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Class 3 Group 1
Sina Ghaffarnejad, Daniela Garcia, Cole Milord, Elena Cohen

Parcel of land
Where is the parcel of land that you will be designing? Insert a picture of the San Marcos
Creek Project here and highlight your parcel of land

Our parcel of land is going to be the 3-1 area outlined in sharpie

Requirement:Our site has regulations on the height of the buildings allowed. The north portion of the
parcel can be built up to 6 stories and the south part can only go to 5 stories. We are permitted for
residential housing from the second floor up. The first floor has to be a minimum of 15th feet for stores.
Environmental, conservation and sustainability requirements: Our parcel of land is in the floodway of the
creek and also contains vegetation on the south side including brush and woodland that contains wildlife.
Vision: The vision for this portion of development are big scale designs. Our parcel of land is going to be at
the primary gateway. This means that the buildings that are going to be developed are going to be larger
scale compared to the minor gateways. This portion of the land is going to be facilitating the traffic
movement through downtown. There will be no drive through services in this area.
Regulations: Our site has regulations on the height of the buildings allowed. The north portion of the
parcel can be built up to 6 stories and the south part can only go to 5 stories. The first floor has to be a
minimum of 15th feet for stores. The front setback is 5 ft min, and 10 ft max. The side street setback max
is 5 ft. The creekside prominente setback restriction is 10 ft to 20 ft. The alleys should be at least 3 ft
wide. The parking would be on the side of the street or underneath a building. It will be considered 20%
of the building to our understanding.

What is currently there?

Site Inventory- Natural Surface Features

Whats there now:

Patches of grass
Dirt and Clay
Storm Water Drainage

Site Inventory- Cultural and Man-made Features

Cultural & Man-made Features

Utilities: water drainage, and electric poles running throughout area. Cable Jack box
and power transformer at west end of location. The land has fencing throughout the
property. Contains a flat, concreted portion of the land.

Land use: Used for commercial vehicle storage: trailers, commercial trucks, food

Historic notes: Rough dirt area, not flattened for the most part, has a portable home

Circulation: 2 dirt roads connecting to other parcels of land. there is pedestrian

access throughout entire place. not much transit routes but some that are main and

Site Inventory- Aesthetic Factors:

Perceptual: When driving by right now with what is available, the area looks
abandoned and unattractive. When development starts, we would look forward to
seeing large buildings that will stand out behind the gas station. The brush behind the
land discourages people's visits into that portion of the street.

Spatial Pattern: It seems like the land has already been split up into smaller pieces
being separated by the dirt roads going through. The sections are all rectangular.

Natural Features: The only nature features that are going to be considered about
staying or have to stay on the site is the two trees standing by the portable home. They
potentially might interfere with the construction of the buildings. Another piece of
vegetation that would have to stay is the brushes at the back of the parcel of land.

Open space
Not a lot of Vegetation
Poorly Taken Care Of
Fire Safety
Things that cant be there:
Gas station
Things that might be put there:
Parking Structure

Site Analysis

Other considerations
Who owns the land?
For the most part, our parcel of land seems like to be owned by primary private owners or to be a vacant
area, however mostly private owned.
What parts of the development is the City of San Marcos planning to implement, and what parts of
the development remains a vision for future development? What is the current state of the
development in that area?
This area doesnt seem like to be developing much however the city is looking to make that area the core
of the future downtown of San Marcos. It is going to be composed of large and tall buildings that are both
going to be commercial and residential.
What else do you need to consider as you design that parcel of land?
How will we obtain the land of majority of it is private owned by various owners it seems like. How about
the vegetation in the middle, will we be able to maneuver the construction of the buildings around the.

Additional Information

The city's population was 83,781.

The San Marcos Unified School District is one of the largest school districts in San Diego
County and includes 19 schools with diverse educational programs for kindergarten through
adult education students. SMUSD has 11 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 2
comprehensive high schools, 1 charter high school, 1 independent study high school and 1
continuation school.
According to the City's 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report,[8] the top employers in
the city are: hunter industries with 819 employees, and 2.93% of employment
The racial makeup of San Marcos was 53,235 (63.5%) White, 1,967 (2.3%) African American,
591 (0.7%) Native American, 7,518 (9.0%) Asian, 322 (0.4%) Pacific Islander, 15,853 (18.9%)
from other races, and 4,295 (5.1%) from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race
were 30,697 persons (36.6%).

Shops Elevation

Living Spaces Elevation

Sun Path Diagram