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From: Greg Hands MP news@greghands.

Subject: News Bulletin from Greg Hands MP #462
Date: 14 June 2016 at 11:54

Issue 462 - Tuesday 14th June 2016

In this edition:

Since the last edition, Greg:

Greg Hands MPs Diary

Website of the Week:

Campaigned across the constituency and beyond, in support of

the Prime Minister, for Britain to remain in the EU in the
referendum on Thursday 23rd June. To get involved in the
campaign, contact Greg. For photos, see below.
Visited the Royal Hospital Chelsea for its Founders Day
celebrations, addressed this year by the Princess Royal.
Answered questions from MPs at Treasury Questions in the
Commons. For more, see below.
Addressed and hosted on behalf of the Chancellor of the
Exchequer a reception at No. 11 Downing Street for Chelseas
National Army Museum.
Appeared on Sky News debating the EU and the economy with
MEP David Campbell-Bannerman.
Attended the service and reception at St Pauls Cathedral
celebrating HM the Queens 90th birthday. For photo, see
As Chief Secretary to the Treasury, attended and addressed
the UK-Algeria Investment Forum in Algiers. For Gregs
speech and photos, see below
Spoke at a breakfast debate on Britain in the EU hosted by
RFR, The Property Private Office, held at Grace Belgravia.
Visited the Isle of Wight to launch its Stronger In campaign for
the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union. For
photo, see below.
Visited Park Walk Primary School in Chelsea to see their
breakfast club supported by Kelloggs, and met Headmistress
Emily Caldwell. For photo, see below.
Attended the Boltons Association Summer Party.
Campaigned in Cambridge and Ely for Britain to remain in
Europe, on behalf of Conservatives In, the campaign group
seeking Britain to remain in the European Union.
Spoke at the Hornsea & Wood Green Conservative
Association evening reception in Highgate.
Visited an event in Parliament by Vesna Pro Art and the
Serbian ambassador on cultural diplomacy and democracy.
As Chief Secretary to the Treasury, hosted a roundtable with
the Overseas Development Institute on how to build world
class finance ministries.
Met Vietnams Finance Minister, Dr Do Hoang Anh Tuan, who
has ambitious plans to further transform from a socialist to a
market economy.
Held his regular constituency surgery, for the first time at
Metro Bank, Kings Road, Chelsea. To make an appointment
for one of Gregs advice surgeries, please send an email to or call 020 7219 5448.

Photo news:
Park Walk Primary School
Breakfast Club
Greg Hands Welcomes
Progress in Fulham Boys
School's New Site
Photo news:
New MP's Surgery venue at
MetroBank, Chelsea
An Update on the Diamond
Jubilee Bridge
Hands in Parliament:
Treasury Questions
Photo news:
Founder's Day at the Royal
Hospital, Chelsea
Fulham in the papers:
Fulham youth club
members celebrate 1,000
Starbucks grant
Fulham in the papers:
Chelsea may buy
brickworks to build new
Hands in the media:
Greg Hands MP on Sky
News debating the impact
of leaving the EU on the
Photo news:
Campaigning for remain
Chief Secretary to the
Treasury's keynote speech
at UK-Algeria Investment
7 ways to contact
Greg Hands

Website of the Week:
The website of Britain Stronger in Europe, the cross-party group
campaigning for Britain to remain in Europe.

Photo news:

Park Walk Primary School Breakfast Club

Greg Hands MP visiting Park Walk Primary School, Chelsea, to

see the Breakfast Club.

