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A Narrative Report in CWTS

In present time, we are much aware of the fast-growing society and

the differences of people. Our lives became easier because of our new world.
There have been many changes in how we deal with our daily lives. However, we
are well-informed that not all people have the ability to live their lives in a more
comfortable and high cost way of living. As we all know, it is because of poverty
which has been a huge problem in families especially here in our country, the
Last Saturday, we are instructed by our professor to interview a
certain family in the Purok 2, Barangay Barlis, Cabanatuan City. We had
interviewed a 63-year-old father of the Paclaon family who has been living in the
said barangay since he was born; his name is Ernesto Alejo Paclaon. His wife is
Marlita Paclaon who is 62 years old and a housewife. They have been married
since 1980 which was unplanned. They own their present house and have 9
children which all were vaccinated like anti-measles. 5 of their children had
already graduated from college with business-related courses and have started
to build their own families and, the remaining 4 are still studying. Also, their
religion is Iglesia ni Cristo and their language is Filipino. Tatay Ernesto had only
graduated in high school and did not pursue to continue studying in college.
However, he still managed to support the needs of his family. He was the
barangay captain last 2003 until 2007. Now, he is currently a kawagad and a
carpenter, since he was in his adolescence period, in their respective barangay.
Every month, he earns at least P9, 000 and their monthly expenses range from
P6, 100-P8, 000 excluding the emergency expenses. Whenever a member of
their family is sick due to illnesses like fever, hypertension, and others, they go to
the hospital to see their private doctor. Also, when his wife was pregnant they
would always go to the hospital for certain check-ups and her child delivery. In
terms of their resources, it is not that good but, it is not also that bad. They get
their water from a fire hydrant or well of water. They dispose their garbage by
means of burying biodegradable garbage into the grounds and the nonbiodegradable ones are being collected by the garbage collectors. Tatay Ernesto
said that their place is not affected with flash floods even though; it is near to the
river. Hence, he is very much aware of the climate change happening today.
Lastly, their respective barangay managed and conducted programs for the
betterment of the nature such as proper segregation of wastes and observing
cleanliness in their community.
Life is indeed unfair for not giving every people a better way of life.
But remember, the person you are in ones eyes defines if you are high class or
low. You can be the poorest of the poor but still have your pride, values, manners
and that person is more of a person than those with all the money in the world.
The important thing is how you are as a person and being with the people you
love. We may not be equal in other peoples eyes but in God, we are all just the

Wesleyan University-Philippines
Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija
Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

A Narrative Report in CWTS

Group 3: (BSMT 1-3)

Angelica Rico
Diana Rose Antimano
Monina Villaroman
Mark Cedric Padiernos
Tonnie Rose Camua
James Ivan Moreno
Fernando Laus

Submitted to:
Prof. Aljay Sevilla


Group 3 with Tatay Ernesto

While interviewing Tatay Ernesto


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