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Terri ‘MissyBevers Timeline

Jan 2016

MB begins speaking with CW on LinkedIn. Conversation turns “flirtatious and familiar” and continues up until MB’s death (source)

April 14

MB posts FB posts from Austin, TX CG Event (source)

April 15

BB has minor surgery/outpatient procedure at BUMC (source)

MB posts FB photos from Austin, TX CG Event (source)

At some point, MB receives creepy LinkedIn message (source)

April 16

MB posts FB photos from Austin, TX CG Event (source)

April 17

05:20 AM BB posts FB photo of N. TX weather radar, refers to noon flight (source)

12:00 PM – BB’s flight to MS (FB)

07:30 PM BB allegedly arrives in Biloxi, MS (source)

07:55 PM MB posts on FB time and place of CG class scheduled for next morning, "If

it's raining, we're still training…NO EXCUSES

09:15 PM BB posts FB photo of exterior of Half Shell Oyster House with Biloxi, MS geotag, says “First stop after 5 hr. plane trip…” (source)

09:23 PM MB posts on FB that she is going to bed, has to be up at 3:30 AM (source)

09:30 PM MB & BB allegedly speak on phone before bed, say “I love you” (source)


are Gladiators!" (source)

April 18

MPD’s official timeline here, Surveillance Footage here, here and here

02:00 AM Light colored ’10-’12 Nissan Altima seen on SWFA parking lot cameras, pulled in for 2 min. Driver is not a suspect. (source)

03:50 AM Suspect 1 st seen on church surveillance cameras after breaking into church (pictures of damage here and here)

03:50 AM 4:20 AM Suspect seen on camera rummaging from room to room with hammer/tools in hand, spends several minutes in the kitchen (source)

04:16 AM MB’s truck pulls into church parking lot

04:20 AM MB enters church, first seen on camera

04:26 AM AT posts to FB about CG class (FB)

04:35 AM First CG camper arrives at church, waits in car in parking lot

05:00 AM CG class scheduled to start

05:00 AM Two 911 calls made to MPD

05:01 AM Fire Dept (MFD) dispatched

05:03 AM Initial MPD patrol officers dispatched

05:07 AM MFD arrives at church

05:10 AM MPD arrives at church

CG Camper calls BB to tell him about MB

BB calls MT and tells her that MB was in a car wreck

05:30 AM MT calls KS and reports that MB has been in a car wreck, asks KS to go to Bever household to be with MB’s kids (source)

MPD call BB to tell him that MB has passed (source)

06:55 AM Sunrise in Midlothian, TX (source)

07:16 AM AT posts to FB after back to back CG classes in Midlothian (FB)

03:00 PM BB arrives home in a rental car with MS license plates (source 10m50s)

03:30 PM MPD hold first press conference and release 1st video footage (source)

BB speaks to reporter on front door step (source)

06:25 PM – MPD signs warrant to seize MB’s truck (source)

April 19

07:30 AM – MB’s autopsy, MPD say they will not release specific COD (source)

05:50 PM Warrant signed for MB’s iPhone / iPad data (source)

MPD says they are backing off their statement that the suspect on video is male (source)

BB speaks to reporters, says he doesn’t believe MB was targeted (source)

Candle light vigil held for MB (source)

April 20

ATF, Texas Rangers, and an unnamed federal agency (FBI) aid investigation (source)

ATF bomb-sniffing dog, Titan, brought to Creekside Church (source)

April 21

Warrant signed for AT&T cell tower data (5 mi. radius of church, between hours of AM on 4/18/16) (source)

Police release Truck warrant, revealing that MB died from head wound from unknown instrument (source)

BB seen at MPD picking up MB’s truck (source)

MB’s SIL KS speaks with Dateline (source)

3:00 AM 5:00

April 22

04:38 AM AT posts Instagram photo of police vehicles with caption “This is awesome. The Midlothian Police is on it!” (IG)

MPD releases additional security footage (source)

MPD 2 nd press conference (video here)

RB brings blood-stained shirt to Dry Cleaners (source)

Dry Cleaner warrant issued (source)

SIL KS tells reporters she thinks MB was targeted by jealous woman (source)

April 23

11:00 AM - MB’s Funeral at Cowboy Church in Waxahachie, TX (source)

April 24

BB’s mom, MT, writes letter to killer (source)

April 25

Warrant signed for cell phone data for 9 people for the period of 3/01 to 4/24 (source)

AT FB post about his trash being stolen off his curb by people in black Chargers (FB)

April 26

Emergency LinkedIn data request signed (source)

April 27

LinkedIn warrant issued (MB & CW data) (source)

MPD release statement addressing rumors of an arrest (source)

MPD release Dry Cleaner warrant (source)

BB & RB speak to reporters about Dry Cleaner Warrant (video here)

April 29

MPD sent home for break over weekend (source)

Three people send Open Records Requests (April 20 th , April 26 th , and April 29 th ) to MPD, requesting that warrants, autopsy report, and 911 calls be released (source)

May 3

MPD release warrant revealing MB died from puncture wounds to head, chest. (source)

MPD sends letter to Attorney General Ken Paxton to deny Open Records Requests (source)

May 4

BB filmed leaving MPD station, says he is leaning on God and that he has not read documents released about MB’s COD (source)

May 5

LinkedIn and AT&T warrants released to public (source)

May 6

NYPD tracking experts to aid in investigation (source)

MT writes 2 nd letter to killer (source)

May 10

BB tells People Magazine that he knows more about investigation than the public, and that the family’s insurance has been cancelled (source)

May 11-

Nancy Grace reports that police are honing in on a disposable phone used by suspect, and that MB stopped showing up to gym 2 weeks before murder (transcript)

Tarrant County to help analyze surveillance video (source)

May 12

Arrest rumors circulate online. Midlothian Police discredit rumors. (source)

Midlothian reporter, Tamara Jolee Metcalfe, speaks with Tricia Griffith about case on True Crime Radio (source)

May 13 -

Tarrant County DA office completes reconstruction of video evidence, giving them detailed description of suspect. No details released to public (source)

SWFA Outdoors offers an additional $10k reward for information leading to indictment, bringing reward total to $20k (source)

May 16

Nancy Grace discusses the case (transcript)

May 20

MPD holds press conference. Highlights: suspect height between 5’2”-5’7” but still no confirmed gender. Police looking for Nissan Altima that pulled into SWFA parking lot at approx. 2 AM. BB and RB have solid alibis and not currently focus of investigation. None of MB’s friends, family, or co-workers are suspects (video and transcript) Credit to Galadriel for transcribing.

May 23

Nancy Grace discusses the case (transcript)

May 24

BB interviewed on Fox 4 says he can forgive killer if they come forward, he has seen more video than the public and is 75% sure it is a woman (source)

May 25

BB interview with People Magazine published. BB says he thinks killer is a woman that knew MB, and that suspect didn’t take MB’s wedding ring (source)

Fake Missy FB account sends friend requests to people that knew Missy (source)

MT tells People Magazine how she played matchmaker and MB was definitely “the one” for BB (source)

May 25

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton denies Open Records Request (source)

May 26 Nancy Grace discusses the case (transcript)

June 3 Latest tips lead to dead ends (source) Results of blood tests on RB shirt expected next week (source)

June 4 Tips slowing down to only a few each day (source)

June 6 Lab results show blood on RBs shirt was non-human. (source)

June 7 - Missys family frustrated with no answers (source)


Org Chart (Credit to PibblePal)

Church Floor Plan Mock Up (credit to arkansasmimi)

Google Map of Creekside Church