
belongs which is perhaps the most widely read book in history of poetry of Twenty
Love Poems and a Song of Despair (1924), written at twenty, had published two
million copies to death its author.
Passionate love and human warmly of Twenty poems with modernist but the
original resabios fully in their bright images, Neruda would express the strength of
a personal surrealism meaninglessness of man and the cosmos in Residence on
Earth (1933-1935) to build a new faith from political commitment in the epic Canto
General (1950) and finally lean towards the subject and expressive simplicity of
elementary Odes (1954-1957). Always receptive to aesthetic innovations, its
copious production, which includes many books in addition to those already
mentioned, successive reflected trends in the evolution of poetry in Spanish
language and exerted a strong influence on poets of every sign.


Born July 12, 1904 in Parral, in the Chilean region of Maule, the poet's mother died
only a month later he was born he, when his
father, a railroad employee, was installed in






attended his first studies and met Gabriela

Mistral. It started very early to write poetry, and in
1921 published The song of the party, his first
poem, under the pseudonym of Pablo Neruda (in
homage to Czech Jan Neruda poet), a name that
remained thereafter and that would legalize in

Temuco also began work on a newspaper, until at sixteen he moved to Santiago to

study French teacher. There he joined the magazine as editor Clarity, which
appeared his poems. After publishing some books of poetry, in 1924 he achieved
international fame with Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair, work together
with Tentative infinite man, distinguishes the first stage of his poetry, marked by the
transition from modernism to avant-garde forms influenced by Vicente Huidobro
Economic problems led to Pablo Neruda to undertake, in 1926, the consular career
that took him to reside in Burma, Ceylon, Java, Singapore and, between 1934 and
1938 in Spain, which was related to Federico Garcia Lorca, Vicente Aleixandre,
Gerardo Diego and other components of the Generation of 27 and founded the
magazine Green Horse for Poetry. Since its first manifesto took party by a "poetry
without purity" and close to the immediate reality, in line with its social awareness.
In this sense, Neruda Republicans supported the outbreak of civil war and wrote
Spain in the Heart (1937).


Previously, however, his poems had experienced a transition to tight forms and a
more somber to reflect the passage of time, chaos and death in the daily reality
tone, dominant in another of his essential books, Residence subjects on earth ,
published in two parts in 1933 and 1935 and is the axis of the second stage. most
original and daring images of surrealist roots in this work express a deeply human
desolate, lost in a chaotic and incomprehensible world view.

Back in Chile, in 1939 Neruda joined the Communist Party and his work
experienced a shift toward political activism. This third stage, which had its prelude
in Spain in the Heart (1937), culminating with the exaltation of American myths of
Canto general (1950). In 1945 he was the first poet to be awarded the National
Prize for Literature in Chile. At the same time, from his seat as senator used his
speech to denounce abuses and inequities of the system. This attitude led
government persecution and subsequent exile in Argentina.
From there he went to Mexico, and later toured the USSR, China and the countries
of Eastern Europe. After this trip, during which Neruda wrote laudatory and
propagandistic poems and received the Lenin Peace Prize, returned to Chile.
Thereafter, the poetry of Pablo Neruda began a new stage in which formal
simplicity corresponded with great lyrical intensity and a general tone of serenity;
the same title of a central work of this period, Elementary Odes (1954-1957),
characterized the verses of those years. In 1956 he separated from his second
wife, Delia del Carril to join Matilde Urrutia, who accompany the poet to the end of
his days.

Its international prestige was recognized in 1971, when he was awarded the Nobel
Prize for Literature. Last year Pablo Neruda had given up the presidential
candidacy in favor of Salvador Allende, who appointed him ambassador to Paris
shortly after. Two years later, already seriously ill, he returned to Chile. He died in
Santiago on September 23, 1973, deeply affected by the coup, twelve days earlier


had toppled Salvador Allende. Posthumously published autobiography is confess

that I have lived
Crepusculario (1923). It was his first book, published with their money and
with the collaboration of friends.
Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair (1924) has been the best-selling
(has surpassed one million copies), and this work led him to stand out from
one of the best poets of Latin America.
Residence on Earth (1933), stands out among the many works, contains
poems impregnated tragic despair at the sight of man's existence in a world
that is destroyed.
Canto General (1950), an epic poem in social portraying Latin America from
its pre-Columbian origins.
I confess that I have lived (1973). Posthumous work; in the same year of his
death, his memoirs were published.


I can write the saddest verses tonight.
Write, for example: "The night is starry
and shiver, blue stars, far away ".
The night wind revolves in the sky and sings.
I can write the saddest verses tonight.
I loved her, and sometimes she loved me too.
On nights like this I held my arms.
I kissed her so many times under the infinite sky.
She loved me, sometimes I also loved her.
How not to have loved her great still eyes.
I can write the saddest verses tonight.
To think that I do not have her. Feeling I've lost her.
Hear the inmense night, even more without her.
And the verse falls to the soul like dew on the grass.
Does it matter that my love could not keep it.
The night is full of stars and she is not with me.
That is all. In the distance someone sings. In the distance.
My soul is not content with having lost it.
As though to reach my eyes search.
My heart looks for her, and she is not with me.
The same night that whitens the same trees.
We, the ones then, are not the same.
I no longer love her, true, but how I loved her.


My voice searched the wind to touch her ear.

Of other. It will be another. As before my kisses.
Her voice, her bright body. Her infinite eyes.
I no longer love her, true, but maybe I love her.
Love is so short, and forgetting is so long.
Because on nights like this I held my
My soul is not content with having lost it.
Though this be the last pain she causes me,
and these the last verses that I write.

Jos Mario Pedro Vargas Llosa

Jorge Mendoza M.

Mario Vargas Llosa was born into a middle
class family in the city of Arequipa in southern
Peru in 1936. He was the only child of
Ernesto Vargas Maldonado and Dora Llosa
Ureta , who months separated before his birth
to then divorce thereof, mutual acuerdo.Poco
after Mario was born, his father revealed that
he had a relationship with a German woman
and as a result of this union , two half
brothers born under the writer Enrique and
Ernesto Vargas ( the first died of leukemia at
age eleven ; the second is a lawyer and US
Mario lived with his maternal family in Arequipa until a year after the divorce of their
parents , when his grandfather Pedro J. Bustamante Llosa moved with his family to
Bolivia , where he had won a contract to manage a cotton plantation near
Cochabamba .In that city spent the first years of his childhood with his mother and


