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Universidad Autnoma de Nuevo

Anglica Leticia Prez Rodrguez
Grupo: 403
Brenda Paulina Crdenas Lpez
Susana M. Silva Hernndez
Roberto Amaya Noriega
Jonathan Robles Carrizales
Irving Eduardo Rodrguez Bobadilla

Actividad: Metacognicin
Fecha de entrega: 26/04/2016
Lugar: San Nicols De Los Garza


Competencias de actividad metacognicin etapa 4

4-Escucha interpreta y emite mensajes pertinentes en distintos contextos mediante
la utilizacin de medios, cdigos y herramientas apropiados

11. Se comunica en una lengua extranjera mediante un discurso lgico, oral o
escrito, congruente con la situacin comunicativa.

12. Utiliza las tecnologas de la informacin y comunicacin para investigar,

resolver problemas, producir materiales y transmitir informacin.

Our arguments in favor of euthanasia (3)

1. My son would have liked me to finish with his suffering if
he had been in that situation.
2. If the doctors and medicine hadn't existed, the people
wouldn't have had any solution, so anyways euthanasia
is a good choice when doctors say that they can't do
3. If the parents hadnt wanted their child to suffer, they
would have taken the decision to unplugged him/her.

Counterarguments (2)
4. If you had taken a life; you wouldve violed gods laws.
Our answer: We think that we shouldnt let in the religion
because it has a lot of points of views, but if you want to
let it in, I think that god doesnt want us to suffer so
thats why he gave us the opportunity to stop suffering
and he gave us doctors and all that stuff.
5. If people had decided to die, the relatives would have
Our answer: People hadnt decided to die, it is something
that doctors and time will say because we don't know
how bad or how good is their situation, that maybe they
cant return to live.


Susana: In conclusion, I learned about the freedom of

people to choose to disconnect their relatives in that
situation or even themselves, to stop their suffering,
because there is no other solution. But also, I met other
opinions of my colleagues. We work together and we
achieve the objective of the activity. I conclude that I am
in favor of eutanacia.
Brenda: I think that I'm in a neutral posture of the
euthanasia, I'm with the idea that the decision is only of
their parents or relatives and we have nothing to say
against their decision. They are their family and they
should know what's best for them.
Roberto: In my opinion I think the best thing for humans
suffering from this disease
the best option would be to apply the eutanacia, as this
would end their suffering,
And besides this taking place in the hospital where this
ospedado where someone could most likely occupy and
thus recover.
Jonatan: It was difficult to reach a conclusion on such a
complicated issue but in my opinion I think I'm in favor of
descontentarlos since the argument made was to think
and disconnect to have space for people most likely to be
Irving: I'm in favor, because if you can stop the suffering
of the people who are in that position you should do it,
because I think is the best for them, that's why we have
the opportunity. So my last argument is that I'm in favor
of the euthanasia, sometimes is the best option.