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Jessica Noell

Edu 110
Weekly Reflection #9
Students have legal rights at school. These rights include freedom of speech,
both symbolical and verbal, freedom of the press, freedom of access to printed
word, separation of church and state, sexual harassment, right to due process, and
school attendance and choice. Teachers also have legal rights at school. Freedom of
speech, separation of church and state, academic freedom and teaching evolution,
and sexual harassment. These rights are here to protect our students and teachers.
This matches the InTASC standard 9 and NAEYC 10. These are both about being
professional and implementing student rights.
I think these are extremely important. These legal rights make sure that both
the students and teachers have protection. There are many problems that are
happening in schools lately regarding student rights being violated. Sexual
harassment is the main one that is popping up in the news a lot. As a teacher it is
my job to make sure the students have their rights.