maternal family, and the fourth degree course at Colegio La Salle. Until ten years ,
he was made to believe that his father had died , and his mother and his family did
not want to explain that they had separated .
At the beginning of the government of President Jose Luis Bustamante y Rivero in
1945 , his grandfather, who was a cousin of the president , won the post of prefect
of the department of Piura , so the whole family returned to Peru . Mario 's uncles
settled in Lima , while Mario and his mother followed the grandfather to the city of
Piura. There Mario continued his studies at the Salesian College Primary Don
Bosco , in fifth grade . It was there that he befriended one of his companions ,
Javier Silva Ruete , who later would finance minister
In late 1946 or early 1947, when he was ten years old , Mario met his father for the
first time in Piura.Sus parents reestablished their relationship and moved to Lima ,
settling in Magdalena del Mar , a district of class media.Luego moved to La Perla,
in Callao , where they lived in a small house isolated . Mario weekends used to
visit his uncles and cousins who lived in the neighborhood of Diego Ferr , in the
district of Miraflores , where he made many friends and where he had his first
In Lima he studied at the Colegio La Salle ,
the Brothers congregation of the Christian
Schools , attending the sixth grade in 1947
, and the first two years of high school from
1948 to 1949. The relationship with his
father , always circuitous , mark the rest of
his life . For years , he kept to his mixed
feelings , such as fear and resentment ,
because he endured violent outbursts from
his father during his childhood , and a
resentment towards Llosa family and great
jealousy towards his mother ; but above all
, because of the repulsion of his father to
his literary vocation , that never understood
At age 14 , his father sent him to the Leoncio Prado Military Academy in Callao , a
boarding school where he attended the 3rd and 4th year of secondary education
between 1950 and 1951. There he endured a fierce military discipline , and ,
according to his testimony it was the time when he read and wrote " as he had
never done before" , thus consolidating its early vocation as a writer . His favorite


readings were the novels of French writers Alexandre Dumas and Victor Hugo .
Among his professors figured the surrealist poet Csar Moro , who for a time gave
French lessons
During the summer holidays of 1952 , Vargas Llosa began working as a journalist
in the Lima newspaper La Crnica where they were entrusted reports , notes and
local interviews. That same year he retired from the military college and moved to
Piura , where he lived with his uncle Luis Llosa ( "Uncle Lucho" ) and completed
the last year of secondary education at the Colegio San Miguel de
Piura.Simultneamente worked for the local newspaper , industry, and witnessed
the theatrical performance of his first dramaturgical work, the flight of the Inca, in
the theater " Variety
In 1953 , during the government of Manuel A. Odria , Vargas Llosa entered the
National University of San Marcos, where he studied law and university policy
Literatura.Particip in through Cahuide , name that kept alive the Communist Party
Peruvian , then pursued by the government , against which opposed through the
university bodies and fleeting protests in places . Shortly thereafter, he distanced
himself from the group and enrolled in the Christian Democratic Party Hctor
Cornejo Chvez , hoping that this group launched the candidacy of Jos Luis
Bustamante y Rivero , who , at that time , returned from exile. This expectation was
not fulfilled. During this time , he worked as assistant to the renowned San Marcos
historian Ral Porras Barrenechea in a work that never materialized : several
volumes of a monumental history of the conquest of Peru.
n 1955 , at the age of 19, he married Julia Urquidi , the sister of his aunt on his
mother's side , who was 10 years mayor. Because of the rejection that this act
caused in his family, they were forced to separate for a time being newlyweds. In
order to maintain a common life , the young Mario , helped by Porras Barrenechea,
he got up to seven simultaneous jobs : as an assistant librarian at the National
Club , writing for several news media and even cataloging names headstones
Presbtero Maestro Lima ; finally he began working as a journalist for Radio
Panamericana , substantially increasing their income
By then, Vargas Llosa seriously began his literary career with the publication of his
first stories: Grandpa (in the newspaper El Comercio, December 9, 1956) and
Chiefs (in the journal Mercurio Peruano, February 1957). In late 1957 he presented
a short story contest organized by La Revue Franaise, a leading French
publication dedicated to art. His story entitled The Challenge won the first prize,
which consisted of fifteen days visiting Paris, to where he left in January 1958. His


stay in the French capital was extended for a month before returning to Lima. That
same year he graduated from high school in Humanities at the National University
of San Marcos, a merit of his thesis on the basis for an interpretation of Ruben
Dario. It was also considered the most distinguished student of Literature San
Marcos, for which he received the scholarship Javier Prado to follow postgraduate
courses at the Complutense University of Madrid in Spain. Before leaving for
Europe, he made a short trip through the Peruvian Amazon, an experience that
later would serve to acclimate three of his novels -The green house, Pantoja and
the and the talker in that geographical area.
In 1960, after completion of the scholarship in Madrid, Vargas Llosa moved to
France believing that I would get a scholarship to study there; however, he arrived
in Paris he learned that his request had been denied. Despite the unexpected
financial statement of Mario and Julia, the couple decided to stay in Paris where
Vargas Llosa began writing so prolfica.Su marriage lasted a few years but ended
in divorce in 1964. A year later, Vargas Llosa married his cousin, Patricia Llosa,
with whom he had three children: Alvaro Vargas Llosa (1966), writer and editor;
Gonzalo (1967), businessman and representative in the UK of the United Nations
High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and Morgan (1974), photographer. In
June 2015, after the magazine Hello! published some photos that Vargas Llosa
appears with Isabel Preysler, the writer acknowledged he was separated from his
second wife, and called for respect for his life privada.Vargas divorced Patricia
Llosa Llosa in 2016
In the French capital , finished writing his first novel, The Time of the Hero , and
there, through the Spanish scholar Claude Couffon , he came into contact with
Carlos Barral , director of Seix Barral . The novel won the 1962 Biblioteca Breve
Prize and was published the following year in the publishing Barcelona . In 1966 ,
during the reading that made The Green House, the then head of the publishing
rights , Carmen Balcells , the writer proposed he decided to become his literary
agent. She encouraged him to focus exclusively on literature and got financial
support during the time duration of the drafting of Conversation in the Cathedral ,
on condition that the contract with the publisher what would make it. From that
moment, it became his agent and he came to get extraordinary contracts
In 1971, under the direction of Professor Alonso Zamora Vicente , obtained a
doctorate in Philosophy from the Complutense University of Madrid with excellent
cum laude for her thesis Garca Mrquez : language and structure of his narrative ,
later published under the Garcia Marquez title : deicidio.Fue story of a jury of the
1976 Cannes Festiva


Football fan , Vargas Llosa is an expert in statistics and sport during the World Cup
Spain 1982 worked as a sports journalist.
In 1983 his former wife Julia Urquidi published his titled What Varguitas said in
response to the novel Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter , based on the relationship
between the two reports , which were reprinted in 2010


Selene Ascencio C.

She is an actress, singer, dancer, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer,

entrepreneur, television producer, choreographer, perfumer and American
philanthropist of Puerto Rican origin; He was born in Castle Hill, Bronx, New York
neighborhood on July 24, 1969.


It was the second daughter of his Puerto Rican parents Guadalupe Rodriguez and
David Lopez; He has a younger sister Lynda and Leslie greater call. His father
worked nights as a security guard and his mother was a teacher in a kindergarten.
When Jennifer was born, the family lived in a small apartment, but a few years later
were able to save to go to a two-story house. At five years, Jennifer started singing
and dancing at seven and walked around New York with her school. His parents
introduced their three daughters in numerous performances, in which Jennifer
danced and sang.


