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From: Hand,Bob[bob] Sent:Tuesday,December 01,2015 1:18 PM To: Mc Carthy, Garry F. Subject: Erin Burnett OutFrontInterview Tonight

Superintendent McCarthy,

saw the news about your firing and wanted to offer you a chance to talk to Erin Burnett on air or off air to explain your side of the story.

My number is 6463572666 I can talk at any time today and we are very interested in hearing your side of the story behind the Laquan McDonald video.


Bob Hand ERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT CNN Sr. Editorial Producer Cell: 646-357-2666 Alt. Cell: 917-573-5566 Office: 212-275-7513

From: Mc Carthy, Garry F.[] Sent:Sunday,December 06,2015 11:53 AM To: Roussell;James M.;Tracy;Robert;Guglielmi;Anthony;Adam Collins Subject: Fwd: CPD Statement Regarding Release of LaQuan McDonald Case File

Good time to put this out! Oh,wait.IYsa week too late.

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Begin forwarded message:

From: News Affairs <> Date: December 6,2015 at8:58:17 AM CST To: News Affairs <> Subject: CPD Statement Regarding Release of LaQuan McDonald Case File

By Citylaw,the Independent Police Review Authority(IPRA)conducts all investigations of the conduct of Chicago police officers when they are involved in an officer-involved shooting. That is not handled internally at CPD. IPRA's administrative investigations to determine whether officers should be disciplined are always suspended pending criminal investigations so as not to interfere with those proceedings. CPD's case report and all videos were turned over to IPRA and state and federal prosecutors days after the shooting. The Justice Department is currently investigating any actions and statements of CPD officers in connection with this shooting. Ifthe criminal investigation concludes that any officer participated in any wrongdoing,we will take swiftaction.

On background: The Justice Department is currently reviewing the videos, including the Burger King video,and the statements made by CPD officers as part oftheir criminal investigation.Once they complete theirinvestigation,IPRA will resume its administrative investigation to consider whether discipline,including termination, would be appropriate for any officers who responded to the incident or participated in preparing the case report. In the meantime, IPRA cannot interview the officers involved in this incident while the federal and state criminal matters are pending.

Chicago Police Department Office of News Affairs (312) 745-6110. Fax (312)745-6999

From: Mc Carthy, Garry F.[]

Sent:Sunday,December06,2015 2:11 PM

To: Kristin Subject: Fwd: CPD Statement Regarding Release of LaQuan McDonald Case File

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Begin forwarded message:

From: News Affairs <> Date: December 6,2015 at 8:58:17 AM CST To: News Affairs <nwsaffrla~chicagot~olice.orq> Subject:CPD Statement Regarding Release of LaQuan McDonald Case File

By Citylaw,the Independent Police Review Authority(IPRA)conducts

investigations of the conduct of Chicago police officers when they are involved in an officer-involved shooting. That is not handled internally at CPD. IPRA's administrative

investigations to determine whether officers should be disciplined are always suspended pending criminal investigations so as not to interfere with those proceedings. CPD's case report and all videos were turned over to IPRA and state and federal prosecutors days after the shooting. The Justice Department is currently


investigating any actions and statements of CPD officers in connection with this

shooting. If the criminal investigation concludes that any officer participated in any

wrongdoing,we willtake swiftaction.

On background: The Justice Department is currently reviewing the videos, including the Burger King video,and the statements made by CPD officers as partoftheir

criminal investigation.Once they complete theirinvestigation,IPRA

administrative investigation to consider whether discipline,including

would be appropriate for any officers who responded to the incident or participated

preparing the case report. In the meantime, IPRA cannot interview the officers involved in this incidentwhile the federal and state criminal matters are pending.

will resume its



Chicago Police Department Office of News Affairs


Fax (312)745-6999

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+~~trr~~ttly,the spec f~s cifttris i~~cid~r~~,in~F~~dir~t~the ~rnpr~h~nsiv~ use ~ ~t~r e r~~t~stic~,atior~ are

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st~r~d~r~~rptacolfallowing a1!c~~Bic~r-invr~~u~ci~hooting~.

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Tu~sda'y,~~C~ntt~l,~~.a ,2:14F

Su~i~rit~'C~ttde~t t~m ~r~suk~le~ by your r~signati~n. t~l0hile i w~~ c~r~tx of ~I~~ ~aa~ guard caf this De~artrrient wht~ dId nab agree with many rat the ch~r~~e~ f'hat y~~u bmu,~t~t, I haue always res~a,~~;ft~d you .as ~a Fader. I am in my ihit`ti~th year- can ~h~ Chicago Police D~p~rcm~:n~ k~~~, (t F~a~ nr~ly teen during ya~ar I,~rr~nc~ th~~ I fi~lt we hid samet~n~ truly in ~It~r~~, ~~m~or~e with ~r~ und~rs~andin of where ~e stooclr WI1G'1'E' WL' I"IIC?f;41r~~~ to ~o, end had a plan ~s tc~ hr~nr t~ get Ch~t~, I~ was shortly after yr~u t~crk ch~rg~ that l was stru,~k by ttie simil~ri~y cif~~t~r irnpressi~ar~ anti th~~t of many ~r~h~rs ~p~an your arrival ~ntt what ~h~ ~lnfgn saMdie~s said upon arrir~a~ of U.S. grant '~ca k~ke ~har~e of X11 t1i~ armies af`tk~~ ltn)on; "there was ~ f~el'ing ~rr~c~ttgtt~~ min ttt~tthe bass h~c1finallyarrived".

You have ~~d ~s thrc~ugF seine I gnat c~~li~np cs these past ~nre y~ar~ Or d hsu~ held ~o sh~aw tl~~ ~wsr{c3 t~~e nabt character a~ ~h~ Chi gr~ Pttl~ ~~rf e~i. A(~ t~'s~5+~ with any sense ~s€ Chic~gt3 re~l~xe th~€t t~ti~ rr~st rcc~~t c~~t~z~v rs+~ wax not c asirsnec~ b~ a ~k ~~ #~ac~es'~~~ i~~u~, rather, t ~x ~cii~nci~s oaf ~hica r~ ~ol~t~►;:~. Tt n~C yr~u for your ~+ervic~. Y'+~u ~h~1(fr3~e~r~r be a r~ ~~ t~t~r st~~yr. ~~otl lick ~~ yoga in the (~atx~r+~,




Tu~sciay, D~c++~mrn rt~~t~0 ~,2:~ Pi+~

~u~eri~~~r~drit tam traubte~ by y~c~ur r~sgnati~n. V'~thile I was a~~ t~Ftl~~ ~~d ~u~rd cifthis D~~artr~ent why did nab a~re~ vtiti~ rr}anya1 the ~c1~~ng~S tl~~t yQu bro~,,~f~t, 1 have always resp ~:tcd you ~s a leader. I am in m~ thirtieth y~ar~ ors the ~:hi~cago ~viice IJep~r~m,~r~t beat, Cl F~~~s r~r~ly teen during ya~r t~nur~ tl~a~ I felt we had som~ttr~~ trul~r In ~~tar~c, ~c~m~one with an ur~d~rst~nciin v~ vvh~re vuc stood, wt~er~ w~ n~~~~d tta ~t~, and had a plan ~s ~a I~tSw tC~ ~~t thet'~, It vas ~h~rtly after y~ra t~ncrk char~r~ that f was struck i~~tt7e sinnil~rity a my ikn~iressi~n anti that of many u~fxers r~pon your arrival anti v~rhat ~h~ Ut~4on sa{d~+ers sa ri upon arrival ~►f IJ~S. grant ~a k~k~ ~har~ge of III tki~ arm~~s off' th~~: tJn~c~n; "~her~ was a f~elin~. ~rr~os~~the min t~t~tthe bass h~cifinaPlyarrlv~d".

