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<tombrady> - do you mind pointing out some things

<tombrady> - i need to work on

<Chris Langland> - Sure!
<tombrady> - before u take of
<Chris Langland> - First thing is watch your deployment. Putting the RGC into that
difficult terrain morass was bad.
<tombrady> - hahaa
<tombrady> - misunderstood the rulkes
<tombrady> - on DT
<Chris Langland> - I always count squares to important objectives. You did that
very well with the Stormies grabbing the objectives
<Chris Langland> - Yeah, I can see that. I still would have put the RGC closer - I'd
have to worry far more about where he might end up.
<Chris Langland> - I might have even passed on opening the door that turn in order
to hit you next turn.
<tombrady> - hm
<tombrady> - wher ewould u have placed him
<Chris Langland> - Probably either right on the door or just behind.
<tombrady> - hmm
<tombrady> - sounds good
<Chris Langland> - On the door, with an officer move, he could have gone 2 deep
into my deployment zone and still done Brutality.
<Chris Langland> - Errr, 1 deep. But STILL.
<Chris Langland> - I don't want to open that door if that is the case!
<Chris Langland> - Then all those Stormies over near the terminal live.
<tombrady> - ohh
<tombrady> - assuming
<tombrady> - they cross the DT

<tombrady> - to even get tot he data room

<Chris Langland> - With double moves, they can go almost anywhere.
<tombrady> - even if i keep my rgc next the door
<tombrady> - if you dont see me shooting the door down
<tombrady> - tehy u know ur safe
<Chris Langland> - True, but I think controlling the terminal nearer to the objectives
is good
<Chris Langland> - One thing you could look at with this rotation (won't help in the
league) is Elite Snowtroopers.
<Chris Langland> - They ignore the DT, and can grab those droids and make for the
terminal quickly.
<Chris Langland> - That's a LOT of points.
<Chris Langland> - Well, when you saw me line up against the door, you should
know I'm knocking that sucker down.
<Chris Langland> - I wanted to hold that room and shoot down the corridor with
Luke and Leia
<tombrady> - ah
<Chris Langland> - You ended up shifting over there, but your troopers ended up
coming in a little piecemeal.
<tombrady> - lol
<Chris Langland> - I don't think there was much you could have done about it once
you got started
<tombrady> - should have spreaded my ST out
<Chris Langland> - In deployment, yes
<tombrady> - is that so you can react
<tombrady> - to your opp
<Chris Langland> - Exactly.
<tombrady> - so that means going first
<tombrady> - sucks

<Chris Langland> - Yes, it does.

<tombrady> - since u get countered
<Chris Langland> - Plus, the other side gets Initiative second turn.
<tombrady> - why is that signinificant
<tombrady> - significant
<Chris Langland> - Because everyone is set up for attacks at the end of Turn 1
<tombrady> - ah
<tombrady> - makes sense
<tombrady> - alrighty, il keep note of what you said
<tombrady> - thanks for the game
<Chris Langland> - Usually the first turn is positioning, but unless someone
overextends, there isn't a lot of attacks.
<tombrady> - gotta grab dinner
<Chris Langland> - You've got it! Hope that was helpful!
<tombrady> - gg and thanks
<Chris Langland> - You too!
RGC vs leia,luke, sabs
would be awesome if you can talk about strength, weaknesses, overall strategy

Sure! I ran a similar list at Worlds, though Leia wasn't out then.
Sabs and Luke are the real hitters, though Leia can also put some hurt on.
With your list, if they're smart they will focus up the Sabs and go for a stun on your RGC.
Then, Battlefield Leadership Leia and Luke into him until he is dead.
sounds good
anything with positioning?

Your targets should be applying the RGC into his Sabs. Unless they X out, he'll kill them in a single hit.
If they're dumb, they'll leave two in a spot where you can Brutality them.
The weakness is that the Sabs range stinks, and Luke and Leia can't see through models.
Focused Sabs are guaranteed a hit at Range 4, and their unlikely max is 8. Very, very unlikely.

So positions for you is to keep your Stormies up front, preferably putting them 8 spaces from the Sabs. That way
when they try to hit and run, they'll have to end up closer to you.
If you can, rush your Stormtroopers into the midst of them all, followed by the RGC.
That way, they can't use Blast, and if they kill a Stormtrooper you Executor.
the 8 spaces away thing sounds good

If they mess up and give you the opportunity, take down Leia. She should be the target of your Stormies. She negates
surges, but with only 8 health it still doesn't take too many shots to take her down.
Be careful of keeping 8 away: Leia WILL win a sniping contest.
looks like storms hit 4 distance
on average

You want to stage 8 away from Sabs, then rush forward shooting.
if i keep 8 then i have to move 4 and shoot

It might even be worth skipping your attack to get them into the midst of the Rebels.
While they are occupied by the Stormtroopers, your RGC runs up and starts wrecking them.
it looks like sabs have average 4 distance with a yellow and their +3 acc

The rest of your Stormtroopers then attack.

Yep, and let me tell you I got screwed counting on that so many times.
I learned to just play the safe thing and go for range 3 shots or 4 if I was focused.
If I was near Luke, I might try one more space because of the reroll.
is the ideal way to play sabs
is to have them move shoot
and move back
in 1 activation

Absolutely. They can't take a lot of damage. That's why you need to take the risk to rush them. Your opponent will be
more worried about saving his Sabs than about maximizing damage.

Send in one Squad, maybe just two models, of regular Stormtroopers. They'll die, but they'll absorb hits that otherwise
would hit your RGC.
If you're free tonight I'll play that list against you if you like.
sounds good

i just ran the numbers for rgc vs a sab

doesnt looke like 6 dmg

is that common

Yep. Sounds right. But they will be so scared they'll stop thinking straight, and you can get little shots in with your
I know I'd start panicking about and RGC amongst my Sabs.

have storm troopers distract weaker, but important units like sabs (1 defense white)
by moving them up in their face. either they shoot the troopers or move away. this
saves the RGC from being attacked. that round.
troopers are an in your face type of army. esp with rgc