Jennifer spent most of his time in Catholic schools, finishing at Preston High
School. At school she did gymnastics and was a member of the football team of the
school, excelling athletically, being able to compete in national championships. In
1984, at the age of 15 she started dating David Cruz, her first boyfriend. While
attending his last year in high school, Jennifer learned that there was a casting for
a movie that several teens looking for small roles, he passed the audition and
landed a role in My Little Girl. In 1986 a low-budget film co-written and directed by
Connie Kaiserman. There played the role of Myra, a young woman in a center for
troubled youth that did not even have dialogues and appeared only in a small
cameo. After finishing the filming of the movie realized he wanted to become a
"famous movie star."
To please his parents, Jennifer enrolled at Baruch College, but to leave after only
one semester. It was when he told his parents that his dream was to become a
movie star, but they insisted it was a stupid idea and that Latinos were unable
nothing in Hollywood. The differences of opinion between her and her parents
made Jennifer became independent and moved to Manhattan to study singing,
dancing and acting. During this period he participated in numerous local
productions, in such musicals as Jesus Christ Superstar and Oklahoma. From
there, she was hired for the chorus in a Broadway musical and toured Europe for
five months. After leaving the choir because she was unhappy with his role, as it
was the only member who did not have a solo song, he got a job in the
Synchronicityen Japan series, where he performed as a dancer, singer and

1991-1996: In Living Color and acting career

Jennifer Lopez was selected as a backup dancer for the New Kids on the Block in
1991 and performed with them during his performance at the American Music
Awards. Shortly after he got his first job as a character recognized as a dancer in
the TV show In Living Color, he passed the audition for a supporting role and was
shortlisted among two thousand applicants, although he won the second place;
finally he got the role when the initial selected did not accept the job. He moved to
Los Angeles to film the series and remained a regular cast member until 1993
when he decided to pursue a career as an actress. Before leaving the show,
Jennifer worked briefly as a dancer of the American artist Janet Jackson,


participating in the world tour of the singer in late 1993, until he decided to make
his own career.
Lopez got his first job as an actress in a leading role in the 1993 drama film Nurses
on the Line: The Crash of Flight 7lanzada on DVD as Lost in the Wild, film costarred with Lindsay Wagner and Robert Loggia. Later in the same year, Lopez
signed a deal with CBS to co-star in the TV series Second Chances; however, the
series was canceled after only six episodes broadcast by the low ratings; the series
had a spinoff, titled Hotel Malibu, which was released that same year. But like
Second Chances, he received bad reviews and was canceled. Lopez got her first
movie role in Gregory Nava's My Family in 1995 playing Mary, a young Mexican
immigrant, for which she received an Independent Spirit Lopez Awardcomo best
supporting actress award.
In November of that same year, Lopez starred in Money Train with Wesley Snipes
and Woody Harrelson as New York cops. The film received negative reviews and
was considered a failure at the box office; with a budget of 68 million, the film
grossed a total of 77 million worldwide. In August 1996, Jennifer had a supporting
role in the comedy Jack, with a budget of 45 million grossed a total of 59 million in
the US; This film also received negative reviews.

1997-2000: Selena and On the 6

In February 1997, Lopez starred alongside Jack Nicholson and Stephen Dorff
thriller Blood and Wine. It was a commercial failure; the production budget was $
26 million and grossed only one million at the box office; the film received positive
reviews from critics. In March of that year, Jennifer played the Latino singer Selena
in the biopic of the same name, Selena. With a production budget of 20 million, the
film grossed a total of 65 million in state Unidos.29Jennifer became the first Latina
actress to win a million dollars per film in Hollywood. Kenneth Turan of the Los
Angeles Times said the film was one of those unforgettable tapes and the film is
not only a celebration of the life of Selena, but also of the actress who played her
because he saw a future star. Lopez was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for
Best Actress for this film.

In April, she starred in the horror film Anaconda alongside Ice Cube and Jon
Voight, Lopez was already a star listed enHollywood. With a budget of 45 million
dollars, the film Anaconda raised a total of $ 137 million worldwide, becoming a


great commercial success. In October of that same year she starred alongside
Sean Penn and Billy Bob Thornton U Turn movie directed by Oliver Stone. The
film, based on the novel Stray dogs of John Ridley, received positive reviews by
Jennifer acting performance.
In June, he starred with George Clooney Out of Sight, Steven Soderbergh film, an
adaptation of the novel by Elmore Leonard, 1996. Jennifer took five million dollars
for his work on this film, which is considered by critics as one of his best
performances. In October 1997, Lopez lent his voice to the animated film Antz.
With a production budget of $ 105 million, the film grossed a total of $ 172 million
worldwide. Jennifer was fully established as an actress, and was among the most
sought after Hollywood stars. In 1998 he sent his demo to several record
companies and Tommy Mottola, then head of Sony Music, called for Selena had
seen the film and thought the actress that tape would be a world star. Jennifer
signed that day contract with Sony Music and began to work with the best
producers of the moment, leading the project producer Corey Rooney, who had
worked with Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Destiny's Child.
On June 1, 1999 he released his first album, called On the 6, in honor of the New
York subway line taking every day to go to her singing lessons. The album was an
incredible success, debuting in the Top 10 of Billboard. His first single, If You Had
My Love, reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. He also released a single
for the Latin market called not love me, he did a duet with Puerto Rican singer
Marc Anthony. This duet also reached number one on the Billboard Latin Tracks for
ten consecutive weeks. His second single in English, called Waiting for tonight,
reached the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100. Jennifer not only was one of the
highest paid actresses in the world, but was also a pop star with a successful
album and several singles No. 1 around the world.
Lopez returned to the big screen in August to star in the psychological thriller The
Cell with Vincent D'Onofrio. With a production budget of 33 million, the film grossed
a total of 104 million worldwide. And Jennifer gained 8 million for this tape. The film
received mixed reviews from critics, who said that although he offered disturbing,
surprising moments was undermined by a weak and shallow plot that offered
nothing new.

2001-2003: J.Lo, first fragrance and This Is Me ... Then


During their second album, Lopez decided to change its image and displayed as a
sex symbol. On January 23 de2001 he was released his second album, J.Lo,
which was the nickname used by his followers to call. The album debuted at
number one in sales in the Billboard Hot 200 and set a Guinness record, because it
was the first artist to place a number one selling album, while a movie starring her
getting the same in that week. This film was The Wedding Planner, his first
romantic comedy for which I get paid 12 million dollars, achieving one of the
highest paid 10 women in the history of Hollywood. The first single from the album
J.Lo was the subject Love Do not Cost A Thing which was a worldwide hit and won
the number 1 in the charts. This album was relaunched on July 24, 2001 to add
unremix the single I'm real but this time the song was completely different
because it had new font and style Hip Hop next to the rapper Ja Rule. This topic
I'm Real remix was for five weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Curiously this
was the No. 1 song at the time of the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11,
2001. Jennifer Lopez was on top of his career, and was already one of the biggest
stars in the world.
In February 2002 he released an album of remixes very hip hop J to tha LO !: The
Remixes, debuting at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 200 sales, like his first single, Is not It
Funny (Remix) ( it featuring Ja Rule) reached # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100,
establishing with this two records: the only singer to have an album of remixes in
first place in sales while it does a song remix. In May 2002, Jennifer starred in the
thriller Enough in which she plays a woman named Slim, who runs away from
home after being assaulted by her husband. Jennifer collect 15 million dollars for
this film, which grossed $ 52 million at the box office and received some rave
reviews. During filming he suffered a nervous breakdown from overwork. In
September, Lopez released her first fragrance, Glow by JLo.
On 26 November, the same month his engagement to Ben Affleck, who spent most
of the album, Jennifer released their third studio album called This Is Me ... Then
that achieves excellent sales, the best he had achieved in its debut week, reaching
number 2 on the Billboard Hot 200. his first single Jenny from the Blockse
becomes a worldwide success and the video of the song appears his then-fiance
Ben Affleck. His second single All I Have with the participation of rapper LL Cool J
peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Jennifer was one of the leading
artists of pop music. In February of that year he asked his friend Marc Anthony to
help him in the production of a new version of the famous song Sway played in the
fifties by Dean Martin and Jennifer would play for the soundtrack of his film Shall
we dance? .


