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Adolf Hitler and

the chamber of
secrets: Episode II

Who is Anna frank?

Bush did 9/11?
Introduction and why the fuck i decided to spend
me fucking time and effort on gear that your
mum could of done for me. stupid bitch:............3
Top Five time ......................................................4
Cara howard if you know what i mean ...............................4
Well wasnt that fucking spicy but we haven't fully got
going yet so here something to get ye dick flowing ............8
Onto the fucking Awards .....................................9
Time for a short interlude so that; .....................11
Special Mentions ................................................12
Photo time ye gang of dirty sluts .......................14
So here it is The Moment you have all been
waiting for ..........................................................24
The life support has failed ................................. 27
Introduction and why the fuck i
decided to spend me fucking time
and effort on gear that your mum
could of done for me. stupid bitch:
So basically before we get all started an gear i just wanted to say i fucking
hate the lot of youse and i actually cant wait to fuck off away from you batty
bunch of crazy deluded fucks. So all of youse think ye mad when i fucking
slice up all ye nans and munch on there dirty old decrepit fucking eds.
Despite all this fuckary I actually have had a fucking funny last 4/5 years
(even thought they have been a conspiracy) and I will miss who ever doesn't
come back. Getting Started then ye you gang of cerebral palsy wheel chair
fucking rolling prick sticks.Due to Maleks mum having diabetes we have had
to cut this massive sugar booklet down by around 37%(as many jews as i have
killed) and also to keep the jewish community heathy i have made this fucker
halal. Hail Hitler. A strong man like Mike Robbo and charlie bailey once told
me; If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be
believed. and i think this quote is very poignant and meaningful to use in
our daily lives because without it who would we be basically. So i want you
guys to know when you are sad and missing the good old LC think what could
be worse because i think the the holocaust was or going to the shit hole that is
know as St.eddies or even being Joe Barry.

no grasses.
if you're a pussy boy you get double the time so don't cry at what you read
Slys after three especially if you are allans mum cos then you are basically one of the
if you don't like it jump of a bridge or even worse you will get victimised by me dead nan
dont do what James and nick did cos that was a poor choice
dont go showing the birds thats to you charlie bailey i don't fancy jazzy p chasing me
lets fucking have it
oh St.Edwards is full of shit
Top Five time
Cara howard if you know what i mean

Most likely to go to prison (along side Jacob Atherton)

Luke beyga (6)
Nathan Simon
Jake Roberts
Jake Hoffman
Jamie Costello

Most likely to make doe

Mustafa Fazalani (11)
Lucas Falkingham
Barry Tsang
Adam wilson
Kabir Gambier

Biggest wool
Charlie Bailey (15)
Jamie glover
Sam Roberts
Shrey Jalota
Will Johnson

Allan Breeder (7)
Michael Ho
John Thompson
Charlie Bailey
Cameron Irvine
Malek Alkshaik (5)
Thomas Clark
Shred Jalota
Aaron Nagra
Will Johnson & Nick Rowan

Best Banter
John Thompson & Thomas Moffatt (6)
William Johnson
Billy rocket
Dan Doyle
Nathan Simon

Worst Banter
Adam Wilson (14)
Nick Rowan
Malek Alkshaik
Ameer Kaseem
William Johnson

Biggest Grass
Adam Wilson & Charlie Bailey (6)
Will Taylor
Daniel Walsh
Cameron Irvine
Malek Alkshaik

Most Homophobic
Billy Rocket (21) fucking hell billy
Malek Alkshaik
Mustafa Fazalani
James Pritchard
Most likely to shoot up the school
Luke Beyga (12)
Jake Roberts
William Taylor
Lucas Falkingham
Malek Alkshaik

Best Immigrants
Michael Ho (15)
Kabir Gambier
Malek Alkshaik
Ameer Kaseem
Sam Roberts?

Mentally Illest
Nathan Simon (10)
Jake Roberts
Kabir Gambier
James Pritchard
Luke Beyga

Most committed to a scrap

Nick Rowan (6)
Hari Prendagast
James Hignett
Jake Hoffman
Daniel Doyal

Nick Rowan (23)
James Pritchard
Biggest Flapper
Sam Roberts (5)
Adam Wilson
Jacob Carter
William Johnson
Jamie Glover

Josh Blanchard (6)
Michael Ho
Cameron Irvine
Charlie Bailey
Sam Roberts

Biggest scouser
John Thompson (11)
Jamie Costello
Kabir Gambier
Jake Hoffman
Sam Riley

Most Scared of Birds

Billy Rocket (9)
Malek Alkshaik
Lucas Falkingham
Adam Wilson
Daniel Walsh
4o year old virgin
Shrey Jalota (8)
Adam Wilson
Malek Alkshaik
Lucas Flakingham

