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Canada Immigration

Emigration information list the names of individuals leaving and immigration

records listing these coming into Canada There are passenger lists for ships coming
into Canada and border-crossing data of people leaving for the United States or
coming from the United States into Canada. The inGeneas Database contains data
from a wide range of immigration information (other than passenger lists) for the
time period of 1748 to 1906. Between 1869 and the late 1930s, over one
hundred,000 juvenile migrants had been sent to Canada from the British Isles
through the child emigration motion. Library and Archives Canada has passenger
lists, Immigration Department correspondence recordsdata and inspection reviews,
non-government collections such because the Middlemore House fonds, as well as
indexes to some records held within the United Kingdom. In 2000 a memorial plaque
was mounted at Pier 21 to commemorate the struggle brides' arrival in Canada.
Through the early 20th century, consular officials of the Russian Empire stationed in
Canada and the United States saved recordsdata on former empire residents who
sought their help (to assist in filling out naturalization and passport purposes or to
acquire proof of military service in Russia). The positioning is somewhat quirky as a
result of hyperlinks to the images simply seem like underlined words. For film
numbers, contact the Nationwide Archives of Canada (see Canada Archives and
Libraries for the handle or telephone number). Immigrants to Canada Extraction of
various government information in addition to transport traces, mostly the Allan
The information also embrace names of older girls and boys who were recruited by
immigration brokers within the U.Ok. for farming and domestic work in Canada. In
all, nearly 48,000 war brides and 22,000 children arrived in Canada during and after
World Warfare II. While the overwhelming majority of those girls had been British,
there were some Europeans as well. Little could possibly visa to canada be executed
about this example throughout wartime but once victory was in sight the federal
government started to put a plan together to convey these girls and kids to Canada
from Britain and Europe. Library Canada Archives Li-Ra-Ma Collection Indexed online digital photographs to this assortment.
Passenger lists and border entry lists into Canada for the years up to 1934 have
been transferred to Library and Archives Canada. The Toronto Emigrant Workplace
Assisted Immigration Registers Database on the Archives of Ontario is an Index to
four volumes of assisted immigration registers for the period 1865-1883 (Collection
RG 11-three). Under confederation (1867), both the dominion authorities and the
provincial governments were liable for immigration.
After 1850, the tide of migration still flowed from Canada to the United States.
Between 1851 and 1951, there have been up to 80 emigrants, each natives of
Canada and others, who left Canada for each 100 immigrants who arrived. A few
immigrants returned to their native lands or went elsewhere, however many finally
went to the United States after temporary durations of settlement in Canada.
Officers used transport company passenger lists (manifests) to determine
passengers sure for the United States by way of Canada.