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RECITATIVO E DUETTO td RECITATIVE AND DUET BENEDTO DON PASQUALE ERNESTO and DON PASQUALE DON PASQUALE Son Orsi parlialnipoti-no: afareileervellino ve.da Recitatf}ps *@-¥ivesme! Now tose my little nephew: V'llteach the silly dreamer not to P lapks behind scenes, ) nelle spone. SCENE ua eile ope.) BOENA Ht che siguadagna, | Eecoloap-punto. challe: Herehe is coming. hhallenge his, er op INg. tino ¥ Gimgeten tempo. Stavo per man. ‘i > ely visit Twat Just now <> i> — é -daryiachiamare, Favo.rite. Nonvo'farviun sermone, vidomandoun minutod’attenzione. go-ing tocall you. Your indulgence; I'veno sermon tomenticn, I request but a momentof attention, Is ve-o onon vero chesaranno due mesi, {o v'offersi lamand’una zitellano-bi-le, ricea_e ghis ue or is itnot true that two months have gone by now, since I offered to youa girl to marry,beautiful noble and "ERNESTO Ye-ro. ‘Youdid so, bella? pergiunta unbel'assegnamento,ealla mia morte fo pos. ition, wealthy? Did I promise in add: amost substaritial income,andon my passing, all my pos- i ‘iando, inca.sodi ri _ fiuto,di -, e,atorviognispe. BuPPeieaten, insaseofyourretusn'aly’ to ~ disIn-hers it? shdendyocren tpec~ mnéa, ammogliarmise’duopo? Or bene, lasposa chevroffersiorsonduemesi, veloftroan. SEtone, ae to harry iineedege: Altrec hen Reffcred you oretinonths agon bebowtal I askonce ‘Nol posso; mo No.ri _ na, la mia fe Teannot! Jove No-ti_= na, Ali my faith, giovinepo vera, maono- Have fespect fora niiden of fov= erty? “but of con una spian.ta ta. fo 2 ruined -wo-man, Wy sdeparocn bl mentee, Siete so? Qrben, pen. ‘Younave made yous decision? Atfghe, Bot: i mi diseac. cia .te? "Tis so you would dismiss me? -sa.te — atrovarviun al . loggio. La vostra . ‘sider where tolook for new lodgings. Tf youwill be ” so > > t . Fatediprovvedervi: io prendo moglie. lon. Makefor yourself provision: I'm getting married, Prender moglie ting maftied! => Per te la sor . presa... Par Zdonme if I'mas = tonished... a 7 a Pa oR moma Salsa, lie. i. moglie. Hhedettoole ri pete. tJ 2a To, Pa-squa.le da Cor., - den-te,qui pre. sen-te,qui presente incarne ed thpecagie' eo r=, esa nds tee Fonsanding tending here i Sood and beeps picsees. - pee 5, aa feainee cayineas ie PEN ARE ede ger: he E> ib we . ERNESTO =netohomi vadoadammo.gliar, chemi vadoad ammo . gliar. snevtofaim about to takes er. Tee aise” Sa "Si, si, scher - za.te. Youre sub - “ty” ~ joking Lo ve. dre.te al nuovo > Youwili see be-fore the SS Scherzo un cor . no, Take war = ing: 28 4, 7 = fle-aio - mastomabenmelte, conser vaatoy.2 PEUgMS © 12-8? >: , tg ee SEE ESS a ~ Uda We dade oe, Shots > =ri-no, a.ra-teviasfrattar, voifrattanto, signo- iad-die’, “pari-ure shall pre-paré, in the meanwhile little 2 tE a- tevia “part > ture you'll ad GR ES RRA APE He 8 ERNESTO olea questa mahiva i miei piant arovesci SG esas ths md dns Yor nay plans toineet despa to tneee despa), cre, Tall. SP. (So. gnosoa . ve © ca (Dream, "20 enthtali - ing and ten de’ miei primanni, ad di Bra. mai_______rie.chezzee dream of my childhobd, you per T wished for wealth and NS SY RS | BG \ so. lo pert, — ben mi on = ly forhet cher (via veh chogrigi Gaz oN SYR ove. ca. jor and rosbban - - te. - to, ¢ a ‘alone, de = ject _ma le! cho tangheroostina ._ toshetanghero osti- ~"men 7 ied! Ah sbornne fends tae oh hoe ete ae’ 8a — a=’ *_s Eo Ge iets =a a ee i Bh. Suse pate! chetangheroostinatochetangheroostina . to! “fendsmet his stubbornness offends ipe, oht,uow the dolt offends me! oy <3 Forhow ? ain contentzedeil he omprchend’ me, thnow why fe is geving aow tat A.dessomanco ma - Je mi . ta . t¢ ‘bensodave i duo - Jebensodovegli. ee ra, duo. Ie,ma é desso che lovuo. le,maddesso ct grieving, buy "is his own achievingygyr tiehis own achieving and so he can have noone except ‘yuo le,non altri che sé egli inco] Raneltto ooo eG zioa te, al, ca -ra, ee diy, jes, dearest, fe, pria che yeder - -days be -fore I'dsee you mj - sera,cara tinun sul > fering loved renounge, bensodoye gi duet. Pe ReCT ORE ela arieve, ra, ca. ra, ri. mn . aio, ri-mm . zioa—— ling, 1 “would” te _“nounce “you, re- noun youto tei che se stes - 80 eli incol -par ne de’. oP sl He canhaveno-oneekeepsnmatt "to bisnie. ‘A -des-go,manco ma-le,manco ma-le,manco ma -le, For now” amcontented, Fmcontented "I'mcontent ed; ———__ ri. mum Eloy Bia, chove-der fi mise.ra r- 2 nounce fore Td — Fothow)am contente deerme eRe Ita, ocr ra, a ioverE"18-nstnce you’ wo-dS). I parcapa-ci-ta - tor eno m HB B'febompchendsine: Tmoonented) 82 ale ancordi vo.lo. re with your permission, teowadenat ad aseol. Tam wait-ing to pay at- Ra Allegro moderato > r Tn - gan - i po. = Je: ben fa. 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