You have ~~d u~ ~hrc~ugh s~v~r~l ~r~e~t c~~l~~s es tF~~s~ past fire ye~r~ ar~d have k~l~ tc~ sl~wv ~h+~ r{ ~ ~ r~~l

ch~rac~er csf tt~ chic ra Pcxii

t~nir~~~rs~twax notc~a~a~ner~ b}~a Eck ~s~I~a~l~t'~ ~(~ t~~tt,ratl~~r,the e~p~r~i~~ac£~sref~hicag~s Pt~lif .ink ~~a~fs~r

yt~ur s~nuC~~.You sh~lifearea~er h~ a art of ~u~ t~istc~~y. ~~sd lank x~ y~~ in the tutt~r~:

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day cieari~, dint ~v,~ant ~~ sad that ~ a~~ irvra~ Q~3~ ~rigin~lly a w met at a 4i2 ais~ ~~r~~trr~as party


aui ~ yrs a~r~, ~ia~ a c~tetc_ !see yti~u arc~~n~

35th and ~ whys spy hElia in ~axsln tl~~s~ ~Ia~rs.lust wa~t~t# t~ s~~+

ghat n~ys~lfand many of my ~a wort~ersI~ad your ~ia~k! a~ w~ felt yc~u I~ad flurx. I went ~vmm~ni on inc~d~r~tthat led t

phis lout i carp ~~sure ~+t~u f see 4t the way yr~u do, I khink yours the

Th~~k~ fir F,niding EV~~i'~C?NE of all yanks ~ IEtt(e mnr~ accountable raverall. ~!c~u ~r~ a p4Pi~emar~s ~a~s,w~ aft knaur

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the NV~Jside I~ntcu~ldIr~vetc~ btryytrua "sc~~i~", #3e~t+aFluckF3Q~5.

b~~si SUPT in my 9.5 yrs acid ~+ant~~ ~~ x~y thanks.



ct+ rv~ ~e~ter ~laan tdct~r~ rent III ~t~, t wish ~resu w~e61 pit ~i~d t~ar~k~ again, tf y~rt are eves o~

P.t~.,~~5~n Ctrwin#~.~~~q S~re~iaP Fun~ticrns I~ir+6si~n Traubied ~s~ICdar~~sknit 3s~.~3S. ~rli~higan Ave


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"Chas Stony"



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Wednesday.Cf~r:~mbert~2.~U1& ~:~2AN!

Subject: fib:Available

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Sent Tuc~tl~y,[?ecemb~c Ui,20f5 7:~5iaM l'~st ~tt~is5Go~ Sufiijectt ~.r~:Av~ila~~~

T1~~~~k:~ Ch~i~, 1 l~~d ncyt tie~~~i ii, it~yc~u lt~v~ rt stt~~c:~ti~~i to '!'!Yank ~t~~~r~4~a•trz~~~1.

~rc:l~~, I

dti=Ut~E~I tii(~~}`!'tc:1~ll~ i~,

~~ntfmm my e~`~vue

{J~~ Dec 1, 2~}1~T at Ei:2~1


f~J~7, Chris Stojtc rc~l~ris.yluAt~f~~>rt7t~r.~~sc~~ietyC{.~


1 ~eiu .j tc~ti ~ti1+~i' tir~~ ~af~ss

gt~w it. 1 tl~c~tj~l~t'~~Qu €~i~l it ~fcll. ~'xr~ fl~~ili~; tri

hc~P~} to talk ~l~~cr '1 ~~~~ ~'~tic~u~c~

c~at7t'caa~r~cc l~i~~ w~~k, Gut d~i~'~.~.i~c~~r if Kati



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~UU~st~,"~3~rbdra ~!.° <b~r1~~r~,west@lchfc~~cap~Ji~+~.c~rq> efwio ~~rtf~ya~;,Garry ~."} Thursday,C~acemb$r ~i3r~(~15~.Q4!~M

~."} Thursday,C~acemb$r ~ i 3 r ~ ( ~ 1 5 ~ . Q 4 !
~."} Thursday,C~acemb$r ~ i 3 r ~ ( ~ 1 5 ~ . Q 4 !

9ubJect: 7~t~rtM~ Yc~ta i~t~s~,ttt~nk}ray foC ~i(qf tl~+~ things ytat~ taught rr~e abr~ut t~~der~hip. rt ~ta~ ~e~~rt art ttonctr t~ ~!rv~ 4titFt

you r~r~ t~~ Chic~~a P€~~'tc~~ artrr,~r~i. ~ I~~ 1~~rnet~ rt~or~t 1rc~~~i o in tta+~s~ d tears it~an in y ~~t(re p~r~viou~ carer. I pan 1st it~~ many of u~ ~l~o ~o~a1~ n~v~r ~~c gotten ~ c~~nt~ ~za Cc~rnrtanci hid It rtrit~cxen fc~ryau, VV~e~u~,ouir!have i~s~n a~eri~aakec~ and disr~~~~d~c#, Ih+e we~~ ttptperfect arts!}~~u ;aW k~eyc~nd r~~at`fl~YvS ~r~c~ lacked at ~~ur' It~art~- It tc~+~k rrt~ a few gays tc} vwrit~ ~hls k~~tause I ft~d tt~ Ie~eF~"Thy ~~ce" ly~ilr~c~v~`ENi~tt 1am ~Ct~~t~ GUrn shed rt~~t~~r~ aneisay„f wiEl r~f~s yr~t,.""


► ~ t ~ ~ r ~ aneisay„f w i E l r ~ f ~

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su~~~ct: ~w~~ r-v~:f-lu~~and ~tt~r~P~tc~nday's~huc;kle

"~t~p~h~r~ McAifist~r"~

"~t~p~h~r~ M c A i f i s t ~ r " ~
"~t~p~h~r~ M c A i f i s t ~ r " ~


~ Friday:I~~cemb~r~~,~~115~_49l~~I W ~:~yru~~~~~lectrnessa~c



W ~:~yru~~~~~lectrnessa~c



W ~:~yru~~~~~lectrnessa~c ~ r Sul~jut~i:F~'.l~lu~la~tta~l~'rt~,-~

Sul~jut~i:F~'.l~lu~la~tta~l~'rt~,-~ 1~+1a1~+~~t,~~'scl~~~t'•lt'.

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"U~tii 1~~1~C"+~~~nel~" ~."u~~r~ R~~xt~c" ~

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ra hu~~~~~,~►rr~~i~ ~tf~~ r~~~ru~t~c~ns tie +er~t a~ ~ ~ +d+~s~cr~pt+~~ ~►~ haw tie stc~r~+~}~~r~t~s~

n rr~~~ +~ ter eht~~s~

Yc~~s may vi~~~this~t~o~~ l~l~~`

~r ~~e cif ~~~ ~a~+~~~c~s ir~~~~~~~ a~ ~~~ sh~app~r ~~~endstl~f~~~~~. 1"~e~h~~~~r ~~y ~~c~+~s~ar~~`rt+~rr~ fr~orr~a ~~rti~ularf~oQr~,car m~~




~c~r~ ~c~~i~~d ~ ht~sb~ndw C}~ ~h+e dir t

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I~~ i~ n~riu~d, but ctan~anu~ ~~ ~h~ ~e~+~~~f ~~~E rh~~~the ~i~~ ~~~c

~lo~~ . -Th~~~ mere Hain,it~~~ are

"Th~t`5InG~,`~t3~ ~~l~t~~~"b~UtI~►t~~ ~ac~~~.'

a~ ~~~ ~c~~fi r~+u~~ ward. ``I~~ ~h~rc ~(a~arsign rea+~~:


~1'~~~~ :; t~~ 5

~MCI~r ~r~~

r+e Ex~r~mely +food L+ookir~g.

ovv,` ~h t~ink~~ but fe~e~~ cc~~pe l+~t~

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~h~ go~~ ~+athe ~+~ur~~hf~c~ar~n~ t~~ sign r+~ads»

F~oc~r ~- These min Hain ,1~bs~ L+~ve

bids,are trop-~~~a+~

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Help 1!1!#th H~ausewr~~~.