Greg Hands Welcomes Progress in Fulham

Boys Schools New Site
Greg Hands this week welcomed the progress being made in the
Fulham Boys Schools move to its permanent site.
Member of Parliament for Chelsea & Fulham, Greg Hands, is proud to
be a patron of the Fulham Boys School, a Free School established in
2014 following the Governments education reforms. Under the
previous Conservative administration on Hammersmith & Fulham
Council, the School had been due to move from its temporary site in
Gibbs Green to a permanent site in Parsons Green, but this was
prevented under the new Labour administration in 2014.
Since then, the Schools Headmaster, Mr Alun Ebenezer, the
Chairman of Governors, Mr Alexander Wade, the Secretary of State
for Education, Nicky Morgan, the Conservative former Mayor of
London, Boris Johnson, and local MP, Greg Hands, among others,
have strived to secure a new site for the growing Free School.
Ultimately, a permanent site for the Fulham Boys School was found
last year. In light of the fact that Fulham Police Station was operating
at only 35% utilisation, it was decided to repurpose the main site, an
outcome which will allow the Fulham Boys School to move in. The
Police station shut on Monday, 6 June, ahead of a public exhibition of
the Schools plans.
Throughout the process, Chief Superintendent Gideon Springer,
Borough Commander for Hammersmith & Fulham, has reassured
local residents and stakeholders that the way in which the local
community accesses the services of the Metropolitan Police in Fulham
whether to report a crime or to hand in lost property, for example
will stay the same. Ch. Supt Springer has emphasised that a police
front counter service will remain in operational use, that the Boroughs
neighbourhood policing teams will continue patrolling and supporting
the community, and that the telephone and internet services will
continue as before.
Ch Supt Springer drew attention to the fact that the repurposing of the
site on the corner of Fulham Road and Heckfield Place will reduce
running costs and release significant capital value, which in turn will
be reinvested into new and improved facilities at Hammersmith Police
Station, ultimately providing an improved service for local residents.
The redevelopment of the site will also allow nine new homes to be
built, as well as facilities available for community use.
Commenting on these proposals to getwestlondon, H&F
Neighbourhood Watch chairman, David Millar, said: The key thing
form a Hammersmith & Fulham perspective is that they are going to
upgrade Hammersmith police station which in my view is not fit for
At Fulham the police station is already subject to reduction in opening
hours, and theyre planning to keep the front desk open so there will
be public access which is a good thing.
But beyond that, the way they operate, they dont need to be based in
a police station per se. Theres no reason why they cant sell one
property and reinvest making another fit for purpose.
Speaking in response to the Fulham Boys Schools proposals,
Member of Parliament for Chelsea & Fulham, Greg Hands, said: Its
great news that the Fulham Boys School is making progress in its
move to a permanent new home. Weve been fighting hard to find a
permanent site for the School since the Labour administration
cancelled its proposals in 2014.
Its also incredibly important that the Police are keeping open their
front counter service and maintaining their patrols and support for the
community. Im glad to see that they are making a serious effort to
maximise the utilisation of their estate, and that they are reinvesting to
provide the best possible service for the Boroughs local residents.
The public exhibition on the Fulham Boys Schools proposals took
place at St Johns Church, North End Road, SW6 1PB, on 8-9 June.
Further details on the Schools move to its permanent site are
available by writing to or by calling 020
7381 7100.

Photo news:

New MP's Surgery venue at MetroBank,


Greg Hands MP at his new surgery venue at MetroBank, Kings

Road, Chelsea.

An Update on the Diamond Jubilee Bridge

Work is due to begin on the Diamond Jubilee Bridge between Fulham

and Battersea.
For a number of years now, there has been a proposal to create a new
link between the north bank of the River Thames at Imperial Wharf
and the south bank at Battersea in the form of the Diamond Jubilee
Bridge. Work is due to commence later this month, with piling planned
for the Battersea bank from 27 June.
The previous Conservative administration of Hammersmith & Fulham
Council approved the plans for the Diamond Jubilee Bridge in
November 2013, with Wandsworth Council having approved them
earlier that year, in June. A steering committee has now been set up
by Jane Ellison, Member of Parliament for Battersea, which had its
first meeting this week on Wednesday, 8 June. In addition to Jane
Ellison and her staff, the committee includes Member of Parliament for
Chelsea & Fulham Greg Handss staff, local Conservative Sands End
ward councillors Robert Largan and Jane Law, representatives from
Wandsworth Council and Transport for London, as well as the
projects architects and engineers.
Speaking in response to the first meeting of the steering committee,
Member of Parliament for Chelsea & Fulham, Greg Hands said: Im
keen to keep my constituents posted on the Diamond Jubilee Bridge,
which will link Imperial Wharf in my constituency with Battersea, and
Id like to thank Jane Ellison MP for her ongoing hard work on this
I am aware, however, from the Meet Your MP event I held at Imperial
Wharf last October, that a few of my constituents are concerned about
the proposed footbridge. I hope that Hammersmith & Fulham Council
will keep local residents informed about these proposals and any
expected impact. I know that the three Conservative Sands End ward
councillors, Robert Largan, Jane Law, and Steve Hamilton are
keeping a close eye on this project, and I urge residents to get in
touch with them if they are concerned.

