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More on freepianosongs “ A WHITER SHADE OF PALE Words and Music by KEITH REID and GARY BROOKER Inaslow 4 c cB C/A c/s F F/E Om Dm/C Ee ae EE He Za = ite turned cart - wheels ‘cross the though in truth we were at light fan = dan - go, and the truth is plain to homa— on shore ea { , oes ea - son, floor. 1 was feeling kind of sea - sick, So "I took her "by the _look- ing glass Om7 & oF Em a7 | Bur | wandered through my playing cards © Copyiht 1967 Wetminser Music Lid, London, Englan {TRO - Essex Moe nes New York contol al publication fights or te USA. and Canada Intemational Copyright Secured A Rights Reserved Including Pe Pevormance For Prof Used by Permission ‘The room was hum=ming hard Say-ing,"You must be them fone of six.- teen ves - tal vir sing flew a = way, who took Nop: tune for a rida, Sing) for the coast. B: etn er drink. sad fyiseesettees=eueee=ees ° es fpeinsnnssnnsssnnaenane er straight -way die More on freepianosongs FE En 168 c6 cB Am c Eo Be i FS “ . asthe mill -er Dm7 (4 : I f Fi if ~ pS = ayo = ee = tase a os = # =a = t oe -