~C}~, tTtf~CG~ iTlEs~' S~"1£'. ~t'XC~~117f~~ '~ Cs~11

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s~~n r'c~a~

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Shy i~ sc~ ter~n~t+~d to s~~Y~ but s~~e r~~s ~~ the~~~cth ~ ~€~r~ ~~r ~~~ i n r +~s~:

F~c~t~r6- Y~~u ~r~ ~isi~~r ~.,~5i~,~1~.~ t~

flc~crr.Th~~ ~I~~r~ e~Nst~ ~~lely ~s pr~c~~

`Ch~r~~ you ~c~r ~h~~p;r~~ ~~ fih+ ~u~k~an ~+~r~

~'e► ~rvc~i~d +~r~~d~r ~i~~ ~~r~+~~ ti

~t~r~~just ~~~r~~~fide~tr~~et.

T~+~first~(~c~r ~~s~r~~~~ th~i~ ~ ~r~~ .

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dram« Tea; ~~tt: ~ut~jc~ct: '~Jeffrcy l3r~~rr~"~ "A~+;~arthiyrt~~~ry

"A~+;~arthiyrt~~~ry ~=."~~arry.[~IcC~rth~+~~hl~,~~~s~,oiice.~argy

Tu~sd€tp,C~~~t~rCt~~rQ`I,X4115 9~:~~ F'I~1 frs~rn Rev.J~ifi k~rca~ran

J4ybtrl~~~i•cl- T ~1or~'~~~;;ar~eilxr►t~l il~~;p~~fil.i~:~,~fa~s ~~~t~vt~'~G~i~l~t< I~'1 ~:tzi~►€~~~~hJ~"~I"11~~1~'foc ~~~ rn1.3~°i~i~*t~rtvac~tl~;I rrr~ knc~v~~q ~C~"? 'lac:net~.cE yt~~~rle~cfcixhi~ai~~ i.~z5 ~:~stt~ztr. +


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<B~u~ra;"`Paul R."<waul.~~tie3l'~chic~~opc~li~~*.~r~r

~hAc Ciar~hy~,~~~~r~ry F."


TUescl:~y~ December p1,2015 1:3(}PM


I just vaanbed to let you ~cnaw you did ~fje ~+18tti Dlstrirl!

a gr~,t Ion rlur~ng your t~r~ure. I h~p~

G~ptain Paul R. ~~u~r

~xe~wtive officer

018th DiStric~


I'~~~[ c~!`l

t~ see you arou~~c~ In


Page, 1. of 1







Subject; Murders~ Shootings Since ~1i~ir~ighton 3~3 Nr~v 1S


~urder~ 20I~ ~,~'+~eek is 5. V+}'I'La Tc~tail iR (} wit. [7 an 3t) N~nv '1 ~. Y'TT~ T+~t,~~ is ~~9 vs. 377. 13,79`'

Shc~c,ixx~~s 2t?1.~4 ~'V~.ek ~I`t~tal is 2~. W'TI~ Total. is ~ ~vit~Y ~ ~~ra~ 3fi .Nc.~~v 1.5. Y"Tl7 Tcxt~~l is 222 v~, ].~~~. 17.f32°'u

Tlxcrc has becn l [11L!]'(ILI~ ~inc~ mic~tiiglYt Fyn[}1 I)~c 2i~1S.


~1 Deg 15 C t~~07~•s ~~[~ Ira. ~;icd ~~







~ I+~I~rylzu~df~r~in~~aci~ Mack

U~s~ci~lc ~lxin~nury: t~fficers ~~r~ivec~canscene& di5cc~vered the victim lyiiY~aiYt~Yc_stair~a~~~with multipl~c ~,unshcrt ~~ucac~nds. t1~gerni-uutc~matic handgun ~ra~ rie~arthe ti~ie~im on the witzr~c~k~rsi1~ ixx ~.hc;

vestxbui~ ~~ sevea-al s~.~ll c~aszz~~s. u~~~z~erect~~er~ci xitthe t►~ck entrance of ~.he builciin~, Vietui~ vas pronou~ccd at L1152 hrs at ~liri:~t Hospital. jlictim is 1i~t~c1 in f1~e SSL v~ritti a sc~,r~ c51`2,~3b & hafi

9 ~irrest;~for Burg,~C'~~nal~is,I'cs, Age bAtt.Pt;~.I~Iigh t~re~t level G~I~ v~ i~I~ cai~flict.


~hic~~c~Pc~li~e D~~~rtrn~7tit D~ployrncrit[~~cr.~ti~nsGent~r 35YU ~.I++'Iichig~.n Ave


T~rc,~rt•c.~cdiri~c-r~iailrrtcssa~~{;~tieludiii~anr~~uavhmeiit~}~t~nt~u~.~ i~~1'vrtnstiai~ l~l~at.~r~y b~ w~~'iacizti~l, prc~t~cl~c~ Yr~' pri~til~g~~, c~~'~r~rt;;li~ui~ neon-~ub1i~ i.n~t~r~n~ti~r~.1t ~~ inte~idcd far Qnl~ tl~e c~~sig~~t~+~ i~~~i~ie~t~~~. If yvu are nc~t.guy int~ncieci recipient of this rnews~ge, ~~ea;~~ t~c~lil'~r fhe s~t~cler day r~pryi7~~;[o this ~»~sag~e anci tX~~n ci~lcte it ~rt~rtt your sy~t~~n. Use, dis;~~rt~in~tian, ciistril~ution, ar r~~irduc~t~c~~z of ~.hi~ ~xessa~e ~~~ unintencl~d r~eci~ient~ i~ s~~t authviirec~ ~at~~~x~~ylie ui~lawCt~r.

3f 1 Sl~?'()I(i

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~~ailt~~s `Nl3Gt"r~g1 ." ~r~~ar t~ael.dillc~~?C~etl~~l5iysit~ms~us_curra~-


"Mc G~rth~r,t;~rr~+~`,~~~arry.NfcC~arth~rchicagop~ilice.arg>


'f`uesday,C?~~c~r~t~r~~ ~~,2t~~5 ~~:191'M

ubj~~t: UnhapPY Naws 1'od~y

~;arry --

E rubs ~r~u the ~e:ry best in ~t~~ #t~tr~t~. Letr~i knc~wvs yr~~~ wc~rk~d t~ ~t CPt~ i~t th,~ ~i~~ C~~+tury.~Vh~rever the ttt~tre.~I~ces ycsv, f hcrp~ to ~t~y~ i~ to~a~'t.


hlli~:h~el C~illcn

~J1r+~Ct~+r,Business Ueveltr~arxt~ttt c~~t~w~r~c!S~~t~rity~ Fut~tic~af~ty CibitSysc~r~ of Amerir:~ ~7D3~ 2~~-~~~t— h~lc~bii~ (7ti3~ Ea53-~fi18 ~-flf~ic~ ~1~, ~,1~~I.tlt~tc~n[~~IL~itsystr~~ri~syt~s~,coin