Hands in Parliament:

Treasury Questions

Click on the image above to watch Greg Hands MP answer

Treasury Questions in the House of Commons.
Tuesday 7th June 2016
Jonathan Edwards, Shadow PC Spokesperson (Treasury): The
Wales Bill being introduced later today will leave Wales with a vastly
inferior fiscal settlement to those for Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Why cannot Wales have full income tax powers like Scotland,
corporation tax powers like Northern Ireland and air passenger duty
powers like both those countries?
Greg Hands, The Chief Secretary to the Treasury: I totally agree
with the hon. Gentleman that we need to get on with income tax
devolution. I will be having further meetings with the Welsh
Government to ensure that we do that. At the same time, we need to
look at questions such as how to adjust the block grant, which of
course will depend on what is devolved and when. We have also set
the funding floor at 115% for the duration of this Parliament.
Diana R. Johnson, Shadow Minister (Foreign and Commonwealth
Affairs): In what circumstances the use of his Departments
Contingencies Fund is authorised.
Greg Hands: The Government seek parliamentary authority for their
spending plans through supply procedure. Occasionally, expenditure
on some services is so urgent that it cannot await normal procedure.
The Contingencies Fund enables the Treasury to make repayable
cash advances to Departments for urgent services, and Treasury
officials assess cases on the basis of criteria set out in Treasury
Diana R. Johnson: Extra support being consulted on for
contaminated blood victims is coming from the Department of Healths
budget, where there is simply not enough money, yet previously
central contingency funds have been used to deal with national
scandals such as Equitable Life. Before the spending review, 18 MPs,
from six parties, wrote to the Chancellor suggesting that the 230
million the Treasury was getting from the sale of the blood products
company could fund a fair settlement for contaminated blood victims.
We have had no reply, so will the Minister look at this again?
Greg Hands: I thank the hon. Lady for that question. I will ensure that
she gets a reply, which she deserves, because this is a deeply
distressing issue and the Government take it very seriously indeed. I
do not believe it is appropriate to use the Contingencies Fund in this
particular case. She will know that the consultation on the reform of
financial support to those affected closed on 15 April, and we will be
replying in due course. Meanwhile, the Department of Health has
identified additional money100 million from its budgetfor these
purposes. This is in addition to the 22.5 million that it spends on this
annually, as well as the further 25 million announced in March 2015.
These steps will more than double the support.
Helen Hayes, Labour, Dulwich and West Norwood: What steps he
is taking to ensure that young people are not disproportionately
affected by reductions in government expenditure.
Nick Thomas-Symonds, Shadow Minister (Work and Pensions):
What steps he is taking to ensure that young people are not
disproportionately affected by reductions in government expenditure.
Greg Hands: The Government have a long-term economic plan
designed to help young people, which includes 3 million new
apprenticeship starts, a 10-year low in youth unemployment, the
lifetime individual savings account to help first-time buyers, 360,000
16-year-olds doing National Citizen Service and record numbers going
to university.
Helen Hayes: The Chancellor has claimed that the Government put
the next generation first. However, the Equality and Human Rights
Commissions Is Britain Fairer? report, which was published last
year, found that younger people in the UK faced the worst economic
prospects for generations. Young people in my constituency are
bearing a disproportionate burden of the Governments cuts. The
abolition of the education maintenance allowance has made it harder
for 16 and 17-year-olds to pursue educational opportunities; university
tuition fees have trebled and are set to rise again; changes to the
schools funding formula will see
John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons: Order. All we
need is a question with a question mark at the end of it in one
Helen Hayes: Oh!
John Bercow: Sorry, but that is the way it is.
Helen Hayes: Sorry, Mr Speaker. My question is, when will the
Chancellor offer a fair deal to our young people, and stop closing off
opportunities and driving them into debt?
Greg Hands: That was an extraordinary question. It ignored all the
announcements that I made about what the Government have been
doing for young people. Let us not forget the situation we inherited in
2010, when youth unemployment had gone up by 45% under Labour.
The facts are these: a record number of young people are going to
university, including a record number from disadvantaged
backgrounds, and the proportion of young people struggling financially
has almost halved since the hon. Ladys days in 2010.
Nick Thomas-Symonds: The wages of 18 to 21-year-olds fell by
about 1,000 a year during the last Parliament, yet under-25s are
excluded from the national living wage. Will the Chief Secretary to the
Treasury condemn what the Minister for the Cabinet Office said: that
that is because people under 25 are simply not productive enough?
Greg Hands: The hon. Gentleman is ignoring our amazing record on
youth unemployment since we took office six years ago. Youth
unemployment has fallen by 102,000 this year. Youth employment is
up 94,000 over the year and is close to the highest proportion on
record. On why the national living wage does not apply to those who
are under 25, I remind him that the national minimum wage does
apply to those who are under 25 and is increasing under this
Government. For younger workers, the priority is to secure work and
gain experience. Youth unemployment remains higher than the
unemployment rate for those aged over 25.
Alan Mak, Conservative, Havant: Since 2010, nearly half a million
fewer children and young people are in households where there is
worklessness. Will the Chief Secretary confirm that the Government
will continue to help households into work and to cut poverty?
Greg Hands: My hon. Friend is quite right, and we will continue to
take action in this space. The number of households where nobody
had ever worked doubled under Labour. Thanks to us, youth
employment is up 94,000 over the year and continues to rise.
Huw Merriman, Conservative, Bexhill and Battle: Does my right
hon. Friend agree that the way to give a fairer deal to younger people
is to make sure that they are not saddled with the debts of reckless
spending? Will he assure me that he will do everything he can to
ensure that this Government balance the books?
Greg Hands: My hon. Friend is quite right that it is future generations
who would have to repay the debt that the last Labour Government left
us and the even greater debt that the current Labour team want to
give us with their reckless spending pledges. Household debt as a
proportion of income has fallen since Labours financial crisis. We are
in a much healthier condition in 2016 than we were in 2010.

