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Term 3 Week 1
Name_______________________________________________ J2 A B C
1. Why do countrys have national symbols? ____________________________________________
2. Name 3 of Barbados national symbols. _______________________, ______________________
and _____________________.
3. What is Barbados motto?
a) Upward and Onward

b) Our Foundations are laid in Peace

c) Pride and Industry

d) Flying Fish and Cricket Forever

4. Draw and colour the Barbados flag.

5. Write one way in which you can show respect to one national symbol.

6. Name Barbados Prime Minister. _____________________________________________________

7. Which if these women is Barbados only female National Hero?
a) Sarah Ann Gill

b) Dame Nita Barrow

c) Dame Billie Miller

d) Hilda Skeene

8. Name 2 National Heroes that have had statues built for them.
____________________________________ and ____________________________________
9. Match these National Heroes to the dollar bills on which their faces appear.
Sir Grantley Adams


Errol Barrow


Samual Jackman Prescod


Charles Duncan ONeal


10. Which National Hero is called the Father of Independence? _____________________________

11. Which National Hero is still living? ________________________________________________
12. He believed in __________equality and education for all. He understood education was
important for ___________ blacks and other Barbadians and worked hard to make _____________
available to all at a time when education was very _____________________.