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Norma S.

Edu 2301
May 10, 2016

Competency 01:
The teacher understands human developmental process and
applies this knowledge to plan instruction and ongoing
assessment that motivates students and are responsive to their
developmental characteristics and needs.

The teachers should always have activities that involved all of his or her
students. It is a great example of a learning task and it will make it easier for the
students to understand the work by themselves rather than having the teacher
all the time to help them solve the work.

Competency 02:
The teacher understands student diversity and knows how to
plan learning experiences and design assessments that are
responsive to differences among students and that promote all
students learning.

Each students have different experience in their school years the teachers
should always work with them in a unique way. The kids learn better when they
have physical movement and interact with the environment we as teachers
should provide new opportunities to each child so they can have a better
experience in school.

Competency 03:
The teacher understands procedures for designing effective and
coherent instruction and assessment based on appropriate
learning goals and objectives.

Teachers should always have a lesson plan ready for each day and have
everything ready for his or her class and be prepared to teach the kids
something new each day.

Competency 04:
The teacher understands learning process and factors that
impact student learning and demonstrates this knowledge by
planning effective, engaging instruction and appropriate

Teachers will always need new ideas to teach, but also provide a good
environment and the proper materials for each class. If there is excitement in the
classroom e the students t will engage to participate in each lesson. When I
have my own classroom I will make sure to provide activities not only for the kids
but engage the parents to also participate in their childs education.

Competency 05:
The teacher knows how to establish a classroom climate that
fosters learning, equity and excellence and uses this knowledge
to create a physical and emotional environment that is save and

Each student should feel safe in their own classroom, the parents should also feel
the same way since the teachers are the ones that spend most of the time with
their kids.