~~raFari~tary ~n~i bu~ir~~as~ ea~`~sltive infor~rr~~tiory_ if

Tfrc~ infprr~ta#I~r~ cantsEn~cl !rt iltla ~m~a l transmission may r

yrsu ~trra nest the intended reaipl~3nt,~r+~u acre E,crek,y natifi~~a tl,~t any revie~a~,dixseminatinn, di~iributinn or du~li~~tic~n cif

tt~i~ ~~r~rntinicatio~n is stri~tl+j pt~hiE~it~€~_ Un~:~thorizc~c! {rtttir~~tlgn r~[ lt~is ~-rnail is R~ v~cslatlan of Jeti~u. Ifi ~rc~u are not

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~xpan. d rsiart ~ ~frs~+;wsuf~ t,~ntc:~ry to

c~xpc~r~#r~~3 t~°om t~ t~.~. or ~iv~~~ ire ~~i~ far~iyn meson in thr~ ~,~, va ii~otsi ~r~rar var~ttrn z~~thc~rix,~ildt~ of ~it~it ~~rste~~~~

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you #~r~ nvt the ntrncJ~d rr~~k~~l'~rtt.y~~U 1r~ her'E~,y rtutifed thnf any

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thi6 Carttr+~~rni~atic~n is ~irir:ily pt~hibit~d. tJnauthoriz~zl ~r7terc~~tir~n of this a-mai( is a vi~stEttftu~ oaf 1~aw_

~l1~ ir~tasncicei icei~iicr~~t, ~itc~-~e~ cc~t~ct th+a s~r~det iry~ reply c~~nn~! end Cr ~ii~tely cles~ray ~I[ ~~s csf the ~,r~~inal

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Ar~y ~ ,:i~nicaE dal~a ar~ciir~t irttc~amat~on pro~id~:c1 r~is3~ ~ ira this cm~ll mRry ts~ sist~jecl to t1~.5. s~~art

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~x~catt, ~vc~rsion t~s' ~iisri~tf~t~ CC~r~tat~+' ~c~ .i_~. ~as~ ;s far it~txl, t+G1h 1e~tt~ical z1




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1~nYsorry yt~ufc~v~. ~cbt of tuct~ i~ the f~t~~i~.

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<M~:~:~rthy>; ~~G~arry F."


tu~scl~ay.G~~em~er~1,2tY15 ~:~~ ("i41

ltb~ect: C~r~titudE~ fir,

I'kncsw t~ai~~~;~ ~r ~~~it~~ r~~ ri~}~t z~t~w. but 1 just ~~~t#~c~ tc~ ~ rc~p ~=c~~z ~ ~ n~ ~:x~r~~rin~ nY~ ~~~~~~~ucieattd ~J~~t~;~i~uunfc~rX11 that you 1~;~~ed~n~ fc~r~►~~~u~c~t~u~~t ~~~~~~lcmg t~~c w~.}~,'a~+ut~ l~s~vc~onc ~~writ~~~~~ti~r~i~catt}~~a,~s ~°~~'ih~ ~dvan~.c;irii~nt~~~hc x~~~x~~y. l w:~tli~~u ~~a~l~iiY~ btt~t~~; 1~~;~ta~~dh~r~ci'ti~11~r ~~v~~.~nlic~ist~ ~1~~~;, ~+aad.Luc;it ~t~rl~c~~~iHe~itt~1~

~C~1~E ~' ~O~Iil~,Ct~t ~~~ilit~ C'~11~~'

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Yuesclay,Ugtxamt~r-qt,2U15 12:26('~JI


N~}~tE~~~~gi~tsanct ~cayc~ acs~vit~t}~~~a~turit~~thisi

t~li~#`~cult~im~c.'~'~ ~tk yc~c~ ~`s~ryr~u:~~~~~t~

~nci x~lt~d~nce in it1C. ThiITIIC}~C1'~t

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S~r~tfix~itYma° ~'`~rircu~'4~r'iiel~~s~1Ci1,'l~- aat~~x~~ic



etUlr,earthy>;"Garry F'.° cgarry.mGcarthy~tcl~i~ag~apaliae.~r~~


"Joy UVickl~nder" ~cJvt+l~kland~r~i'lhepriv~t~b~t~k_cpm>


Tuesday,~'3~cetr~~r08,2#735 ~l~~7PNl




f~t~:~anfirrnatian ~Bi~ttkersClub cat~hi~~ga Dir7nar1~/9f


1 ~j)f31"t~t~L~` 11l~ ~:4IlCEtttte€1111iCCC5l,~Ut Ott t~I~!~ 11[t1G~

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i ~trr~ ~c~ur~ tc~~.~yIr~~> li~~r ;~~~71~i1~f~»cJ r~kc ~ ciee~~ E~~•cs~~l,. ~1~~~ctul}y we c~t~i r~t~vtZ►yc~,E xn ~t ~c~;- ~rrvr~llis anc~ T c:an acc:c>r~utl~d~te y€~v. (''tr~uc~cr+~~tni~r ~~x~1~~~ics.

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+~7~ti?uc #i.2f~t~,~L ~.1;~ ~~q,~c+c ~'~'icl~lc,axder<,tV►1C~I~llt'I4C~fiLI1CjT„~'1,1gYtlG~ftll,>


~`i!C ~BP~,.

+fin k~~halt v~ ~~,r memh~rs,

We ~ppteciat~ yt~UrserviC~:

1 wouiti I(k~; to th~t~k ~lou faw yC►ur

lead~rsfy~E~ ire di111cu1t ti~r~~s;

~?ur exeet~tive cc~rn~ni#teC

v~~ulci sfiillike yc~u t0 spea ac ~


Civilian ~k our dinrt~r on

L~1Je~n~~day, b~~~mber l~i4l~ ~t thQ Urrlpn L~a$u~ many FS~:i~ arlr~ed'each clr~Y. t?ur ~evPr~ts,~t'eFlo.

Club. Thtas fir, w~

tothe rnetlia.

haV~ "'15b RS~1Ps, with

CackC~ils are frvrta 5,3Q t~ G.3t~pm wilh the di~ttce pro~r~m to

follow, Your spee~f~ wo~Id

start ~t"s:~spEt~,~~~th 3U minutes ~Ilotted


fc~r your remarks ancfa~ addition~Y 15 minutes

PE~c~SC CC7nflrF~i +~~JtJr ~ttP.rlf.~$ftGe anfl ~'t?1; t1lG' krlpV~f I~ ~bLt ~1d+1~ ~1?~ 4~U'~~iLXfIS.

Last,nn ~ perst~nai note,f liaue met y~nu on a fie~v occasir~t~s

flq~I't~fthe LlE.~:. Perl~a{~5tA~hc1n tl~ingS

with Tarn Anderson on thri A'h


s~tt{e dt►wn, ti~~ three of u5 c~r~ grab ~

Thank yau,



Jbse~h T. Wi~klander f~~ira~~~~ia)~r~~tlt~tlt~n


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"tic Carthy,Garry 1=."R.Gaery.~ulcGarth}~~?Ghi~ngopc~lice:arg~


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may,C7e tt~t~ert32,2(?i5 2:~7"Phi

Sutject: ~1N: l~ - ~~a~t ~ume~t~rnnt


~rvam:1~~, NliS+~arr[ma~tr~;h1[S~~xt.L`ttt~m~r.c;om~ S~»t:Tub, t~'cernb~~ t?l,~0~5 1:13~M TaE ~u~r~in Subject: tfd1V -BrittBurnr~t~;C3utfront Irnp~rtartr,~~ N~~t~

C?~#ic~r Am~;z~~a —1 hc,}~e tltt5~cnailfinds yt~u w~It, t kn~s~rt(~is his ~s~en a turn4tlkut~ttsdime fc~r5t~~3~. Mt~C-~rthyr as welE ~sthe cityof~l~ica~~. C

been raacar~~s~gi~~~ fr~reveryone wttta has 3~ee+e~r~fall ringthis str~ry.~V'atl~ C9~ tsaid we't~ like#~ give apt. tv~tCartf~y ~ ~, att~rr~ to shire this ihflugl~ts and ~i~ws an ttt~ incident_ tt ~ unfartun~te eta heir Ma+fc~r l:'m~n~~el's~r~Maunr.~m~r~t t~~it ~erha}xs that n~a~r be an ev~r~ b~1:tr~rreason fc~r hitt~ to addr~~~ hls c;c~nc~rns ~, prcrvid~ c~rnrraen~ary Qr~ ~ natiar,~l iev~l.


