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Light and Sound Study Guide

Concepts to know:

Sound Wave



Photons- small bundles of energy that make up light

Decibels- the measurement of sound
White light- is made up of many colors
Ultrasound- uses sound to look inside the human body
Sonar- measures the distance of objects under water
Volume- the loudness and softness of sound
Pitch- how high or low a sound seems ( thin/ short string instruments play high pitch
Long/thick string instruments play low pitch sounds)
Echo- a sound reflected back to its source ( hearing your name repeating itself over again)
Concave lenses= nearsighted glasses
Convex lenses= farsighted glasses
Refraction- when a wave bends as it moves from one material to another

Concave Mirror- reflecting surface curves inward, causing image to appear larger and upside

Sound Waves
a. Produced when matter vibrates
b. Air molecules moving around a vibrating object produce them
c. The frequencey of a wave is measured in hertz
d. Speed of sound is based on the airs temperature.

Light waves
a. Travel the fastest speed possible 300,000 kilometers per second
b. Move like water
c. Move the fastest through empty space
d. Can not move through all matter
e. Light waves move more slowly as they pass through matter

Order of colors in a Visual Spectrum: (ROYGBIV): red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo,