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Madonna Abdalla

LBS 400

History-Social Science Reflection

After reading the History-social Science framework, I realized that the
knowledge that teachers need to teach history in elementary classroom is quite
different from the knowledge of other history readers. Teachers in the field of
history-social science must be well prepared to deeply explain to our students to
perceive the complexity of social, economic, and political problems. Educators
goal is to help students find their abilities to know their rights and responsibilities
as American citizens. As a future teacher, I believe that it is highly important to
fully understand the meaning of the Constitution as a social contract that defines
our democratic government, guarantees our individual rights, and be able to
explain the constitution to students. In order to teach history, we are expected to be
examining the ideas of great thinkers, major religions, and principal traditions. The
history framework explains how the our main concern should be having students
reflect on the various ways that people have struggled throughout time with ethical
issues and be able to consider what the consequences are for us today. One of the
many great tips in the History-social Science framework is for teachers to
communicate learning goals to parents and education officials. For instance,
administrators providing support for teacher by introducing and explaining the

California common core state standards to parents. The History-Social Science

frame work discusses that history is one of the most important subjects because it
prepares students to learn about the cultures, societies, and economic systems that
prevail in other parts of the world and to recognize the political and cultural
barriers. For all those type of knowledge that teachers of history must collaborate
with other teachers to select the right material. For instance, using history with
literature helps to reveal the way people saw themselves, their ideas and values,
their fears and dreams, and the way they interpreted their own times.
During my journey of education, I have taken many History-Social Science
classes that prepared me to teaching elementary history. I have taken History 301
class which was mainly about teaching future elementary educators how to be able
to explain factors that contribute to shaping of individual, family, community, and
regional history. History 301s emphasis is upon personal histories, individual
relationships in the immediate environment and history of family and marriage. I
also learned about ethnic settlements, Cities and Communities of Los Angeles
Countys historic sites, oral histories, and generations. Before taking History 301
class I was less prepared in knowing the complex notions of the American
Constitution, the legality of civil rights movements, community involvement.
I have also taken History 120, world civilization history. This class assisted
me with demonstrating an understanding of early civilizations and their

contributions to the foundations of human culture. Through History 120 class I

learned how to analyze similar trends across cultures and investigate the influence
of conquests, revolution, and social change.

I also took LBS 375 class that

enlightened me about California experience through three interrelated social

science disciplines: history, geography, and government. This class is designed and
specifically focuses upon academic content which prepares future educators to
teach the broad range of K-8 California Content Standards.
I feel that Im well prepared in teaching the social, political, cultural,
economic life and interaction among people of California. Im also confidant about
my knowledge of describing the physical and human geography using maps and
charts to organize information. Although I have taking many history classes but I
still feel less prepared in explaining the American Indian nations in their local
I believe that those History classes prepared me as a future elementary
teacher and I see myself using the work samples from those history classes in my
classroom and creating engaging history lesson plans.

I attend to share my

History 301, History 120, and LBS 375 assignments as artifacts in my portfolio.
Those work samples demonstrate my knowledge in History-Social science by
showing my ability and understanding in worlds civilization history and California
experience history.