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1fith~rP !s~ v~~tyf~xr ~~s tai Wb#~t s~ame~hin~ ~~C ~t~d ha~+e~th~ sups. 4141 Eti~1 T3tl~it~tti ~Xt

tvoufd tikefi~~t'~`~n~;£ft. PIe~Sc iet nip know if this is pass3bte and ~ +n+t~uld be more tft~►t I~appY to tii~~Ws~ this in ~l~etefi5 ~t1d answFerar~y~u~s~ioc~s~~u may have.

c~fil Iltt~tvi~V~ ~ f

T#~~nk.}yousr~ ~c~tft~ry~~rtime antic~t~sld~rat~ar~and ~look(~rrrr~r~ftrs

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Mi Seon Lie ANN ~ Erini~ur~~ttC~utFrc~nt ~:~~.Z-27~-78~i~ 9Vl~ 347-3~i6~~~I58 J T: Yt~~'N~wsC~irl

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"~;hria ~tc~nr~° ~~hrlt~.skane~op~ns4Ci~tyfound~tia~~~ qrc~~


~1~+lc~art17y,harry ~."<Garryr.McGarthy~lclzicr~iop~l~ce.c~r~>


TukrS~tay~[3~~tinxi~€`4~1~2Q 5 7:2$ At4i

ui~j~f: l~va#I:~t~le


i ;s~i~t ~i t.~:xt. Kif~~~ lt~~ ~~t°r~~.s c~~nf~~rt~+.~~ ]~ti~ ~~e.~k, but ~1i7~~'t 14s~~.v if y~~rat ~a~~l it,!

tl~t~c~~ttt you c~ici i! w~{~. I'~~~ f~}~i~~~ t~.► ~

~.;tai~.~~t~~~ t~~nc c~cla~ ~►racl1~;~~-+p~ c~ t~ct~~ ~4~T ~~.

I ttt~s ~t r~~i~~, but hag~~~y ~~,~ talk after t ~~~t~

C:hr7stca~la~~• i~ai~ l~r~~it~~.t~~« ~~X7i~'a ~~c:i~:ty l`~('?l.11'~i~iil:t{A1~J





Tuesday,G~eember0~,~f}15 A_52PM

1 Just w~rtt~d to say thank you f~pt' ~+~~tything that yQu ditf fay' ~'t~, fc~r rr~y family, aid fi r tl~+~ ~hica~c~ ~oii~ce b~~artm~~~tt.

Yt7u truly ~~'~ett7issed. t've men a policeman for 3~3 years ~r~c! with tE►e Chic.agc~ ~nti~e p~p~rtrnent

an tenor to work far~~u anct you are the one of the best basses1'v~ ever ~nrot~c~sf For. AE tip

for ~~i and witht~ut h+~itation carp say it ~+ras


time yc~ugQt here the


ev~ryaned not j~+st tie ec~mrntanity but the p~l~~e. Ail cari say is that you'~~ are a Mass aet and are c~utstandin~ I~ad~r.

C~ica~o Pvlice i~~parit

ni had teen derailed aid you tamp ~n with perii~ie~ ~nci practices that r~,a~~ a ~!i€€ere~tce


i don`t

ktt[r4v If yt~u rememf~er the fitst time 1 met you f~ut it w~S at tie C~m~5tat cc~nf~rcn~e

t~~t PERF had h~5t~d in

Pf~INac~~lphi~ ~~fore you wire ~up~rint~ndent.Yt~u were there witfa the New York ~rQu~ and 1c~orrrt~ented that Iwa.s~

fan r~~J~ck Maple and his policing concepts.

At the break yc~u came over wi#fttl~e ~raup end

~t~r,~k my hand and said

that any Fan ofaa+ck Maple was a friend, I'rrt nvt sure if yuu guys were carving raver to rrress with

sure that nn~r Ican saythat t'm a fin of~a~ry McC.~rthy, 1

w~~h yc~c~ nth rig butthe Est.

me car to talk but ~m




t~~ytiny ~,2,~

C~pta~n kiaat~n t~ahmandeji ~t9,~ ~h~ra+~+~ P€~Ifr,~~~p~rtrrrent C?15ttict16,Jet~~rs~n ~drk 5t5I ~.t~iilwauk~e Ave.

tcag~ kl.


~12-7~5-8~1~i ~~x}


Vyt~c#nne~d~y,t~~+~mber23,2(1.~ ~:3?PI~~f

Wrivii~eq~ed~~~nflcferitial infarrnalic~r~ may be cc~r~t~~nec1 in this rri~ ge> If you aye rrat Ckye adcires~~ end ~t~c! in thhs

r~ae~sag~(crr re~~ansibie fvr ~e~vv~rgr~

~~ynt~e.I~ ~ use a ~cx c strop this rnc~ ~ and kindly t~ti~ the s~ad~~ icy rq~iy ~-rr~~ii.

~~es~ t~ s~eh persan), Yoe mad rat copy 4r ~e~ver tl~i~~~c,~ t~,


Y~edt~cstlay~ L~ec~rr~be~`~3+2fli55 ~7 P~!

tr~ir~g Is7~~

~ap~a~~~a~~ &-~hr~anji#9i. taicag~,Pt~i~~rt~era~. ~.~sl.rick7.C~,Jefferson ~~rk ~Z51 hl. N1~Iv~aukee A+ve~ ~#tiCBc~Or ll,F~{)t53{l


C~rEvilegecl~Cortfiic~enti~a! iriPr~rniation may l~c~ ecar~taEn~d In this m~ss~~~. If y+~u ~r~ neat the ~~tdr~s e indicated ~n khis tmess~ge (tar res~►n~ibi~ far delivery t~f~h~ m~ss~g~ to such per~tat~), Yr~u may ~t copy car ti~l v~r this rrn€;~~g~ ko ~+nyor~. Tn sa~cl~ arse yew st~k~ c~struy this message a€~d ~ind~y ra~t~y the s~nd~r key rely ~-t~~Cl.

~a~~t+e~~.~Csa~ea~ T.

~a~~t+e~~.~Csa~ea~ T. Si~rrt: ~V~dnesday,t~'iarct~ 1b, ~t?l~i ~',~~.Pfvt ~ " t ~ : ~:1~ldwetl,


~V~dnesday,t~'iarct~ 1b, ~t?l~i ~',~~.Pfvt


~:1~ldwetl, Galen T.




R~; Fields D~b~srah ~art~i~;Ft1r1t~e tigative File ~1,x,~~~~

~r~mc ~afd~rei~f Galin 7,[m~911'~:~~Ien,~~idw~IlC~~hie~~op~lic~,~r~~

$i~gqIC1~A MC71~idr3y,, Marsh lqf ;~~}~,6 l elf PM

'r`t~ N~I~ttd,f~~ani~l f+~l.

