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Project Partners
Spoluprcou pre lepiu budcnos
Vek Meder (SK)
Ildik Hanuliakova

Napra Forg Nonprofit Kzhaszn Ltd.

rd (HU)
Contact Person:
Katalin Bartha
+36 20 9 598 918

For further information on the project

please contact the project coordinator
or one of the other project partners
(email addresses - see next page)

LENO Consulting
Nailloux/Toulouse (FR)
Laurent Dedieu
ibis acam Bildungs GmbH
Vienna (AT)
Beate Dobler-Tomek
Endurance Partners in Hospitality
Amersfoort (NL)
Rob Versteeg

SZC Ks Kroly Szakkpz

rd (HU)
Lajos Dzsa
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Skromn stredn odborn kola

s vjm, Neratovick nmestie
Dunajska Streda (SK)
Denisa Lrincz Bitterov

Skills and Compentences

on the Labour Market
Development of competences of teachers working in vocational education
for enhancing the successful entrance
of students into the LM




SCOLA is a transnational project. A

consortium of 7 partners from 5 EU
member states (Hungary, Slovakia,
France, the Netherlands and Austria).
It is represented by vocational schools
and training institutions that have years
of experience in professional consulting
and international partnership in Education and/or in Labour Market.

Our curriculum is supposed to fill a gap in

the variety of courses for teachers and
trainers in VET in the topic of skills and
competences that are necessary on the
labour market.

(For further information on project

partners please see the other side of
this flyer)

Our mission is to develop methods and tools
for teachers to increase the adaptability of
students. Consequently indirectly we intend to
develop the basic and transversal skills of students in VET.

The main objective of our project is to develop an innovative, efficient, currently unavailable training curriculum for teachers and
trainers working in VET. So, our primary target groups are VET teachers and trainers.
Our activities are completely in harmony with
the sectoral priority of Professional development of VET teachers, as we plan to develop
competences of teachers working in vocational education for enhancing the successful entrance of their students into the labour market.

The programme will include methods for

teachers to be able to identify and develop those competencies of their students
which can make entering the labour market easier for them.
The consortium is represented by vocational schools and such training institutions that have close connections with
the labour market, so the labour market
criteria will be integrated into the curriculum. By using real life situations, easily
applicable cases the labour market needs
and processes can be more comprehensible and understandable for teachers.
This will make them more motivated to
be open for a new role: to be able to support the smooth entrance of their students into the labour market. This way
we will be able to contribute to the sectoral priority to increase labour market
relevance of VET, because our curriculum
provides VET teachers with a new approach.