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13 Use atter page 29 (53) Heart and Soul from the Paramount Short Subject A SONG IS BORN Words by Frank Loesser Music by Hoagy Carmichael ‘Arr. by Martha Mier Moderato 4 1, mf love with you ——. and the way a fool would do, La 4 — Optional Pay sighth notes abituneveny, @& od @ in a “lilting” style: long short long short, etc. Copyright © 1938 (Renewed 1965) by Famous Music Corporation Iniernational Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved. 14 be-cause you held me andstole a | kiss _in_ the night. Heart and Soul I begged to be a-dored. | Lost con - trol m4 x4 4 and tumbled o-ver-board, | glad - that magic night we | kissed mf, moon-mist. Oh! but your lips were | thrill - ing, much too 7 8 me, 15 Nev-er before were | mine strange - ly what one em-bace can do. c_4 = it's got me lov-ing you | mad tle kiss you ar . ———_=___