~"iC.r ~,Icll'~J1SC,~ I~G'~~f'IL~f ;~`i4lt3;~@G~: ~~: ~1~'~ - I~('.~ldt`~{'t ri~Cj?~1!''1~3~I~~IVE' ~fri~'~~ ~~$


neesi ire acs hc~€~~e. I ~uv~l! handt~ ii ~tedr~esday_


~+nt t ~~oarty sl~;t su#~ervi~in~ ~tt~rrra~y

~# oC teyal At#ais~s j ~h#cast Po[t~~e L~~~rirnc~t

p.~1A.7d~a.~115 1q; ~~et~<~~trtur~vl}r~3st#ufi~3dtt7fa4~li~

~i+i~rrrr~t~T~u~~c~@ko:~ is crrvem;~ b}r t1~~ iir~cltiS.alc~{:,cut7rrurgi~a'iorti Priv~ry ~ic:t, h~cNt:t ~t. t~ E1;;C`:?.5ip ct seq anal is Int~1~9t~ z~ ~ey~tiail~ c~r~rit~~<,ti~1 ~iit~ is ~ub~~cG

to npiatical~kc aunin<~y jc:lif:r~k ar~ci~ar work {~rc~Cv~l pnNil~g~+s,If you ~~'rt~r', ~s%e~ns~ irrntrediatei+y~ alert'itiwyyiy[!(i~ ~>y i`e,~aEy e-rrx~il and thcM

are +ant t~sn i~~t~~~ide~f r~celvcr uC this nyuss~~j~:, ar i~ #I~i~ i~~

ri~cltl~c thl;~ ~v~~~,*;;~,.:~n~ a;i attaclsrrsit~ [7u 1~~t`elrlivp~, dirhii:u:~,ar cT~py tinsinos%ar~r~

c has txcn ad~:r~~r;~d ttr y~av Iii

~n€~~cr.iny ~tt~s;li~Tierttsarsd it'ygLt AtC I1~tItl'~ ill~t'tSC,IAA 1~?ti~7i+;rlt.tia not~Jis[It

ftkis ~r~tninurd~~tior~ or :~sjy ati;~~hrrr~nts,

t1~r„t'~ritt~~scr takK ~riY ~~~tiat~ i~t i~Clipt~cti u~~n lac Int~mdllC+h ~r~zttytir~~sd jar

i~t i~Clipt~cti u~~n lac Int~mdllC+h ~r~zttytir~~sd jar O t t ~tanday,Marrh i~,~U~ 9 ~ : ~

Ott ~tanday,Marrh i~,~U~ 9~:~5


~C:~~nc~~t, Eieath~r ~ul~~e~Ct~ Fields - G~bor~h 5rr~lkh ~nv~5tig~tave File Giy ~~~

~ldweil, Ga1~ra T.

from: H. Canda~~ Gom,~n ~~~,;J :aunt: FrirJay,1~~r~h X1,2016 ~,1:~C) '~`~.~'olandr[7~~lel Vii. C~: G~n~fao~Orman Scut: ~E: i~t~e~

V i i . C~: G~n~fao~Orman Scut: ~E: i~t~e~ fan, C~l1 ~fl~ pl~a$~ U~?c3~t~ ~~~ C

fan,C~l1 ~fl~ pl~a$~ U~?c3~t~ ~~~ C3t~ ~'ffi~ ar'('an~,~fY'M~f1~S'~Of erne tt~ 5~~ the Crfigin3) ~~~M'3 ~nl~ith If~tr~5k ~~tive file



~►rr~ t-I.{~ttdt~ Corr€jan[t.~.~

l e T~tanit5, ~~ndace ~►rr~ t-I.{~ttdt~ Corr€jan[t.~.~ u~,fect: R a t I ~ r Tti~~rk y

u~,fect: Rat I~


Tti~~rk you.


u~,fect: R a t I ~ r Tti~~rk y o u . -~~rt~lac~ Sent; Friday, February

Sent; Friday, February 2~i, ~tll~ 5~ `~'~at ~4.~andar.~ Gcu`act. Est: R~: t er

~~t~~la~:e, t#c~ r~t~# ur~c~erxt~ftd iwl~y y,~w t+~~r~ surprised tt~ ~1nt~ ~ Gary ~f CFtefile as o~apt~s~d i:U the arig nil f~l~. Y~~c dicF nq~t ~~~u~st tea gee th:E origln~f and i be~i~ve ►said in m.y letter yc~u c~s~l~ lock ~t the tapy of the f4i~ w~ ~ad frort~ the[Mara ~r~ith. case tt~~tyQu preu e~tt~~yIt~ok~d~t. E~~garr~l~~, we have react~~ci vet t~ t ae CPt~ tt~ €°r~~ke ar~~ngem~~ts frar iota t~ t~~i~ the ~ri~ r~e~~ fi3e xher~, t~~ w it lit yat~ h:rti~aw. ~~t~

pa~tte~[s~.Nt~t~nc~ t•i~?7`-~1t~'t€~;ite~:2 ~~?~nr#h VYrkz~t ~:}r~v~; ttit~~t.~C~


,p(~I~~ared tiy~;~1i~,;com E3C~Csr'~.~Q=3~i~E3Fax

~'1~o-#37i~-~7f~t~t~t~iti Ci~i~ag~.lE~i~i~i~ i~O~G'€~

yvww t~~H~m ~rt~l

from: H.~r~iaca~ Borman r(,~~I

S~entc T~ury, et~rua ~5, ~t1~6 4:3€~ F' ' ~a: ad~r~ti~ C~~s~~l rig#. C~. ~ar~r#aceGorman ~ub,~+~~cit:~t~:lel~r

C~~s~~l rig#. C~. ~ar~r#aceGorman ~ub,~+~~cit:~t~:lel~r t~~nx 14s ~s~u knc~~v t~sl rr~~x~th 6 as~C~t~ tc~ view i

t~~nx 14s ~s~u knc~~v t~sl rr~~x~th 6 as~C~t~ tc~ view ire Srrt tltfile t~~t 1 ~~a pr+~riou~iy r~v~wc~ at yt~t~r uffic+~ tack in torte 2~}'~~.

1~41~1FR i Car1~~ i.C~ ~Jt~t t7f~iC~ ~dt~~k!T ~hiS m~nih ~ Lit~S 5~ta'(~~isei~ tLi ~3ttd a rt~~~ p~ t~t~ ~4IC!~s ~{~jai~Stf LU 1I1~ nK1~tllal ~~If~.i

x~~ress+~d my cc~nc~rn with H~atl~t~ranc~ told t~~r ~t~~t I,~uasex~eetl~7~ to ui~w tl~~ ~sri~Rr~al fiil~- ~~,~~in si~7ce I lia4e l~~~n under the +~v~htE7~r r am n~u~ s~*r~~Cfr~gto sec ~ new date to ul~~ that t'i~~-this time I would like try i~nak~ sure th~lthe c~ri$ina[file will had made avall~k~l~fearmy review. Cast yc~~u pf~~s~ fit r~~ know; ~t Y~~r ~arii~st ~p~v~~ier~e~,s~r~t~~a ~ t~t~ vi~e~tM~ aril~~a3 E~#~r~t~ ~ +tl~free?'







