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THE WAY IT IS Words and Music by B.R. Hornsby Freely Am? Em7 D c G D Medium tempo arorreneenca Caddo AT Em7 D Caddo 5 ee ca a = ' see oo Stand-in’ inline, mark-in’ time, } wait - in’ for the wel fare dime} “Hey lit - tle boy, you can’t go where the oth - ers_— 20,-| pased a law in’ six ty -fourto] give those who ain't got ait “te —- TS =F “cause they *eause you don’t but it. on can’t look y buy like goes: . job. The do.” 1 said, far, *Cause the adda if >= man in the silk suit hur - vies by. As he | catch-es the poor old a - dies’ eyes, “Hey old man, show. can you. stand to | think that way? Did you Jaw don't change an = oth - er’s mind when all) it sees atthe shir - in’ time just for fun he says, “Got a jot real ly think a-bout it be-fore you made the _rules?”"He ssid: Sony is the Hine onthe col- or bar kt SSS D ‘cads9