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Qi ‘A set of logically related tasks performed to achieve a defined outcome i called a A. System 8. Process c. Data D. information F Knowledge 12 Aset of interrelated components that collect, manipulate and disseminate data and information, provide feedback mechanism to mect an objective sa. AA. Information Syetem B. Process CC. Kooledge D. Performance E. Database 23 Accuracy reliability, completeness are three of the many characteristics of — A Information Systems B. Performance measures ©. Valuable Information D. Feedback E. Knowledae as Ficeracy means to know the how and why technology is applied in business. Information Technology Computer Education Information Systems Business 5 The concep in which organizations adapt to new conditions or aker their practices overtime is called Organizational change Continuous improvement Reenaineering ‘Transformation Organizational leering 0.6 What is measure of how widely technology is spread throughout the organization? Technology diffusion Technology infusion A e ©. Quality . E Technology acceptance Literecy 2.7 Managers require right information at the right time for Survival Customer supplier intimacy Reengineering Improved decision making Good salary 8 Computer programs that control and coordinate the hardhare are called Software Data management A a C. Telecommunientions D. storage media e Controllers 9 What kind of organizational structure allows employees terms of location and time? accomplish tasks when separated in OA. Project and team 8. Flat CC. Hierarchical © O. Virwal E ‘Tractional ar busines rere eae coorinaton among dierent funcional eparimens © A. Functions © 8. Goes untorl © 6. Ted ©. soci Of. Poel sen ste: aanner ran sean C338 ie [=| ome Tie Tot Oban) | Rema mmo ous os) Prokce Coan L008) TT)