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Type of


Fact Finding: What facts can you

identify from the data? (Just the
facts!!! Be specific, include
numbers when possible.)

Hypotheses: What hypotheses can you

make about each fact? (Answer the
question, what did you do that
contributed to these results?) (Past
I did not spend enough time
teaching the graphing portion.
I did not offer enough practice
after modeling in order to ensure
student understanding.
I misinterpreted the data from the
interim assessment.

Data Analysis & Application

How well
6 and 19

earned 40
points or
more on

Why did
so much
better on

4 out of the 19 students

earned 2 points (full credit)
on question 6.
6 out of the 19 students
earned 2 points (full credit)
on question 19.
*Graphs on Excel Sheet*

13 out of the 19 students

earned 40 points or more on
the exam.
*Graphs on Excel Sheet*

Only 1 out of 19 Students

missed all of the matching
questions on the supply side
and they did not attempt it.
13 out of 19 students
received full credit for the

The review game was helpful to

The students were well prepared
because of the individual meeting
with them.

The students learned more

information through creating their
own notes sheet rather than filling
in the blanks.
The students understood supply
more because of learning about

Action Plan: What will you do

based on the facts and
hypotheses you concluded?
(Future Tense)
In order to teach this subject fully,
I will add a day at the end of
teaching both supply and demand
and discuss demand curves. I will
use compare and contrast charts,
as well as model the information
in order to help the students
develop their learning. I will also
give more practice to the
students in the form of group
work and worksheets that they
can use as references. The most
important point is taking an extra
day to teach this lesson because I
feel like it could be taught
completely separate along with
demand and supply schedules.
For those students who are still
struggling, I will sit at the back of
the classroom and bring small
groups back to discuss the
concepts with me.
On the next test, I would continue
to have individual meetings with
the students in order to help
them to become more proficient
in what they are about to cover
for the summative assessment.

I will have the students create

their own notes sheet like I did for
the supply lesson next year. They
learned it in their own way which
helped them to understand the
supply concepts much more

Data Analysis & Application