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Madonna Abdalla

LBS 400

Visual Arts and physical Education Reflection

While reading the Visual Arts and Physical Education framework, I
understood that effective teachers need to be active and creative in their
classrooms. Teachers knowledge about visual arts and physical education is fairly
unique from the knowledge of other visual arts and physical activities sports. The
Frame work explains that the roles of site administrators and school site councils
are crucial to the planning and success of visual and performing arts programs at
schools. They are required to allow enough time to teach the arts to all students and
preparation time for those teaching the arts. I believe that each school board must
provide appropriate facilities, necessary equipment, equipment repair, and
materials. Teachers in the field of visual arts and physical education must be well
prepared to communicate specific expectations and provide explicit feedback to
students. From reading the framework I realized that effective visual arts and
physical education teacher use students feedback to improve art instruction.
Teachers are expected to direct students to achieve the content standards within
each discipline. School district and school administrators and faculty are also
expected to collaborate with visiting artists and community arts resources to
provide a comprehensive arts program for all students that is standards-based and

relevant. The visual arts and physical education frame work is really helpful for
teachers to use while helping students shape their abilities to think, observe, create,
use imagination, and organize thoughts and feelings. Teachers can use the frame
work to be able to explain to their students that the arts and physical education are
about enjoying the rich benefits of life, engaging in multiple opportunities for selfexpression, and delighting in the creative efforts of others.
Although have taken few visual arts and physical education classes during
my journey of education, I feel confident in teaching visual arts and physical
education in classrooms. I have taking many dance classes such as hip-hop, salsa,
and belly dancing. Those dance classes helped me became quite open about using
dance in an effective way in the classroom, and also those dance moves have
helped in my body flexibility. I honestly consider dancing as a huge pat of physical
education in classrooms. I believe that dancing can teach students apply what they
Students apply what they in dance. They develop competencies and creative skills
in problem solving, communication, and management of time and resources that
contribute to lifelong learning and career skills. Dance 440 class, has enlightened
me about the developmentally appropriate creative movement experiences for
children, Examination of teaching methodology which is designed to develop
foundational movement skills, artistic exploration of movement elements,
improvisational techniques, imagination and creativity, and how these learning

activities can be taught across the curriculum.

I also took many kinesiology

classes such as KIN 111(Aerobics), KIN 452(PE in elementary school), KIN

218(first aid and CPR), and KIN 156A (swimming). Those kinesiology classes
helped me personally to improve my health and I can truly see myself using what I
learned from those classes while teaching in elementary classroom.
I took Art 101, and Art 301 that was my first experience in creative art. I
have learned through those classes the development, experience, and application of
arts and crafts projects. During Art 301 class, I learned how to create an expressive
abstract composition based on real objects. I also learned how to create a painting,
satirical drawing, or editorial cartoon that expresses personal opinions about
current social and political issues.
I feel that Im well prepared in teaching students how to learn, develop, and
perform a body of work in dance ranging from original dance sequences to fully
choreographed works. I believe that I can teach students that from Building on
their knowledge of dance elements, principles, and choreography, they can expand
their ability to incorporate a wider range of musical forms and theatrical

I feel less prepared in being able to teach students analyze and discuss
complex ideas such as distortion, color theory, arbitrary color, scale, expressive
content, and real versus virtual in works of art.
I have learned many valued information through those visual arts and
physical education classes, I m planning to share paintings I created and refection
essay as artifacts that support my knowledge of the visual arts and physical
education. The artifacts I attempt to share in my portfolio will demonstrate my
knowledge in teaching students the importance of visual arts and physical
education in our lives.