With Ralph Fiennes stars in cinemas romantic comedy Maid in Manhattan, which
became the number one US box office with more than 18 million, to finally raise
only US $ 94 million. Summing international revenue figure rises to 154 millones.42
In August 2003, Lopez starred with Ben Affleck in the romantic comedy Gigli. With
a production budget of $ 54 million, the film grossed a total of 7 million worldwide,
becoming a box office bomb. The film received universally negative reviews from
critics, who considered it as a very strange film. Gigli has been considered as one
of the worst movies of all time.

2004-2008: Rebirth, Como ama una mujer and Brave

In March 2004, Lopez had a supporting role in the film Jersey Girl, with Affleck. His
character, Gertrude Steiney, dies during childbirth within the first 15 minutes of the
film. With a production budget of 35 million, the film was a commercial failure,
winning a total of 6 million dollars at the box office. In October, Lopez co-starred
with Richard Gere drama We Dance ?, Shall a remake of the 1996 Japanese film
of the same title. With a production budget of 50 million, the film grossed a total of
170 million worldwide. In 2005 Jennifer debuted with his fourth studio album
entitled Rebirth, title chosen for Lopez felt in full revival after passing the break with
Affleck and the failure of Gigli. The album was released on 1 March and debuted at
number one in worldwide sales, selling 650,000 copies just one week and was
placed number one on the Billboard Hot 200. His first single, titled Get Right, that
was a fusion of pop funk, it was a success, reaching number one in Europe and
No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. However, Jennifer stopped promote the album,
apparently by fights with the record. Not having any support, the album fell into the

Bordertown, a film based on the murders of women in Juarez, Mexico City, made
its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on May 18, 2006, co-starring Lopez.
Bordertown was a commercial failure, raising a total of eight million dollars
worldwide, with its production budget of 21 million. Jennifer Lopez then produced
DanceLife a reality show that follows the lives of seven dancers trying to get a
place in the world of professional dance. It aired on MTV from January 15, 2007
until March 5.


2007, Jennifer enters the Latin music market with his fifth studio album and first
album entirely in Spanish entitled How to love a woman. The album of ballads in
Spanish was produced by Estefano and Julio Reyes and was released on March
27, debuting at No. 1 in sales, it is considered the best-selling album in Spanish in
a week by a newcomer singer. The first single was What did you do, according to
Lopez the idea of this song came the dream that her husband Marc Anthony had
with the Spanish singer Rocio Durcal. The song was an international hit and
reached number one on the Billboard Latin Songs. The music video did was the
first Spanish to reach the number one Top 10 English channel MTV. The second
single I miss you, was launched in the summer of that year; in the video for the
song Jennifer plays a policewoman who pretends to be in love with a criminal to
catch him, but in the process, she is truly in love with him and regrets the trap that
prepared him. The disc How loves a woman became the second album in Spanish
best-selling worldwide in 2007, followed by Papito by Miguel Bos.

In September 2007, Jennifer leaves tour for the first time accompanied by her
husband Marc Anthony, and together run through losEstados States and Canada,
ending it in November in the city of Miami where at the end of the concert Jennifer
announced she was pregnant. On October 9, 2007 Jennifer released her new
album in English called Brave, her sixth studio album and fifth in English. The first
single was Do It Well a pop song released on August 21 of that year to all radio
stations that reached number one on the Billboard Dance Chart. The album
debuted very low sales lists. "Hold It Do not Drop Itfue international Brave simple,
accompanied by a video in which the pregnancy of American diva will not notice.
The song reached number one on the Billboard Dance Chart. For the US market
the second single it would be the Brave song, for which a music video directed by
Michael Haussman was filmed, but was not released to the public in January 2008
Jennifer launches by risking the third single from her Spanish album Como ama
una mujer,. video a collage of pictures of Jennifer concert tour in 2007 and scenes
behind the scenes shown in these concerts.

2009-2010: The Back-Up Plan, break with Sony and American Idol

Jennifer attends in February 2010 to Saturday Night Live to start promoting the film
The Back-Up Plan, sings live and also two new songs that come in the album Love


?, which are Until It Beats No More and Starting over. Jennifer comes in several
programs like Letterman, Jay Leno and Ellen to discuss the release of the film. On
April 23, The Back-Up Plan opens successfully; and starts a European tour to
support the release of the film.

At that time, Sony and singer break their relationship, according to rumors, the
company did not share the music alternations of Jennifer (between English and
Spanish language, including Latin dance beats and ballads). Sony might have
thought that Lopez had become blurred or lost their commercial profile because
with so many changes, and with the passage of age, was not so easy to label as
before. But the singer would surprise most successful. On May 18, Jennifer is
presented at the World Music Awards, where he received an award for his
contribution to music in these 10 years of singing career; and also plays a live
medley with all its successes. On October 19, 2010, Lopez confirmed the
departure unaware of his new album Love? in the journal The Talk program;
however assured that the promotional video, Good Hit, would soon.

Upon signing a new contract with Island Records, he resumed the creation of his
new album. In June, after the departure of Ellen DeGeneres American Idol, it was
reported that Lopez was about to join as a jury of the season ten. During this same
time, Lopez and Anthony decided if they wanted a role in The X Factor for their
appeal to Latin American and international markets. It was officially announced in
September that Lopez would join the tenth season of American Idol. MTV said the
agreement was "mutually beneficial for all involved," while CNN reported that
Lopez was watching as a decision to revive his career, while producers of
American Idol believed that Lopez and Steven Tyler would strengthen audience

