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5 Startling Constraints on Womens Rights Globally

By: Tyler Valliere

Gender inequality has been around for hundreds of years now and even though the United States
are trying to bridge the gap between gender inequality, other countries are far from equality. In
the United States there are still some laws that we all think cant be real but I assure you they are.
For example, in the state of Florida, there is a law that prohibits single women to skydive on a
Sunday. Also, a town in California requires women to obtain a permit in order to wear heels.
Even though these laws seem to be immaterial or silly, but at a large these laws are supporting
discriminatory ideas correlating to gender and rights that escalate to a much more dangerous
extent globally, as well as in the United States. In December 2014, Missouri proposed a bill
saying, no abortion shall be preformed or induced unless and until the father of the child child
provides written, notarized consent to the abortion. Also in more than 50% of the states it is
legal for a rapist to sue his rape victim for child custody and visiting rights if the act of his rape
results in pregnancy.
There are many countries that rank a lot lower than the Unities States as Im sure we would all
assume. According to the World Economic Forum, which publishes where countries are ranked
determined on gender gap issues, the United States was ranked 28 out of 145 other countries in
their its 2015 report . Yemen, Pakistan and Syria are just a few that are at the bottom of the list.
Below are 5 laws that legally constrain women and their rights amongst the world.


In Nigeria, a Husband Can Use Violence to Correct His Wife

In Nigeria, violence by a husband is permitted for the resolution of correcting his wife. Domestic
violence takes on many forms including physical, sexual, emotional, and mental. It is very
common in Nigeria for women to be raped, bathed in acid, beaten, molested, and corporally
punished. In fact, survey results show that 1 in every 3 women admit to being a victim of
domestic violence. Some reasons for physical abuse include their husbands being drunk,
financial issues, rejection of partners sexual advances, or when the wife makes more income than
the husband. Due to this physical violence takes place such as kicking, slapping, rape and even
murder. One man got caught by his wife cheating and what did he do? He beat her for
interrupting. Nigerian men not only beat their wives but some are more passive aggressive. They
will ignore their wives nicely prepared meals, which can be more of an insult than beating them.


In Saudi Arabia and Vatican City Women Still Cant Vote

These are the only two countries in the world where women are not permitted to vote. With this
being said, it goes without saying that women are also not permitted to run for political office.

However, last year in Saudi Arabia women were able to vote in the municipal election as well as
run for candidates. Even though they have started the push to extend womens rights they still
have a long way to go. Vatican City is the only other country that allows men to vote but not


Also in Saudi Arabia, Women Cannot Drive

Again Saudi Arabia is the only country globally that prohibits women from being able to drive.
Women are subject to take taxis for transportation, resulting in them spending over 30% of her
income on taxis. A couple reasons why women are not allowed to drive: first off, driving a car
involves uncovering the face, secondly, it may lead women to leave the house more, lastly,
women driving may lead to overcrowding of the streets and take away the ability for young
males to drive. In 2013, women stood up and got behind the wheel just like the act in 1990,
however, nothing resulted from it till now. In 2015, there has been rumors that Saudi Arabia has
been considering lifting this law and letting women start driving, but nothing has been formed


In Yemen women are Only Considered as Half a Witness in Court

In Yemeni courts womens testimonies are not taken as seriously as a mens testimonies.
Womens testimonies are only considered has as serious in fact. Usually a womens testimony
isnt even considered relevant or of importance unless it is backed up by a males opinion or
concerns a place or situation where a man would not be there. On top of it, women can only
testify on certain cases. For example, a woman cannot testify on a case relating to adultery, libel,
theft, or sodomy.


In El Salvador Women Who Miscarry Can be Sentenced to Jail

In El Salvador, women dont only have to worry about losing their baby, but also have to worry
about being sentenced to jail after. Women are sometimes suspected of aiding in an abortion
(which is illegal there), resulting in being charged with murder. In 2012 a woman lost her baby
that she didnt even know she was pregnant with and was sentenced to 10 years in jail. The judge
stated that she should have saved the babys life. We are also seeing this a lot in the United
States with more and more women being sentenced for miscarrying.
Women all over the world, specifically in the middle east, are struggling with being granted their
rights, equal rights to be exact. It is a shame to see how these women are being treated in other
countries, as well as in the United States and something needs to be done about it. On the
positive side The World Economic Forum stated that women in these abusive and manipulating
countries are making huge strides and bridging the gap of inequality. For example, like I
mentioned earlier, women in Saudi Arabia were able to vote in the last municipal election. They
are also able to educate themselves, making them very educated and highly qualified. Women
are realizing all around the world that their treatment is unjust and starting to take a stand against
inequality. For example, also the women in Saudi Arabia are acting out against not being able to
drive. This is what the world needs, Equality among all and if no one starts these courageous acts
or takes part in these acts nothing will be done. It is up to us to make a difference.