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Dictator = Hitler

Hitler rose to power in Germany because of the lost of World War One. Germany
was in search for a new politician which helped Hitler's rise to power. In the late 1920s
the Nazi party was made up of at least 3000 people.Most of them disliked the Treaty of
Versailles.They started to look for an upcoming politician. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi
movement was a second choice and they lead in some recruits.This caused the military
to be terminated and caused the citizens to pay taxes to different countries ((Ingram,
56)).Not only did the things they had to do change but the mood of germany also

changed. After the lost of World war 1 the mood was dreadful in germany. They had no
more belief and the government was fragile.A economic depression had hit and put tons
of people without a job. The Treaty of Versailles put leadership in the hands of germany
and provided a chance for a new leader to rise to power ((Ingram, 56)). In addition to
looking for a new politician , Hitler was doing everything he could to get people to vote
him which would help his rise to power . Hitler visited many other countries to win
people over. He pledged work for the unemployed, prosperity, peace, and return to past
glory. On February 1, 1933 Hitler said on the radio that We are not fighting for
ourselves but for Germany.(Ingram, 56)Hitler was not only known for doing things to get
people's attention he also was a really good speaker .Hitler engaged eager germans
because he is a dominant and compulsive speaker.He pledged a more suitable life. He
also plead to younger people and unemployed (, 11). Hitler had the only
political party left therefore that confirmed that his rise to power was a success.The Nazi
party started a new policy. They forced the government to line in authorize with the Nazi.
They destroyed trade unions and forced employees into the Nazi organization. Hitler in

forced all these laws so that he could maintain power over Germany . To make sure
that he was the only leader he made his first set of policies.( USHM, 2)To do this he he
used new and improved communication devices.To cause fear and chaos he set the
Reichstag on fire. All of this happened around February 1933.
While Hitler's rise to power was a success , he still needed to find a way to
maintain power. The new actions that he took on intended to help Hitler maintain his
power.The first thing Hitler did was enforce rules on wages. He also put a limit on what
people could get.The government imposed a 4.5% interest rate ceiling. Hitler also
reduced the amount of trade that you were able to do. ( Ayer, 95) Over time Hitler's rules
changed completely. At first millions of people were without a job because of hitler. He
started working to bring germany back to the way it was before . After three years just
about everyone had a job again ( History Learning Site, 9). Let alone his actions wouldn't
be the only thing he did , he made up a plan to maintain his power. Hitler took power of
Germany so that he could try to take control Europe.He made a book of his plans that
was called Mein Kampf.He wrote this book while he was locked up in 1924. One of
the plans he had in his book was to get rid of the Treaty of Versailles. He also took
control of things that world benefit himself and no one else (,1). Since he only
does things to benefit himself it makes everyone else suffer. Between 1939-1945
around 11-14 million people died . About 6 million if them that died were Jews. Most
deaths happens at concentration camps. Around the same time Hitler had assembled
the war and the German army had grown .
Alternatively hitler's maintain of power did not last and he adventually lost power .
Hitler kept trying to win more and more people over but failed to do so.Propaganda was

a key to win over the people of Germany. The Nazi sometimes even intimidated them to
vote Hitler as their leader (Ayer, 56). The Nazis also did all of this so they could go on
with their racial program.( Ayer,9 ) Since the NAZIS was the only political party left they
made all the rules . After a few months of Hitler being in power the NAZIS was the last
political party that was left in Germany.There were two groups that created different
camps .The camps were inside old abandoned buildings . The SA group went around to
find all the people who disliked Hitler . In the end Hitler's plan to win people over failed,
people started to lose faith in him and forced his to lose power. Hitler started to become
hungry for power (Ayer, 78). People used to love the idea of having hitler as their leader
but now people could care less about him. the people of Germany used to say Heil
Hitler now they are starting to not even speak to each other anymore ( The History Place,,9 ).
Since no one wanted anything to do with each other they had no more trust in hitler. On
April 30TH Hitler died. He committed suicide and died the same day as his wife. Before
they died they both had said their goodbyes to people. Hitler had committed suicide by
shooting himself in the head with a pistol.(Geoffrey. ,194 ).

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