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Due may 10th 2016

English 1B
Mrs. Livingston

I am Elgin Sailes and I am 18. My topic today is engineering.
Engineering has been passed down throughout my whole family. When I was
young my father and my uncle use to stay up all night designing houses and
cars. I was the only kid throughout the house who would stay there until I fell
asleep trying to learn something. I choose to learn rather than play or sleep.
When my father died I was forced to grow up and fast. I still believe to this
day that god had a reason for that and I have learned a lot from the
situation. I had all this anger and I hated everything, I hated the fact I had to
wake up every morning and think, I couldnt save my own father. I will
never forget to keep a promise to him that I would look out for my family.
Please enjoy my future plans and always stop and think, if you stop to listen
we all might help someone who needs it.
Until next time,




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describe this poem I would start by saying I

creative assignments such as this. This
assignment was for English and I really
want to do it because I thought it was a
time. As I started doing it, I began to enjoy
just put a little fun into it. With all good
please enjoy my poetry.


This power point

displays my plans for this career in
the military. Since
Im joining the Army to help further
my abilities and other reasons, I thought I can kill two birds with one stone.

My brochure shows
information about my career
reasonings and career
path. I want and will do these
fields of choice as they all connect. If youre wondering by now as to why it seems
to be different choices. Its not its just I want to do these things in my career and
for this project, it would be incomplete to talk about one thing when I have all these
other connections.

The Architectural Engineering Technology Concentration prepares students for
employment in the fields of architecture, engineering, and construction. The
program prepares technicians with a broad background in many different areas of
applied architecture and construction through coursework in design, presentation,
estimating, specifications, construction materials and environmental systems
allowing for a thorough contact with the entire industry from design through
completed construction.
Graduates of the Architectural Engineering Technology Concentration should
be able to:
Produce a set of residential and commercial architectural schematic design
and design development documents using current computer applications.
Demonstrate basic knowledge of producing construction drawings.
Produce three-dimensional models and presentations drawings using
traditional and computer generated techniques.
Demonstrate knowledge of the materials and methods of construction for
residential and commercial buildings.
Identify and calculate the physical forces exerted on building structures.

Above is the statement/ speech that a college made to some students who were
becoming architects and or civil engineering. The two are closely related. Below is
the speech by a fairly well known architect who is known for designing futuristic
homes and other buildings.

Today, we lost a future-utopia visionary. The neo-futuristic architect Zaha Hadid died
at age 65 after a heart attack on Thursday. Her official website, which is currently
offline, stated that Hadid was being treated for bronchitis in a hospital in Miami,
Florida, at the time of the attack.

The Iraqi-British architects designs have been described as famously extravagant.

Hadids signature parametric architectural style evoked abstract structures out of a
futuristic metropolis. She was known for incorporating shapes and geometries in
different ways. Some of her most famous projects include the London Olympic
Aquatic Center, the Wangjing SOHO skyscraper in Beijing, and the Maxxi Museum in

Over her 30 years of experimentation and research in urban architecture and

design, Hadid has received many accolades, including being the first woman to ever
win the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004. This year, Hadid also became
the first woman to win the Royal Institute of British Architects gold medal, which is
approved by the Queen.

Hadid was fearless with her words and was relentless in her fight for women in an
ever male-dominated architecture world. In her acceptance speech for the Royal
Gold Medal, Hadid said:

We now see more established female architects all the time. That doesnt mean its
easy. Sometimes the challenges are immense. There has been tremendous change
over the recent years and we will continue this progress.


These are very futuristic and very huge as well. I guarantee they cost a lot not only
to build but maintain.

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