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K. Perchy
District Application Questions

1. Describe the skills or attributes you believe to be an outstanding teacher.

There are three main attributes to qualify as an outstanding teacher: empathy,
leadership, and creativity. The ability to identify a students strengths and weaknesses by
being understanding of their life events is crucial in both lesson material design and
implementation. By automatically assuming that all students are one in the same the
teacher is already limiting their influence and impact on their students before taking action.
Leadership is a key component in that a leader must have a plan to have individuals follow.
Students are following teachers not only in terms of what type of material they are
mastering in their course work, but also the educator should be a role model for students
both in and outside of the classroom by being a positive member of the community that
students can lookup to for guidance and advice. Creativity is a fundamental part to an
outstanding teacher in that learning for students should be a time of discovery and
exploration. To design such lessons and differentiate them accordingly a teacher will have
to have lesson plans be well throughout and designed in such a way that encourages
student-based learning as this will be largely how students will master material in both
their academic and industry-based futures.

2. How would you address a wide range of skills and abilities in your classroom?

Acknowledging foremost that each students adventure through school will not be the
same is an important concept that teachers must understand before beginning a new
academic year, unit, or even when teaching a new concept. As an educator, my mission for
teaching students new material and concepts will come forth in a variety of ways to help
students master key concepts and principles covered in class. By utilizing diverse resources
of both physical text such as textbooks, and online materials from websites to programs,
will help to enrich my students learning environment. The objective being to seamlessly
assimilate students into a learning environment that is focused on discovery and fueled
with their own passion to help complement the grasping of new concepts and
understanding the material to a mastery level. While this does entail meeting
comprehensive national and state education standards, students will also be engaging
promoting their own education as well.

3. Briefly describe how you would use technology in your classroom.

Being an educator to effectively utilize technology is not about imagining how to
incorporate technology use into every activity in the classroom, but rather to find how that
technology can give a lesson more meaning. By thoughtfully incorporating technology the
educator is not only strengthening their students understanding of both the material and
use of technology, but they are also teaching their students the importance of realizing how
to responsibly utilize technology in a variety of environments and situations.