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ISO 9001:2008 and Document

Control Awareness Training

IndiTech Valves Pvt. Ltd.

The Purpose of this Training

What is ISO 9001:2008?

What will it require from YOU, as a (Company) Employee?

What is ISO 9001:2008?

ISO = International Organization for Standardization

ISO has representation from 157 countries and has
issued many standards
ISO 9001:2008 is a model for a quality management

What is a Quality Management System?

A quality management system (QMS) is a set of policies,

processes and procedures to help the organization meet
customer requirements.
The International Organization for Standardization's ISO
9001 is probably the most widely implemented QMS

Why are we doing this?

Customer Requirements
PED Requirements
Good Business Practices

What does ISO Registration Require?

Say / document what we do

(Quality Manual, Procedures, Work Instructions)

Do what we say / document


Prove it

Continually improve!!!

Document Control

Know what a Controlled Document Is

Know where your procedures are
Make sure you are working with the most current rev.
Need to be in the work area
Must be approved before use
DO NOT write on controlled documents
Request a document change if needed

Document Change Request

Request a document change if needed

Follow DCRs
Keep a look out for expired DCRs
Sign off on the DCRs

Your Role During the Audit

Know the Quality Policy.

Put in your own words what it means to you
Know where you can find it
The Quality Policy is the framework for the Quality Objectives
Who is responsible for Quality?
All of you will be responsible for knowing how to access procedures you need to know to do
your job.
All of you will be held accountable for following procedures that affect your job.
All of you will be expected to participate in continuous improvement.`
How do you know how to do your job?
Through Training

Quality Objectives

Must be measurable
Must be consistent with the Quality Policy
Know how to find them
Know how you contribute to the success of the quality objectives
Communicate the actions needed when not meeting the Quality


Non-conformance: Non-fulfillment of a specified

Major Nonconformity: Absence of a required
procedure or the total breakdown of a procedure
Minor Nonconformity: Single observed lapse in a

Correction & Corrective Action

Corrections & Corrective Actions are reactive

something has gone wrong and these are the actions
taken to deal with the problem.
Non-conformances are resolved through corrections &
corrective actions.
Correction is the immediate action you take to keep
your customer happy, e.g. you sent the wrong part and
will immediately replace it with the correct part.
Corrective action is the long term action you take to
make sure the problem will not occur again.

Preventive Action

Preventive actions are pro-active something could go

wrong and these are actions taken to stop it from
happening, or to stop it from becoming too severe.