2011-2012: "On the Floor" Love? and Dance Again ... The Hits


His single "On the Floor" (based on the popular "Lambada" of the nineties) was
released on January 18, 2011 and is the first of its album Love? which marks his
debut with Universal Music. "On the floor" he has achieved overwhelming success
in being ranked No. 1 in over 24 countries worldwide and sold more than 3 million
digital downloads in the United States and more than 8 million copies worldwide,
This has led her singing career to a new peak. In an interview with MTV News,
RedOne explained what had been working with Jennifer:
"Let's be realistic. With J.Lo, one has to be large [musically] or, if not, go home. To
make a song sound good for her, influences of dance, parties and their Latin
heritage is needed. She is a dancer and can sing. I was very surprised and I had
fun working with her, her energy and nature with which we work "
Jennifer Lopez officially announced that Love? It would be published on May 3,
2011 and the second single in the United States would be "I'm into you" written by
Taio Cruz and produced by Stargate. In September 2011 launched "Papi", the third
official single from Love? produced by RedOne. The song peaked at # 35 of the
radio and the video has over 44 million views in its official channel on YouTube.
Internet via unveiled a song between Lopez and the Spanish singer Enrique
Iglesias called "Mouth 2 Mouth" which is said to be part of the re-release of
Euphoria Spanish album that eventually was canceled by his record. In November
she collaborates on the song "T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) "of American singer his #willpower album, also participates in the song Mick Jagger.
Lopez released her first greatest hits album, Dance Again ... The Hits on 24 July
2012. "Dance Again" featuring Pitbull was released in April 2012 as the first single
from the album. It peaked at seventeen on the Billboard Hot 100 and also became
his twelfth number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart. Later that
month, Lopez appeared in the song deWisin & Yandel, "Follow the Leader", which
was released as the first single from his album Leader. Lopez also recorded a song
called "Goin 'In" with the American rapper Florida, which also appears in Dance
Again ... The Hits and the movie Step Up Revolution (2012). "Goin 'In" was
produced by GoonRock, who has also produced another song Lopez, entitled
"Clothes Off". On June 14, 2012 made its first world tour Dance Again World Tour,
created for her album Dance Again: The Hits, begun in the city of Panama and had
a tour of the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Oceania and South America .


2013-present: The Fosters, a.k.a. , American Idol, Shades of Blue and All I

On May 25, 2013, Lopez announced that it would debut as the new creative
director of "nuvoTV." Moreover, he founded the mobile phone brand Mobile Live,
which will be specifically for Latinos. Inspired by his gay aunt, who had recently
died, Lopez signed on as executive producer of the television series The Fosters,
which is a series in which two lesbians raising a child. The show premiered on ABC
Family on June 3, 2013 and has since been a ratings success for the chain. In
2013 Lopez released two new fragrances: Glowing Forever and JLove.En 2014,
Lopez launched a new fragrance: Glowing Goddess. It also works on the
development of 3D movie Dance Again. In mid-2014 he is recording several works
related to film and television.

After completion of her "Dance Again World Tour" Jennifer began recording their
eighth studio album: a.k.a., inspired by his travels. In January 2014 two
promotional singles came to light, Girls in collaboration with DJ Mustard and Same
Girl, whose video was filmed in the Bronx. On March 11 he released his first single
I Luh Ya Papi, French Montana feat, which did not have a great impact on the
charts. First Love was the second single, released on May 1, but got good reviews
was not a success. The album was released on June 17, 2014 through Capitol
Records, the album reached # 8 on the Billboard 200, with moderate success. "We
Are One (Ole Ola: As third single Booty, a controversial song about big butts, which
debuted at # 18 on the Hot 100, also collaborated on the official song of the World
Cup 2014 FIFA chose ) "with Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte, and performed by
Pitbull. On 21 January 2015 Thriller film premieres "The Boy Next Door" Jennifer
was the main pesonaje and producer, also won an MTV Movie Awards for Best
Actress. The film had mixed reviews mostly positive for being a low-budget film 3-4
billion managed to be entertaining and raise over $ 50,000,000 worldwide. In
March 2015 world premiere of the animated comedy film in which Jennifer Home
put his voice to a character charging $ 12,000,000, also in the movie you can hear
their song "Feel The Light" made especially for the film. On 30 April 2015 he paid
tribute with an emotional tribute to the late Queen of Tex-Mex Selena on the
Billboard Latin Music Awards, singing their biggest hits. On July 21, 2015 opens
another movie called Lila & Eve with Viola Davis was low budget with $ 4.9 million,
the film about two mothers who lose their children and will not stop until we have
justice either own hand, the film had good reviews after being a moving story and


be shocking scenes that surprise the audience, the film grossed over 45 million
dollars worldwide.

On January 6, 2016 Jennifer returns to television with the last season of

competition talentoAmerican XV Idol season. On January 7, 2016 is released in the
US its new series called Shades of Blue of 13 chapters, Jennifer is the main
character and the Executive Producer; the series is Harlee Santos (Jennifer Lopez)
who is a detective of NYPD and single mother struggling with financial problems.
When she is caught in a raid against corruption FBI, you must choose between
doing the right thing for your daughter or conceal their corrupt police coworkers.
The opening day of the series broke audience record with more than 8,500,000 on
NBC after 7 years, the first 3 episodes saw more than 20,000,000 people due to
the great success the second season was confirmed in Latin America premiered on
April 7 by Universal Channel. On January 20, 2016 the first residence of the singer
called "ALL I HAVE" developed in the casino Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in
Las Vegas The AXIS opens. According to the website, the singer had
signed a contract worth about 29 million dollars approximately, one of the highest
salaries in the history of the city shows compared to other artists who have also
counted or counted with his own show in Las Vegas as Celine Dion, Cher, or
Shania Twain. According to the Daily Mail UK, "it is a great show, with a
complicated choreography" and "a fantastic J.Lo".
At the end of the first stage of the tour in February 2016, it was announced an
extension of the show until December of that year due to the success of the
residence of the singer, who obtained a good debut in Las Vegas with a high
demand, a reception very good business and a response by the very positive
music critics with virtually praises the show devised by the singer. Thus, the
residence went from being only twenty to almost forty concerts.
In March 2016 he announced that J.Lo signed a contract with Epic Records, a
producer with whom he worked on his first 7 albums. With this producer released
the single 'Is not Your Mama', in April 2016, written by Meghan Trainor song.


For more than fifteen years, the private life of Jennifer Lopez has attracted the
attention of the media and the tabloids because of his stormy relationships and fast
commitments. Jennifer Lopez has been married three times. On February 22, 1997


he married for the first time with Cuban Ojani Noa. Lopez suffered legal problems
during the marriage, coming to file a lawsuit regarding Noa. The couple divorced in
January 1998. In April 2006, he published a book where he claimed that Noa
violated it. The following year, they went to trial and Lopez was rewarded with $
545,000. While working on her debut album On the 6, Lopez began dating
producer and rapper Sean Combs for two years. Both were arrested in New York
on December 27, 1999, as they were involved in a firefight, but Lopez had nothing
to do, but Combs itself. The couple broke up in late 2000, making the fact public in
early 2001.
After his breakup with Combs, Lopez developed a relationship with his exbailarn
back Cris Judd, whom she married in September 2001, in November of the same
year began a terrible couple crisis ended in divorce in June 2002. After his second
divorce, she began a relationship with actor Ben Affleck, with whom he became
engaged in November 2002 and canceled their wedding just days of his
celebracin76 due to alleged infidelity by the actor. The media began to refer to
Ben and Jennifer as "Bennifer" and became a prominent supercouple in the media
and popular culture. Bennifer became a popular term, which was finally introduced
in urban dictionaries. [Citation needed] In January 2004 ended their relacin.77 78
79 80 81
After his breakup with Affleck, Lopez began dating his old friend Marc Anthony. The
couple married in secret in June 2004. Two men tried to make a private wedding
video, however they were sued by the couple by one million billion, however were
charged with conspiracy, attempted theft and 83 robada.82 possession of property
the November 7, 2007, during the last night of his tour, Lopez and Anthony officially
confirmed that they were expecting their first child. Anthony confirmed that they
were expecting twins: "My sister also had twins, so it's a hereditary thing."
Finally, on February 22, 2008, Lopez gave birth to a boy named Maximilian David
and a girl named Emme Maribel, in Long Island, New York. The twins were
presented on March 11, 2008, by People magazine, which were paid US $ 6
million, becoming the most expensive of famous photographs ever taken. [Citation
needed] In July 2011, the couple announced divorce, requested in April 2012.
Since October 2011 hastajunio 2014 and maintained a relationship with Casper
Smart exbailarn backup, finished after taking public exchange text messages with
sexual content between him and a model transexual.84 85 85 After asking him if he
would like to have more children, Lopez said:
The truth is I do not know if the future will bring back this wonderful experience, but
of course I would love to have more children. Motherhood is an absolute blessing
and is the aspect of my life that makes me feel proud. It is my greatest triumph.