Photo news:

Founder's Day at the Royal Hospital,


The parade at Founder's Day, the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, 9th

June, 2016.

Fulham in the papers:

Fulham youth club members celebrate

1,000 Starbucks grant
Goolistan Cooper, GetWestLondon
Wednesday 1st June 2016
A youth club in Fulham popular with young people in the area has
been given funding from the Starbucks Youth Action initiative.
Sands Ends Youth Club received 1,000 from the coffee shop
initiative, which it will use to continue with its work helping young
people in the community.
And the centre in Marinefield Road was given a second reason to
celebrate after it featured in a short film produced by SBTV, the
leading online youth broadcaster founded by Jamal Edwards, MBE ,
which pays tribute to the work it does.
The film also shows Jamals surprise visit to Sands End Youth Club
during a recent football tournament where he met and spent time with
the young people and youth workers.
Sands End Youth Club opened in 2010 and brings groups of local
young people together, offering greater cohesion through sports and
providing young people with increased opportunities to build selfconfidence and employability skills.
It hosts a weekly cookery school and creative writing course and a
fully functioning music studio is being built, and there is also a weekly
football competition.
Jamila Jama from Sands End Youth Club said: Im thrilled with the
progress the club has made in the last six years.
"The funding from Starbucks Youth Action has meant we have been
able to continue in progressing our plans to help the local community.
"My aim and hope is to create a place where young people can
become totally self-sufficient and take ownership of the projects they
believe in.
Simon Redfern, vice president of corporate affairs at Starbucks,
Europe said: Were delighted that the funding and mentorship
provided by the Starbucks Youth Action initiatives means
organisations like Sands End Youth Club are able to make their
dreams a reality and better the lives of those the club supports.
"The Starbucks Youth Action initiative is all about giving these hungry
entrepreneurs a helping hand, providing mentorship and guidance for
the greater good of both business and community.

