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Section A: Directed Writing

[35 marks]
[Time suggested: 45 minutes]
You are a student counselor. Bullying is a problem in your school and you have decided to
write an article on how to prevent bullying for the school magazine.
Based on the notes below, write your article

Define bullying.

Stay with groups of people, even if they are not friends.

Surround oneself with people who care .

If possible, avoid being alone in places where bullying happens.

Walk away when the bully approaches.

Do not get involved in a fight.

Take action

Take an anti-bullying pledge

Stay positive.

Be confident.

Provide two reasons why bullying must be stopped.

When writing the article, you should remember

to give a title to the article

to mention the writer
to write in paragraphs
Section B: Directed Writing
[50 marks]
[Time suggested: 1 hour]

Write a composition of not less than 350 words on one of the following topics.

Describe the hottest day ever.


I had the world all to myself that early morning. The country side, as I walked
through it, was still
Continue the story.


Home sweet home.


Should parents or guardians be punished if their children behave badly?

What is your stand.




What is your favourite time of the year and why?