Michael Joseph Jackson

Nilda Pariona N.
Michael Joseph Jackson (he was born in Gary, Indiana, on August 29, 1958-Los
Angeles, and died in California on June 25, 2009) better known as Michael
Jackson, was a singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, producer, entrepreneur and
philanthropist. Known as the "King of Pop" his contributions to music and dance, as
well as his publicized personal life, made him an international figure in popular
culture for over four decades, being recognized as the star of pop music most
successful worldwide. However his music included a broad understanding of
subgenres like rhythm & blues (soul and funk), disco and dance.
He began his artistic career in the mid-1960s in the musical group The Jackson 5,
in which he published with some of his brothers, ten albums until 1975. In 1971
began his solo career, although he continued belonging to the group. Due to the
success of his album Thriller (1982), the best-selling history, disco became the
biggest star of pop music at the time. Some of his published albums as Off the Wall
(1979), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991) and HIStory: Past, Present and Future,


Book I (1995), are among the best-selling albums of all time, but it was published in
2001 Invincible, whose sales were lower expenses and the artist was involved in a
dispute with his record.
Michael Jackson is popularly known for being a gifted dancer, as well as its
innovative choreography: this would be the case called moonwalk (in Spanish,
lunar step), one of his most famous steps; of dubious origin, was popularized by
him when the March 25, 1983 I staged Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever
during the performance of "Billie Jean" .Since then step would continue to
accompany your career and your presentations, reaching the point of being
recognized as one of the most popular dance steps and one of the most popular in
the world of dance.
Michael Jackson wrote two books: Moonwalk, autobiography that chronicles his life
until 1988, and Dancing the Dream, a book of poems and reflections on various
topics, such as life, children, the world and animals.
On the morning of June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson suffered a cardiac arrest at his
rented mansion in Holmby Hills. Service members called the emergency phone
911 for help at 12:21 PDT (UTC-7). Paramedics, who arrived nine minutes later,
they found no pulse or breathing, so he was given CPR and taken to Ronald
Reagan UCLA Medical Center, located in Los Angeles at 1:14 pm. But despite the
efforts of doctors he was pronounced dead at 2:26 pm.




Sachary Matta M.

He was born on March 14, 1879 in the German city of Ulm, a hundred kilometers
east of Stuttgart, in a Jewish family. His parents were Hermann Einstein and
Pauline Koch. German physicist and mathematician, naturalized Swiss and
American afternoon. It was one of the most controversial geniuses of all time,
which revolutionized our perception of the universe. Extravagant and distracted,
but also simple man, deeply interested in world affairs and had faith in the
greatness of the human being.
His infinite understanding insatiable thirst for knowledge and desire led him to
make the most important discoveries that would revolutionize science, philosophy
and the world of physics.
Hermann and Pauline were married in 1876, when Hermann was nearly 29 years
old and she 18 years.
Einstein had a difficult childhood, but his father and uncle Jakob Einstein, who had
moved with the family to Munich and established in that city as traders in the
electrotechnical innovations of the time, encouraged him since childhood to
become interested in math and science. Still as a child and during his stay in
Munich, he studied primary education in the Catholic school where their average
ratings were not very high.
Introverted and self-absorbed, slow intellectual development, was not easy to
make friends due to its shy and timid character, although some biographers say
they also suffered from dyslexia, which was seen by teachers as a difficult student
and not given to join your group. His childhood friend was a violin and also liked to
compose melodies on the piano from his mother.
In 1894, due to economic difficulties, his father moved to Pavia, Italy, near the city
of Milan. Meanwhile Albert remained in Germany to finish high school, which ended
with mediocre grades, except in mathematics. The following year he met his
Later the family sent him to study in Switzerland, receiving in 1896 the diploma
graduate of the Federal Polytechnic University in
the city of Zurich, where he was student of the
mathematician Hermann Minkowski, who later
generalized the four-dimensional formalism
introduced by the theories of his old student.
In 1900 he graduated from secondary school
teacher in the subjects of mathematics and
physics at the Swiss university itself and in 1901
adopted the citizenship of that country. However


try to perform as a teacher, the way it was difficult, because their teaching methods
were regarded as heterodox, which made him lose three jobs.
On June 23, 1902 Einstein began to serve as a technical expert of the Swiss
Patent Office in Bern, where he worked until 1909. In 1903, he married Mileva
Maric, a young former Serbian classmate in Zurich, with which a year before he
had a daughter they named Liserl. After married they had two more children, Hans
Albert and Eduard, born respectively in 1904 and in 1910. In 1919 Einstein
divorced Mileva and later married his cousin Elsa.
In 1908, at the age of 29, he was hired at the University of Bern, Switzerland, as a
teacher and lecturer (Privatdozent). Einstein and Mileva had a new son, Eduard,
born on July 28, 1910. Shortly after the family moved to Prague, where Einstein
became Assistant Professor of theoretical physics, the equivalent of Professor, at
the German University of Prague. At this time he worked closely with Marcel
Grossmann and Otto Stern. He also began to call the mathematical time fourth
dimensin.24 In 1913, just before the First World War, was elected to the Prussian
Academy of Sciences. He established his residence in Berlin, where he remained
for seventeen years. Emperor William invited him to direct the section of Physics of
the Physics Institute Kaiser Wilhelm.