Fes:ii,C~nda s-rr~a~[ ~: fir~d~y,~~na~~~29,ZG1 x ; 1 9 P M T~ Nvlan~tl,13aniel , Cc:Candace ~ c

~: fir~d~y,~~na~~~29,ZG1 x;19PM T~ Nvlan~tl,13aniel , Cc:Candace ~c+n7tian ~uta~e~,I~tt~r

Rl~~se Ind ~ttacM~~~l. ""'~* 1~~ti~ i'r~r~n T.)yi eru~ Ga~,~eit PLT~`. This Intc;ri~~~ ct>c~~~e; €n i~~ c;c~af~i~i ~tt~`~rrt~t~:t ~3n tia~~t i~ pri~tlr~~;~cl, e~~tlicY~nt~l, ~n~ cxcnt~t ~`r~m d~scl4sure.:lt is ntcrtdcd Ct~r t~s~ uul~ ~y chc ~Cr:~ar~ tc~ whc~ ~t .~ ~circ,~c~l, E

YS~19 ~124YG 1:~L'GI~C€~ l~ f~ SCI ~rXt~~~ ~i~

~I~ C~[![1f!( ~E~l44`elfC~ L1D"~}SG ~1L5 IF1~Cf1`S33'1~~~C1t1 Elkk AI1~P t?V~~; c~Il£~ ~~~ {rt761~1t~~ !'It~'i

n~rnecl ~t~1~,Ititeit r1h~!.i~~fnr~r~nl nr~1~~~~:,t~~e t~~~+c nas~~~cif'the ~rrc~er, r ~n~Ri~ing~l~ is~ihi:~a ~~~~;~ ~iai~t~rt3 t~ z:~a~iitut~ ~n ~~~trt~nic~ ~i~,n~tu~ unc;c:~ ~ ~~i~t ~~,it~r~~nt t~ 1h~ r~1r~r~ ~s in~luet~d in ti;~


~ C7~ar~rt~l~


V,ltYcin~s~lny,Ueeember0~,~4~.~ ~.:~5 PArt


I~m qta to sure you ire t~v~rut+h~~rr~ed at tl~e nnr~me~nt.l~dfien yrai~ ltav~ tl~~ ~appo~-t~un€~y in the near f~tu~e I wo~Fld like just ~ f~v~r rrtvments of your dime for ~ pf~~n~ ~~nuet~~atior~. I lefit you ~ vaicereiall y~st~rd~y IauC was u~~sur~ ifthe pt~ane nurnt~er wascorrect'PM~ank~


Crtm~rr t~7~i F~(strt ~It~r~g~o ~atie,~ pe~artm~;rjt

viz-~~~-s~~r~ t+~~~~~

~~~w7a1-~il5t~ ~f~l~+~~lac~rry~

rrflec}~t~cz~fl+~k~~[ i~f~t t tray ~ c~ntafr

~~i5 r~ c,~. I ~a~c, a~r,~ rat t a~iresRs~~ it c~atrWc# in tt~s


~ttyt~t~~. In ~u~~~ cam: y~~t ~hauld ~iesuvy the m~ss~~€~ and kindly r~otif~ fi3~~ ser~d~r ley Ply e-maid.

~ {~r~sibi~ fit~r~fdi3r~rys~f

rtx~~ ~ sue3~ t~r~an}. ~ may

cry r~rd~l~ver phisrnc*;~~agetai


~c £att~ty





t~}l,~QI,S 3:~9 Pfd



~UrL~ ~EtII

~~~~t Cr~~~~ my i~'1Y~a~nc

t?n ~~~c `l, 1~,~,~~t 2:~4 Yf~i,C~odsel, T~~~r~e~ 1.

~i~, ~~c yttu ~v~i1~l~D~ ~`c~r ~


~t~ic~~,.Cr~e~scl(i~~.l,i~:a,~.~~~~~lEc:c,~~,~~ ~vrcat~:

.~~.fte~tn rray l~c~i~:an 1'~iir~;9~~5~t3I;'Psnr~~y~~~,~~




Tuesday,[~ec~tnt~er(~1. Q~~?:48 pf~i


~.6~5 W.79


t~pat~t~ faltvart

~t~dt~eyt~lisset ~h~ago Pc~1i~ei~e~artr~ient






Tu~sd~y,December t}1,215 10;13 A~t~



bela~r is a~ drafC. i tried to capture the I~n~u~~e as yQu want it. GIs let me know if you have edits.

a~ drafC. i tried to capture the I~n~u~~e as yQu want it. GIs l e t
c:~awirisple~f~gef C7fft~e of the kt~ytar 31x-7~~-~i8(c~)

c:~awirisple~f~gef C7fft~e of the kt~ytar

"hip ~-mil, aa~ ~~ y at~ac;tu~~nLs i r~t,~~ i~ int~:ndcc~ r~~~ty ter u 1~~ t~~e adc~ ~c ~ r~ar~~cd l~crc,s`n ar~t~ ~~ay ~•i~~~~ain l~~a~ty~ ~rivilegcci any fc~r ~c~aii~d~nti~~! nfarmati~n. if}~~u are ~~e~l;lla~ iitc~y~~~1 ner:~~ici~t pit`i~~is ~-n~~l ~~r 11t~ ~rers~~i t`~:~J~ n;~ilrl~fog ~I~~.~w~rir~~ lY~is dcat~irii~c~~ t~ th+~ iaa[r~7lc~ec~ ~t~~:i~i~;~C~, ~'~u are h~r~1~y ~nt~t~'ied ~~z~t ~~ny ~~i.~rr~inatit~r~,di~trihuti~in,prrrtY~t~;~r ~pyiri t~~'this e-~rt~il, ~nei an;,att~~hnt~nt tlicrctr~ is stri~.ily ~rrnhi~lt~c~. [~'yc~u have ~~c~~uivec~ this ~-m~i~ try~rr~t,p~ zt~ xes~nd ~c~ t~i~ indiv ~€~~ des u~~ ih~ s~~;~,ro~~~,~a~d ~e ~tu~a~r~tt~ c~+e~~;te 1 €~ cari itt~3 ~t~zcf any ~~~py of any ~-mz~il ~a~d x~~tc~t t3~ctcr~~.




Tuesday, p~cemlaer01,Z~15 1.07 PM


Gaol Luck


am 5[3 sorry t0 Sep yOl~


YGu have done sc~ much far our ciepa~rt~~nt and have led us froRn the fr-~nt_ am proud to


have served on yflur team and will always be grateful to you. wish you the very best in all your future endeavors.







MoncJay, Decemb~~ 7.4;2015 ~.:U~ PM


F1N_ GM Cflntacts


G~~9 ~ontacts.CSV

Mere is ~ sprea€1sf~e~t of all the ~or~t~cts yc~u Dave ~55r~~i~t~[i with ynur~ dep~rtrner3t errt~iL

(7fficerAr7fihor~y Isla

Rt~oject rViana~er Unit 125 lnfarmatiQn Se~uices f~i~vi~ion


35105. Michigar7Ave

~hicaga, t~ ~;0~5~

This P-mail, and ar~y attactunents thereto, is intended only far use by Lire addr~sse~{a} n~rned trerc;n anti rn~y cor~ram Icgall~; F~rPlil~acd and,1or to«fidentiai

inf❑rmation. If you arp nor the intNnded reCipie[rt o(lh~s e-mall;ar the pcisort res~acrnslblc far'~leliyerin~ tl~is d~cunient to the intended r~cipi~:nt},you area herby

natlflcd shat any disscrn;natl~n,dlstrlbutian, pflYttlng of rpRYlnq ~f ~hi5 ~e-mai9, and any atiachme~nt ther~ta, is strirtlti~ ~rrohibited. t[ you

error, nlease ms~rcnd t~ the individual sen:lin~ the m~ssa~e,and parn-~dnently deiEte the oCiginal and atty~ copy of any c m,~ll and prl~~ta~rtthereof,

leave recclwcr~ this c mull En


SMent: Monday,Qdce~nber Y4,~~~.51 :34 ISM 'err;Isle,~tnthc~ny[~. ~uf~je~: ~M Can~icts




Tue.c~y,€~ecetnber t~l,.)1,~ 12: 2 Pd~i


Tl~+~f~YC}t1~RC}CviA ~RAIEFEIL~iT~f


I ~r~~ .c~arr~ t~~ hour th~e~ ynii wilt rao ~r~r~~er t~~ 1ct~r~a~t~ tfi~c~ ~.~xir~u,~~y Yr~l~c:e L~~,~~3r~rlrxtc~x~t.~ b~~~it~t~a~, ulc rii~ ~vrth

~~rurt,~ ~"fai~ct;~tr~r~5, t,~u,t yr~u ~u~~~e ~l~,aa~: ~r~ c~rttaxt~~,~,Jctb lr~ ~1Ei~

ihr~t 1,tl~~a.~ 1~rtd ~a~tlr~ zz+~t ~tt~vc!b~c~rt rrr,~},,y~:t,~~ttc ~rrrtrllzd tt w 1~t.rtr~rr,~xtla, ~~'a°~crg unrlerr>fi~s~, ~ tiv~as~

crlr+~uy~.~r~~r,t treltcx~~~}~rr~ ~ck~r~s~nti~.~ us c,~ ~ ~ ctrl 4tcr f~ u~a~t,~E=lr t~ru~ tfzc r ~~ wtt,~ a sr~~i~r plu~:~: M+~at~r,}~~u ~~ ~lt~ 1 ~~t1~"t~~~u~'trzt~rtt.

t~r~tcr tVc~viK~ti,~~

thi.~ rr~~c} ttt r~ +~lt~ t,~t~a t~~~ hi.~~xr>ry

€ rx~ #~c~~ errs~~rer t~f:.rt~r~n~e:~sF~ar~t ~rit~r~tt~r~. , ttx,, ~rxr~ ~r nc~~ ~~ra~,~~t, Iiu~~i~t~ ;~e~t~i ~~ ~rtc~esti~

~'ftC3SEl'"~~J to m~ trtrr~.r~are ~rr#~~~trin~.~ r~~rt o,~xc~ttt~e~~

s~~~z~~,.f wlstt i~ w~'ts c~~ :er~ta~ ;~j~rit~.

~:c~~- I ~cur~t~f ir~~str ,yr~u ~rrcf~~rxtr I~rvct} ~vi~e i~ ~an~~r~ tr~r~~~~tt, !►rc[ it ~~c~rc`~ b~:r~~t}.

r~~u r~i-treur~r 1 ut S.~3r►.N'> i~F'~lta in fir€*~fr~~:rn~~r's

K~~e,~~~tcr ~i~u~'t~~a, ~.arr}~., vvx4't~~ ~a c;u.~~r~c~~tya ~f ~at~~n~,kr ~.~err thur. yv~s haurl ~p:r~ rn~t~: trr ~re~at~r~~; ctrrr

~'~s~u~j~r~~€l~re~ rte ~l~ct Mc~~or~'~r c~zv.ra~; ~1~ tc~ pr~st~t~~^r~ xe7 c~~kfrat~y~ttr• r~°si~;raut~•t~~~, h~tt ~'kr~rrv~,~~r~.'l[ cr~~t~i~rtt~ try

~r~~~~ u cli,~,~e:r~:rtr:~ art. l aw ettforce~ne~~t u~tl t~ 1tuJ~~~,~rxtt~ ~tc~y in +(,ltieagn, lE,s P~c~~rt r~,~~~tx,wur~r bra knr~►~r~~c~u ara~' t tux,s~~ty~vr~ t~c~~°~t~r~~ hxxtt~f~ hEt~~ in flxefr~ture~










Saturday,C~ecemb~r 12,2415 ~:~5 AM


Fv,+d: Na~emb~r grime5umm~ry

~cntfrnrn my i~'l~c~nc

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Frame: Ne~~r:~ ~"s,.ffa z~ ~:nwsi~tfr~~c~hi~€~ ~c~~otice.rr~r ~3at~« L~~ccinl~cr 1,2(l~~ st 1:5:58 AI~I "I` Sut~ject:l~c~vem~cr Crirr~tSummery

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M~7R17~RS ~ Jan — ~i)~t~lV





SfI~~J'11NC,~ — Ian ~~11 I: 2{l4S



~(}1A: l~i~5


-3fJ NC~~~.

SH(ICJT[N~T VI~:S 1 ,i~tn-3{1IBC}V 2~J~1: 2335





P~IU~tUER~ -1ti1t~~Mt3FR



~Q1~: 1.7



SHUO'I'II`*1C.r•"~- I~IC)~EivT1~T''R


'2{~~12: 193



2(1:15: 16~





2(}14; x.57








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Tues~la~.C3~cesst~t~r U8,2015 8;1~ Ah~#



Hi Garr}r,

Did ~~'t know 1;h~

last time was going tc~see ynu wes lake week, IUot sure ifiy~c~t~~ 2~r~ still getting


mails ~t thisaddress bc~t

It~uant~d t~ I~t yQu know ttt~t Ie~joyerl warktng with yau. Iknew you will land an

need time to decompress,

Great you fairlyas think QW

b~+t please know that if yc~u decide io ~i~e


My p~r~an~ic~lii AIC the ~~st to you,


5~~ttft+atxa ray it~ht~~~

an interview,

your fait. Ncan only imagine you

I hope yt~e~ u~r~ulsi tcrntact me. I will




Tu~sdaYr D~c~mber ~8,~~15 5;~~ Pfvl





a gootf mathend'~ hard +~+~ricec.

~' ~~k~ fir your sr~~po~t ~u~r r~nyt~nur~.

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tan floc ~,x[115,at~:5z t~h+~,~alurts,SteWc~r~ M. <Saeuer~Y~'~!~r.i~t~~~lc~a a~~~ic~.or~~ wrote;

~wsi wanfied tryspy t~rank you fireverytl~ir~gthat you did fic~rme,for mti~fi~amil~,,and fir~GheChica~a Pcaliceaepartn~~n~.Y~er krul~are nnissed. i"we been a ~~I'i~em~t~ fr~r~~ years and with the ~Ci'ti~~~pPolice Qepart~t~ent~~~'~(~tttl wl#haut.

t~~sit~ti~n 1 cart say it t+v~5 ~~a Jtt~n~r to work ~`~t'y~u ~ti~cl you ~c~ the c~r~e c~F the be~St ~~'s !'ve Q~er

s~t~rk~cl fir. A€ ~h~ tines yr~er ant Ft~r~ t[te CF~ic~ p iic~ pepartnrtent hac! Viers derai[,~d and you carry in with palic~~s~r~r practicesthatrnaciea differ~encr liar~ueryr~ne,witjestthe~c~rnmun ~ beettt~ p~~~ce.

}~11 ~ c~ sad is Shat you're are a cl~~s act and ara t~uC~t~t~c~in~ lead~a~,

I t1c~r~'t kr~aw if y~~u r~m~rnk~~r the first ~im~ 1 mgt you k~u~ it was at tfte Cr~m~~~~t: canf~r~n~e tt7ax P`C~C~ t~~d fic~~fied irePIiil~~d~l~tl7i~ k~~for~ you wire S~p~rir~t~nd~nt.You wire t~l7~r~ with kh~ ~1ew York gaup


I evmm~nt~~l that I was ~ fan flfJack tVl~~1e ant!hip }~alicingconcepts. At thr~

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w'Ith the grr~vp anti sht~Ak tt~y hand a~td s~a`rd ~h,~t 8ny f~~ t~€Jack Ma~r~e was a frt~r~~l, I'~11 not:sure if ydra buys were ~or►ti'sr~g avet'to miss v~ti~ €tie tarc~ talk but Carr~ sire That rt~+~r ttarpsay that t'rn a fain ~f t~a~ry ~Vtc~art[~~r~ wish you rtr~thing but the best




Thursday,[7~ec~r~t~~`~?~,2a15 33? f'~v1



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