Fulham in the papers:

Chelsea may buy brickworks to build new

Joanna Bourke, The Evening Standard
Friday 27 May 2016
Chelsea Football Club are poised to make their most unorthodox
signing ever, it has emerged.
The Premier League football club is considering buying a brickworks
to cut the risk of delays to its proposed new 60,000-seater stadium.
The planned 500 million ground would require about six million
bricks, enough to build 200 London houses, according to trade
magazine Building.
Industry sources told Building that the club is thinking about the
purchase to ensure a cheap, reliable supply of bricks for the
mammoth faade.
The club declined to comment but it is understood to be intending to
learn lessons from work on the Tate Modern extension, where
problems sourcing bricks contributed to it opening almost four years
The new Herzog & de Meuron-designed stadium, if approved by
Hammersmith & Fulham council, would increase capacity from the
current 41,000 at the clubs long-standing Stamford Bridge home by
In December Chelsea warned that even if planning consent is given,
there will still be a lot of work to do before redevelopment can start.

Hands in the media:

Greg Hands MP on Sky News debating the

impact of leaving the EU on the economy

Click on the image above to watch Greg on Sky News.

Photo news:

Campaigning for remain

Greg Hands campaigning at Sloane Square for Britain to remain

in the EU.

Greg Hands MP Campaigning with Conservatives In at Sloane

Square tube station.

Greg Hands MP campaigning at Ely Cathedral for Britain

remaining in the EU.

Greg Hands MP campaigning in Cambridge city centre on the EU.

With the Conservatives In battlebus on Kings Road, Chelsea.

Greg Hands MP campaigning with Conservatives In, Duke of York

Square, Chelsea.