On April 16, 1955, Albert Einstein experienced internal bleeding caused by the
rupture of an aneurysm of the abdominal aorta, which had previously been
reinforced surgically by Dr. Rudolph Nissen in 1948. Einstein refused surgery,
saying, "I want to go When I Want. It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I've done
my part, it's time to go. I will do it with elegance. He died in Princeton Hospital
early on 18 April 1955 at the age of 76 years. On the table was the draft speech to
millions of Israelis for the seventh anniversary of Israel's independence would


never come to utter, and began: "Today I speak to you not as an American citizen,
nor as a Jew, but as being human".
Einstein did not want to have a glittering funeral, attended by dignitaries from
around the world. According to his wish, his body was cremated on the same
evening, before most of the world learned the news. In the crematorium there were
only 12 people, including his eldest son was. His ashes were scattered on the
Delaware River to the place of his remains did not become the subject of morbid
veneration. But there was one part of his body not burned.
-Nobel Prize in Physics (1921)
-Copley Medal (1925)
-Max Planck Medal (1929)

Yomira Antonio P.
He was born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville ,
Cassius Marcellus Clay son and Odessa O'Grady . He
had a sister and four brothers .
His father painted billboards and signs, his mother was
a housewife. Although his father was a Methodist , he
accepted that his wife , Cassius and his younger
brother , Rudolph , were Baptists. His paternal
grandparents were John Clay and Sallie Anne ; her
sister Eva declared that Sallie was a native of
Madagascar and although dominated by its AfricanAmerican descent , also has Irish , English and Italian
He started boxing thanks to a Louisville police officer ; fellow coach Joe E. Martin ,
who knew him when he was angry because a thief stole his bike. Cassius told him


he was going to fight with the thief . The officer recommended that before you learn
to box. After winning a street fight was convinced that it was the greatest boxer
who was born in the world.
During four years of amateur career he was
trained by Chuck Bodak . Clay won six Kentucky
Golden Gloves titles , two national Golden
Gloves titles , one National Amateur Athletic
Union title and Amateur gold medal at the
Olympic Games 1960 in Rome. His amateur
record was 100 wins with five losses . He
claimed in his autobiography of 1975 that shortly
after his return from the Olympics threw his gold
medal to the Ohio River after he and a friend was
denied use the " whites only " a restaurant , but
later declared that although he was denied
service at the restaurant , she lost the medal a
year after winning it. Later he receives another
replacement for an intermediate basketball in the
1996 Olympics in Atlanta.
In his first professional fights he showed incredible speed and toes considering her
height 1.88 meters and weighing 85 kilograms. After just 20 professional bouts he
defeated Sonny Liston became world champion in its class . That of 25 February
1964 is still remembered as one of the most tense days lived in Miami Beach
Convention Hall . The night the boxer Cassius Clay snatched in seven rounds, his
belt the then world heavyweight champion , Sonny Liston . "I'm the biggest !, I am
the greatest ! " Was the phrase that the future Muhammad Ali formalize the victory
over the " Ugly Bear " as mockingly called his opponent. And the phrase with the
black athlete chosen as one of the greatest of the twentieth century , definitely
entered the history of Western culture.
He converted to Islam in the same year and adopted the name Muhammad Ali . In
1967 he refused to join the army claiming to be Muslim and therefore conscientious
objector . Ali did not mind exposing themselves to a punishment of five years in
prison and $ 10,000 fine for refusing to serve in the Armed Forces. Accused
deserter , boxing authorities declared their vacant title.
He returned to the ring in 1970 and won two fights , but lost the title match against
Joe Frazier in March 1971. That same year the Supreme Court of the United
States overturned his conviction . He reappeared in 1974 , beat Frazier in January
and returned to win the heavyweight title by knocking out the champion, George
Foreman in October in Kinshasa , Zaire.


Four years later , in February 1978,

he lost the title to Leon Spinks in
Las Vegas , Nevada. However, in
September the same year he
managed to recover to beat Spinks
in a 15-round bout in New Orleans,
Louisiana. He retired in 1979 ,
returned the following year to
challenge Larry Holmes in the
world championship losing to his
opponent. Ali fought for the last
time on December 11, 1981 in
Nassau losing to Trevor Berbick .
With a reputation for aggressive
fighter with a strong personality ,
his technique was defined as " fly
like a butt erfly and sting like a bee
" . Ali was in front in the media ,
challenging and provoking his
opponents through interviews and
confrontations concerted beforehand. He became a sports figure recognized
worldwide and retired as one of the best boxing champions .
The International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO ) ranked him among the 10
best heavyweights in history.
He was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1984 , a neurological syndrome
characterized by tremor, stiffness of muscles and slowness of speech and
In the Olympic Games in Atlanta (1996 ) he lit the Olympic flame in the estadio.El
July 27, 2012 , was bearer holder of the Olympic flag during the opening
ceremonies of the Olympic Games 2012 in London. He married four times and had
seven daughters and two sons. He met his first wife, the waitress Sonji Roi, about
a month before they married, on 14 August 1964. Roi's objections to Muslim
customs contributed to the breakdown of the marriage. They divorced on 10
January 1966. Ali was married on August 17, 1967, with Belinda Boyd. After the
wedding, she converted to Islam and Sufism after changing its name to Khalilah
Ali. They had four children: Maryum (born in 1968), the Jamillah and Rasheda
twins (born in 1970), and Muhammad Ali, Jr. (born 1972). In 1975, it relates to


Veronica Porsche, an actress and model. In the summer of 1977, he finished his
second marriage and married Veronica, with whom he already had a daughter,
Hana, and being pregnant with his second marriage. His second daughter, Laila,
was born in December 1977. In 1986, Ali and Veronica were divorced. His Laila
became a boxer in 1999, despite his father's comments against female boxing. On
November 19, 1986, Ali married Yolanda Williams. They had been friends since
1964 in Louisville. They had a son, Asaad Amin, who was adopted when she was
five months old. He has two other daughters, Miya and Khaliah, extramarital
Muhammad died on June 4, 2016 , at 74 years old in a hospital in Phoenix ,
Arizona, where he was admitted for respiratory problems. Ali suffered for more than
thirty years Parkinson's disease and had been hospitalized twice in late 2014 and
early 2015 .

His achievements
Olympic champion in 1960
Heavyweight champion : 1964-1974-1978
Title fights : 25
Wins: 22
Defeats : 3


Julio Tito R.

Lenidas the Spartan

There are heroes, and there are super-heroes, just as there are warriors,
and super-warriors. These elite of the elite hold a place in history in the
Hall of the Immortals, bridging the gap between mortal man and
superman, between mortal man and the Gods. Some seem to change the
course of history almost single-handedly; while for others it may be a
display of courage, poised between myth and destiny, of which legends
are made.
One such legend, which remains a model of heroism for White people
everywhere, was the great battle at Thermopylae, which took place in the
year 480 BC. The man of the hour was Leonidas of Sparta, a selfless
warrior-hero, a strategist king and fearless commander.
The Spartans are renowned to this day for their expert fighting skills and
warrior prowess. Only the strong survived in the disciplined Spartan


armies. Trained only for battle, a young soldier knew but one home -- his
barracks, one family -- his unit. Physical training was the chief occupation,
and each man's day was spent in exercise or on the drill-ground.

Absolute devotion
From the age of seven, Spartan boys no longer lived at home, but were
brought up by the state. Training was often harsh, but effective, and each
youth learned unwavering and absolute devotion to his country and his
folk. Aside from combat training, they learned to swim, run, jump, wrestle
and box, and, above all, to dance. For in Greece, rhythmical movement
was considered good training, not for the body alone, but also for the
character. War songs were chanted by bands of boys in a musical drill.
Every Spartan was expected to be able to sing; great stress was laid on
the cultivation of memory, and all learned by heart the ballads of their
patriot-poet Tyrtaeus.
By the age of twenty, each cadet became a fully-fledged warrior. On his
thirtieth birthday, a Spartan was invested with the remainder of his civic
rights and duties. Thenceforth he attended the Appela, the assembly of
the people, and could vote on measures proposed by the two kings or by
the Ephoroi, Sparta's five-man judiciary. At this time he was also allowed
to marry and to establish his own household, although still bound to dine
in common with his peers.