Most likely to turn gay

Thomas Clark (8)
Adam Burnett
Malek Alkshaik
Nick Rowan
Adam wilson

Well wasnt that fucking spicy but we haven't

fully got going yet so here something to get ye
dick flowing
Onto the fucking Awards
Colour Sargent faggot (Thomas Moffatt)
Jimmy Savile association award (Adam Burnett)
Secret weirdo (Lucas Falkingham)
Best Live streamer (Jamie Glover)
Most whipped award (Thomas Moffatt)
Im just big boned award (Matty Wilzy)
Ket wig award (Jake Hoffman)
Adoption Award (Thomas Moffatt)
Fittest mum (Jake Roberts)
Nan least likely to get killed because she is so fit (Lucas
Fittest siblings (Jake Roberts)
Jamie Vardy chat shit get banged award (Nathan
Elton John scholarship award (Tom Clark)
I like teachers bum holes (Thomas Moffatt)
The Orangutang of the century (James Hignett)
Shit of the year (Sam Roberts)
HD eyebrows award (Shrey Jalota)
Couple of the year (Shrey Jalota and Charlie Bailey)
Most Rejected award but still has a crack (Shrey Jalota)
Salt Vinger on chipppppp -_- ( Micheal Ho)
Shrey a stupid idiot award (Henry Hughes)
Garfield award (John Thompson)
Most shags even though one of them was his dead nan
(Nathan Simon)
Dont fucking speak to me again like that ill fucking chase
you right down if you show this to anyone who isn't your
mum it will be your last day walking mate. First rule about
nan club is dont tell no one because ill get micheal ho to
bounce his mad chines mates of ye nogging stupid kid. me
dads robby fowler.
Time for a short interlude so
Nathan can take his pills and talk to Maddie in the PE room

Nick can go neck Hannah as long as James is preoccupied with Rachael

Charlie can go tell Anna everything thats happened so far and then claim he isn't a rat

Will can go do some drama and give his mum a goodnight kiss and talk about them
giggly girls

Adam can get swerved by Laura again.

Adam Burnett can go find some six year olds

Allan can go munch some birds face off and get KBd by abby french

Billy rocket can go have a walk over darts

Ciaron can go polish that mad fod of his fodasaurus rex

Daniel Doyle can go lose his leg, become hannah and be racist

Jake Hyland can just not turn up to fucking anything bet he doesn't even fucking read
this the cheeky little prick

Jake Roberts can go do stn dead weird like try it on with his brother

James Hignett can go be fucking tall and try find a mad bird to neck

Jamie Glover can promote Nova Core gaming and shag amie again

John Thompson can go get his finger sucked and even Tear up

Mathew wills can go munch down a fat KFC

Luke Beyga can go be dead weird somewhere like i am worried about this kid, whats he
do outside of school is he safe. i reckon he's killed someone yenno

Sam Roberts can get sucked off by everton the gay boy

Shrey can get Kbd

Thomas can go finger ridley and take some pictures of his shit
Special Mentions
Moffatts and Shreys fucking sick mad amazing eyebrows
Maleks kimmy k ass
Charlies key of ket snorting nose
James fucking gangly arms and tall ass stature
Ciaron the fod father
Nick and James neck of the century
John Tomo losing his virginity in an orgy
Shrey i wanna lose my virginity before 2016
If you laughed at the one above and ye still a virgin go say
sorry to shrey now
Jamie getting not one but 3 rim jobs
sam your dad is amazing nick rowan
Jacob Carter doing hanky panky with you know who
Allan dabbing Claudia
Malek and Liam having a fat scrap for the shits and giggles
Miss Hardy getting terrored out of haribos
All nicks boss stories
Eva brown staying a virgin?
Nathan still loving maddie even when they don't make love
like they used to
James and Nick taking one for the team and basically
going where no man had gone before
Quick silver moving to our school for a few weeks and
looking like a raw G
Adam Burnett for speaking to every girl who is under the
age of 5 and basically going by the rule if the age is on the
clock she is ready for the cock
James making all his 2 necks count and even getting sam
riely starting on him
Tom murdering his twin brother in the womb then dying
at birth
Nick walking the exact same way as a premature giraffe
Malek getting denied by millie robbo
Orla getting batistabombed
And then she fell down the stairs
Photo time ye gang of dirty
So here it
is The
you have
all been
waiting for
no it isnt
that so put
Immie down
alright thats
go follow our main G Jamie from nova core gaming
fuck you beastgameSJ,
and me fucking favorite
Jake hoffman youtube channel
mad bastard
The life support has failed
To conclude this fucked novel, I leave you with this
message which is as deep as Charlie's viagra nose.
Together we have created memories, like the rock
war, Allan dabbing on Claudia, Will Taylor back
handing max pinnos whole family, maleks shit
flanter, James and Nick necking Hannah together,
Adam holding Lucy's hand all night at a gaff,
Charlie licking Anna's face, when John said he
would quick scope someones nan, Sam smashing a
digestive on shreys head then nutting a door, malek
making birds cry, when game decked Hari, when
John had a coke bath, Gigi getting bonneted, will
getting chased by snickers then crying, when luke
beyga mum started on Aj, Malek and Liam
scraping, when wills dad noted an Argentinian,
Hannah coming out the closet in english, Tom and
Jemma, John fuming over tear up, Cara having a
cry in drama, Charlie Wearing a syndicate top,
Toms terrible bowl head, Hannah and Louis bowl
head, Orla getting batistabombed, then falling
down the stairs, a bird dying at johns then 9 police
cars turning up and Tom making a cancer bong.
We hope you enjoyed your fucked time at the
Liverpool College as much as Shrey get swerved by
birds. Ps. Griffo is a nonce and mcaughcy is fat.
I love you all
lots of love
many kind wanks
fingers in bums
dont die
dont suicide

Roberto Mugabe

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