Greg Hands launching "Stronger In" on the Isle of Wight earlier

this month.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury's keynote

speech at UK-Algeria Investment Forum
Chief Secretary to the Treasury's keynote speech at UK-Algeria
Investment Forum
Ministers, Lord Risby, Ambassadors, distinguished members of the
business community, ladies and gentlemen:
It is a great pleasure to be here with you today in Algiers.
Aside from being a government minister, Im the Member of
Parliament for Chelsea and Fulham not just MP for two famous
football clubs, but two thriving and lively parts of London, home to
80,000 people. But at the moment, I am in the shadow of the MP for
Leicester after their amazing Premiership win.
As you heard, I am also Chief Secretary to the Treasury in the British
That means I am No 2 in the team of Ministers, led by George
Osborne, whose task is to pull out all the stops for economic growth
and greater prosperity.
Indeed, I manage a portfolio of some 740 billion pounds worth of
spending although, unlike some of my former colleagues in the City,
my objective is not to make that number bigger!
This is my second visit to Algeria after being here for 10 days in 2006.
I had already met President Bouteflika in London, at the inauguration
of the UK-Algeria Parliamentary Friendship Group.
So I was delighted to have the chance to visit, as part of a
Parliamentary delegation 10 years ago, Algiers, Oran and
Constantine. I was struck by the great heritage of this country,
including Tipasa and Djemila. I very much enjoyed your wonderful
And, as I stared across the Gorges du Rhumel in Constantine, I was
able to reflect on the way in which different cultures and eras
including, of course, the 21st century had each, in turn, made their
So when I was given the opportunity to revisit Algeria, this time as a
member of Her Majestys government, I leapt at the chance.
The Prime Minister has told me what an excellent, informative visit he
had here in 2013, when he had a most productive discussion with His
Excellency the President of the Republic. And he warmly recalls his
meeting with you, Prime Minister, at No 10 Downing Street in
December 2014.
The Prime Ministers visit in 2013 was, of course, the start of
something significant.
President Bouteflika asked David Cameron to help project the
partnership with Algeria into the 21st century.
Together, they agreed that the partnership needed to acquire 3 strong
components: first, close security co-operation; second, the increased
participation of the United Kingdom in the Algerian economy; and
third, to support Algerias efforts as it increases the use of the English
Before I turn to business issues, let me say a very few words about
the first two components.
The security issue is fundamental to our joint success. The attack at In
Amenas in 2013 made this clear. Vital Algerian and British interests
were attacked; and I am proud of the way in which we stood firmly
together to tackle the terrorists.
Progress since then has been strong. We had our sixth bilateral
session of talks just last Thursday, in Algiers, which took further steps
forward in what is an increasingly close relationship. This is an area
where we will continue to work together over the coming years.
On the use of the English language, I am delighted that the British
Council is reaching millions of Algerian schoolchildren through its work
with the Algerian Education Ministry; and thousands of others directly,
through their Teaching Centre, and through courses run for, and in,
businesses in Algiers.
I say this as a keen linguist myself: knowledge of foreign languages is
one of the most important skills that can be taught. And English, in
particular, equips people to succeed throughout the world. Where
there is an appetite for people to learn it, we will strive to meet that
But it is, of course, the business relationship that brings me here today.
For too long and excuse me for being blunt the UK didnt attach
enough importance to Algeria.
Thats now changing; since the Prime Ministers visit, and the
appointment of Lord Risby as the Prime Ministers Envoy for
Economic Partnership, weve seen important partnerships forged, as
together, we explore the opportunities Algeria has to offer.
Over 120 British companies have now come here today. And an even
larger number from the Algerian business community are here to meet
them. That proves to me that the message that there is good
business to be done here is truly sinking in.
So I hope you have the chance to talk to each other and to establish
strong links.
And I hope you continue to build those links after this forum as well.
London and Algiers are not very far away from each other indeed,
Algiers is the nearest capital to London, outside Europe. And there are
so many sectors in which Algeria and the United Kingdom can work
together, for the joint benefit of our businesses and our peoples.
Oil and gas is of course a given. BP and Shell are long established
here and our Ambassador hosts trade missions from the oil and gas
supply chain every few months.
But with the fall in the price of oil over the last two years, I know that
you, Prime Minister, have recognised that Algeria has to develop its
portfolio beyond hydrocarbons.
You are right. There is a vast untapped resource here. Renewable
Energy, for example, can be really significant, and I want the UK to get
more involved.
But alongside developing the links sector by sector, we need to offer
practical assistance to our business communities.
So I want to talk today about 3 separate projects which are going to
make a difference for all of us.
The first is the Double Taxation Treaty, which will ensure that tax isnt
charged on the same income in both countries levelling the playing
field for UK businesses active in Algeria.
I am delighted that ratification has now been completed. It has entered
into force, and will have effect in Algeria on the 1 January 2017, and in
the UK in April 2017. Im sure youll all be very pleased to hear that!
The second is establishing a UK-Algeria Chamber of Commerce. This
has long been a stated desire of our Embassy here, and of the
Embassy of Algeria in London.
The Embassy here has, of course, offered advice and services for
several years, but it makes sense for these efforts to be supported by
a business-run forum, where Algerian and British companies can
develop the habits of joint working.
So I am pleased to say that plans are now being developed to
establish a chamber here in Algiers.
This is very much work in progress. It could provide a workspace for
visiting businesspeople. It should be a hub for information for those
Algerian businesspeople seeking partners or seeking to invest in the
UK. But whatever shape it ends up taking, its success will depend on
your input.
So I want as many of you as possible who are here today from both
countries to register your interest by simply leaving your business
card at the Embassys Stand in the foyer outside. Youll then find
yourself automatically included on Ambassador Nobles updates as his
team keep you all informed.
The third ground-breaking project is to open a British International
School in Algiers. The plan is to offer education in English working to
the UK and Algerian curriculums. The objective is to open in 2018.
No-one likes to leave their family behind when working overseas, so
this will be another great incentive to companies who want to invest in
This all goes to emphasize that the United Kingdom doesnt see
Algeria just as a market, but as a place to invest in: and one with a
great deal of potential.
There are 28 million people under 30 years of age here: they are the
future of the country, together with its other resources.
Ive heard of the changes recently made to the Constitution, and know
that work has now begun on the new Investment Code.
Your new Economic Model, Prime Minister, is eagerly awaited and I
hope that, in improving the business environment, it will play an
important role in growing the Algerian economy and British
participation in it.
So although my visit here is brief this time around, I am already
looking forward to visit number 3!
I hope that the roundtables this afternoon will help you all in finding
new ventures to pursue.
My governments global objective is to help 100,000 British companies
start exporting by 2020 and this Forum today should certainly play a
role in achieving that.
Let me close by once again thanking you, Prime Minister, for joining
us here today; and I look forward to seeing the relations between our
two nations grow ever closer and stronger.

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