Girls were also given rigorous physical training, so that they might
become the mothers of healthy children. The Spartans practiced an
uncompromising eugenics programme. New-born babies were raised only
if healthy and perfectly formed, so as not to be a burden on the state, and
to ensure genetic upbreeding.
Women in Sparta were accounted the most beautiful in all of Hellas, while
at the same time they were known to be as tough in spirit as the men. It
was common for mothers to order their warrior sons as they went off to
battle: "Come back with your shield, or on it."
The men were encouraged rigorously to procreate. Just as cowardice
was recognized as most despicable and abhorrent, so likewise was
chastity among men. Celibacy was a crime, and street gangs of women
were known on occasion to beat up bachelors. "Sparta was hardly


famous for chaste women," commented Euripides. However, aside from

their procreative responsibilities, the Spartans were recognized as the
freest people in all of Greece. The citizens themselves were called 'the
equals', and in theory all were equal in both war and government.
The states of Ancient Greece and the
Persian Empire were separated by the
Aegean Sea. By 500 BC, the Persians,
led by King Darius, began to thrust
westward, taking many of the cities
which formed the outposts of Greek
civilization. The conquered Ionian
Greeks revolted in 499, and Athens
and Eretria sent help. But Darius
stamped out the uprising by 490 BC
and, by 481 his son Xerxes had
succeeded to his throne and was busy
amassing a vast army to invade
Greece proper.
The Greeks held a superb defensive position at the Pass of Thermopylae
("Hot Gates" -- so named for its thermal springs). Flanked by mountains,
the pass narrowed at one point to a path just fifty feet wide. Leonidas, the
Spartan King, who had command over the whole Greek army, held the
pass with about 7,000 troops. They included his own royal guard, all the
fathers of sons, chosen so that even if a guardsman fell his name and his
blood would live on.
The studied fearlessness of the Spartans was illustrated by the reply one
of them made when told that the Persian army was so vast that the
arrows of its archers would darken the sky: "So much the better, we can
fight in the shade."

From a neighboring hill, seated on a throne
of gold, Xerxes watched his men pour into
the pass. At first, one of his scouts reported
back that he had seen vain Greek soldiers
bathing and preening themselves on the


eve of battle. Xerxes laughed at this news, but a Greek in his service
heard it and understood: The warriors were Spartans, ritualistically
preparing to die. "Oh King!" he exclaimed, "Now are you face to face with
the most valiant men in Hellas."
Confident in their abilities, the Spartans had no fear of confrontation with
anyone, regardless of how vast an army approached. Xerxes felt certain
that the sheer weight of numbers of his men would force the Spartans to
decamp. He let four days pass with this notion. On the fifth day he
concluded that his opponents must indeed be obstinate fools, and sent
forth his men with orders to capture them and bring them to his presence

The attack proved both costly and futile. With his regular troops being
butchered, Xerxes was forced to dispatch his best fighters, the
'Immortals'. Again, however, the Spartans outfought the Persians.
A written account from the
Greek historian Herodotus
records that: "The Spartans'
remarkable handling of the
battle, too, showed the
superiority of their tactics.
Often they would feign flight
and then, when the noisy
rabble pursued, they would
swing round and slaughter
them in heaps. Three times, it
is said, Xerxes leapt from his
throne in terror for his army."
[Image: Hoplite killing a
Persian, from a cup by the
Triptolemos Painter.]
The next day proved no better for the Persian hordes, whose casualties
littered the field. As evening fell on the second day of battle, Xerxes was


at a loss as to how the iron grip of the Spartans on the pass could be
broken. A Greek traitor came to his aid, informing him of a mountain top
trail by way of which the Persians could outflank their hardy enemies.

Grim determination
Leonidas learned of this treachery in time to send away most of his men
and all his allies. Then he swung his remaining force of 300 guardsmen
against the enemy, with undaunted courage and grim determination
worthy of their Gods.
Facing overwhelming numbers, the Spartans fell back, forming a compact
body on a hillock. Herodotus would later recall this final stand: "They
fought with their swords, if they had them, but if not, with their hands and
Leonidas fell fighting bravely, and a fierce struggle raged over the body of
the Spartan king. Four times the Persian advance was repulsed with
heavy losses, including two of Xerxes' brothers, until the Spartans were
overwhelmed by the arrows they had mocked a few days before.
Xerxes himself did not set foot on the battlefield until it was all over, but
he knew that he had just seen the most extraordinary fighting men in the
world. Viewing the carnage before him, he turned to the Greek,
Demaratus: "Now tell me, how many men of the Lacedaimon remain, and
are they all such warriors as these fallen men?"
"Sire," replied Demaratus, "there are many men and towns in
Lacedaemon. But I will tell you what you really want to know: Sparta
alone boasts 8,000 men. All of them are the equals of the men who fought
Xerxes had the body of Leonidas beheaded and crucified. But such an
example was wasted on the remaining Spartans, only heightening their
avenging anger. Indeed, only a few months later, they caught up with
Xerxes and, in the climactic Battle of Plataea, drove the Persian horde
forever from Hellenic soil.


History would repeat itself at Thermopylae, during World War Two. This
time the British held the pass, only to be outflanked and overwhelmed by
the Germans.
The place remains, however, best known for the earlier clash of arms.
Following the defeat of Leonidas the Spartan, the Greeks built a
monument to mark the spot where the heroes died.
Upon it were carved no lofty words of praise, no boasts or laments, but
one simple, concise verse:

Go tell the Spartans, passer-by, that here, obedient to their laws, we



Leonidas sacrifice, along with that of his Spartan hoplites, did not prevent
the Persians from moving down the Greek coast into Boeotia. In
September 480 B.C., however, the Athenian navy defeated the Persians
at the Battle of Salamis, after which the Persians returned home.
Nonetheless, Leonidas action demonstrated Spartas willingness to
sacrifice itself for the protection of the Greek region.
Leonidas achieved lasting fame for his personal sacrifice. Hero cults were
an established custom in ancient Greece from the eighth century B.C.
onward. Dead heroes were worshipped, usually near their burial site, as
intermediaries to the gods. Forty years after the battle, Sparta retrieved
Leonidas remains (or what were believed to be his remains) and a shrine
was built in his honor.


Were Thermopylae and Leonidas subject of
motion picture, a free version , Entre epic
song and animated cartoon , the movie 300
(2007) Directed by Zack Snyder. Gerard
Butler played King Leonidas.
Is based on the graphic novel by Frank
Miller a turn adaptation of the film The 300
Spartans ( The Lion of Sparta ) , done in
1962 by Rudolph Mat . Richard Egan
played the Spartan King.


Neysha Huaccharaque M.
William Shakespeare
The work of William Shakespeare
Clorinda Matto de Turner.
Works of Clorinda Matto de Turner
Jos Mario Pedro Vargas Llosa




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Michael Joseph Jackson
Cassius Marcellus Clay son and Odessa O'Grady . He had a sister and four
brothers .
His achievements
Lenidas the Spartan
Absolute devotion
Grim determination